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Shungite Meaning & Properties

Shungite is a grey, asteroid looking mineraloid with a porous surfaces that found deep in under the Earth’s crust that sometimes is pushed up by volcanic activity. Most Shungite stones range from 1% to 80% carbon, with the elite Shungite stones containing anywhere from 98-100% carbon.

Shungite is a powerful negative energy and frequency blocker that can help both metaphysically ground the root chakra and physically against EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) created by the abundance of electronics in our world today.

In this Shungite profile, we go through:

Shungite Properties

shungite meaning

Shungite is a silvery-grey colored stone with a rough, porous surface. The stone is made of carbon that can range in percent by weight, which will classify the stone in one of five categories from Shungite-1 to Shungite-5.

  • Shungite-1 or Elite Shungite: 98-100% carbon
  • Shungite-2 or Black Shungite: 35-80%.
  • Shungite-3: 20-35%
  • Shungite-4: 10-20%
  • Shungite-5: less than 10% carbon

The remaining makeup of Shungite include other compounds and impurities.

Shungite Chemical Formula: C

Shungite Hardness: 3.5 – 4 (Mohs scale)

Where is Shungite Found?

Shungite is mostly found in Shunga, a village located in Karelia, Russia. However, there have been recent discoveries of small Shungite deposits located in Austria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, and in the United States – mainly in Michigan.

How did Shungite get its name?

The name for Shungite is derived from the name of the village of Shunga, which is located in Karelia, Russia where it was first discovered in the 17th century and the largest mine of this stone still exists today.

Shungite Water

Shungite water dates back to the 18th century. The most well-known use was in 1719 when Perter I, more commonly known as Peter the Great, opened the first Russian resort in Karelia called Marcial Waters. Karelia, Russia is the same location where Shungite was first discovered in the village of Shunga, where the largest mine of this mineraloid exists today.

Natural spring water at the Marcial Waters Resort was believed to be a form of natural alternative medicine used to “cure various cruel illnesses, in particular: scurvy, morbid depression, gall, stomach weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, stones, kidneys; and have the great power against other illnesses…” according to Peter the Great himself.

Studies have since confirmed the mineral waters found at Karelia’s Marcial Waters can help with many diseases, forms of inflammation, and to neutralize a number of toxins due to the high amount of hydrogen present in the mineraloid.

A 2017 study done using a Shungite solution to skin on mice that was damaged with oxidative stress from ultraviolet B radiation was able to decrease production of the reactive oxygen species molecules damaging the healthy skin cells and increasing antioxidant enzyme activity. This same study found a reduction in inflammatory markers, including cytokines, which are key proteins causing inflammation.*

In recent years, many people have been using Shungite as a water purifier by infusing the mineral into the water and using it for water filtration for a number of health benefits. Using this stone for water purification is can help to remove contaminants, toxins, and potential trace organic substances which include heavy metals, pesticides and pollution.

*Note that this study was done on mice and should not be used as evidence for effectiveness on humans. Additional studies are needed to prove the potential abilities and effectiveness on humans.

Shungite for EMF Protection

Shungite is the only known mineraloid to contain fullerenes, which are 3-D spherical carbon-cage molecules made of 60 carbon atoms. The fullerenes in Shungite can absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that are everywhere due to the abundance of electronic devices in our daily lives today.

Electronics emitting electromagnetic radiation include wi-fi signals, cell-phone towers, mobile cell-phones, lap-tops, desktop computers, and televisions to name a few.

Stones with high amounts of carbon such as Shungite-1, or Elite Shungite with 98-100% carbon, are the best. However, more commonly found Shungite-2, or Black Shungite, with 30-80% carbon are also great EMF blockers for everyday use.

Benefits of Shungite protection from electromagnetic frequency radiation can be realized through wearing Shungite jewelry or placing stones next to electronic devices.

Shungite Meaning

Shungite is an ancient and powerful stone for clearing work, whether it’s clearing out stuck and stagnant energy from your field, clearing pain from your body, or clearing harmful EMFs from your environment.

Highly absorbent, shungite grabs a hold of dense, negative, stuck energy and moves it through and out of your body, stimulating chi and offering relief from stress, anger, depression, or any emotional state that feels off-balance. 

Shungite is an amazing healer of the past, to help you release past pains and trauma, confront the shadows that haunt you, and let go of the patterns and habits you’ve followed like a groove. It helps you learn and integrate lessons from the past so you can gather more strength and stability in the present.

Its extraordinary cleansing power also helps to clear electronic smog and its ill effects from your body and physical space, which is very helpful in a society filled with computers, cell phones, wifi, microwaves, and all sorts of electronic radiation and interference in the air.

Shunghite helps you access your inner wisdom, pulling from ancestral and ancient knowledge. It also helps to clear ancestral lines of long-held pain, giving you a fresh start and a stable base from which to create your life.

raw shungite stone

Shungite Metaphysical Properties


Metaphysically, Shungite is used as a ground stone energizing and supporting the root chakra to open up the ability to clear the path for the body to more easily connect with higher chakras.

Shungite most notably stimulates and opens the root chakra, though it can help clear and balance any of the chakras.

It allows your root chakra to open and connect your grounding cord into the earth to provide you with a sense of safety and security within your own body. This grounding cord then becomes the disposal system where any stagnant, stuck, or dense energy from within your entire energy body can be released. 

Shungite is a great stone to pair with selenite for a full body and auric cleansing. You can also pair it with any other chakra stone you’re working with, to allow the Shungite to first release the gunk and disharmony from that chakra, and then use another stone of your choice to imbue that chakra with the energetic qualities you want to bring in.

Healing Properties


Shungite is very helpful to clear out the deeply rooted, habitual patterns and emotions, the trauma and repression, the deeply held guilt, grief and shame, secrets and unconscious triggers. It can suck out anything that is pulling you into the past and keeping you from creating a present you enjoy and a future you can look forward to.

It has a calming, grounding energy that evens things out, helping you let go of the stuck emotion while also giving you insight into why it’s there, where it’s coming from, and the lessons it’s showing you. This helps you remove the emotions right at their root and clear them from your energetic system.


shungite crystal

Shungite is a mental clarity stone that can help you let go of programmed or habitual beliefs, the same old stories that have been running circles in your mind since childhood or even before that, spanning into ancestral lines and past lives.

It helps you release your resistance to letting go of those old patterns, beliefs, and ways of thinking, to open up to having more security in the knowledge you’ve cultivated from your own personal experience and perception of the world.


One of shungite’s claims to fame is that it contains fullerenes, which are crystalline carbon structures that are some of the most powerful antioxidants in this world. There’s a long history of using shungite water to cure illnesses and disease, to relieve pain and the physical effects of stress and trauma. 

Its unique carbon structure is able to quite literally grab onto dense particles in the body, such as chemical compounds, toxins, drugs, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It has been used in Russia for centuries in water purification and the enrichment of minerals in the body.

Shungite is electrically conductive, it moves energy, which is one of the ways it affects the electromagnetic fields coming from your devices. It’s able to attenuate electromagnetic emissions and counteract their harmful effects, especially the noble or elite Shungite varieties which contain at least 98% carbon.


Shungite is incredibly grounding and anchoring, connecting you to your body and the present moment, while also giving you a pathway to explore your past and your roots, both energetically and ancestrally. It’s an amazing stone to meditate with.

Shungite’s billion-year-old energy houses incredible wisdom that helps you unearth the wisdom and strength held within your own bones, your DNA, and your unconscious mind. It helps you learn from the past, integrate it, heal it, and bring all that insight into your present-day experience.

What are the Benefits of Shungite?

shungite necklace and bracelet
  • Enhancing meditation
  • Easing insomnia
  • Releasing fear, shame, and past trauma
  • Doing past life or ancestral work
  • Letting go of old patterns and beliefs
  • Connecting to ancestral and ancient wisdom
  • Reducing the harmful effects of EMF
  • Making Shungite water for body purification
  • Bringing things into balance
  • Neutralizing negative or dense energy
  • Cleansing and detoxification
  • Grounding, centering, finding presence
  • Unearthing unconscious blocks
  • Protecting your energy field
  • Breaking free from the past
  • Creating a fresh start to build from

Cleanse & Recharge

If you’re using your Shungite to combat EMFs in your space, the sun is a great way to cleanse it energetically and recharge its electric energy. Simply let it soak up the sun for a few hours, perhaps once a week, to keep it fresh and clear to transmute the frequencies.

If you’re doing energetic and emotional work with your Shungite, you may need to give it a deeper cleanse which you can do by burying it under the earth, or leaving it on the ground overnight so it can discharge all the dense energies it has accumulated and be recharged by the vibration of the earth itself.


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