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Apophyllite Meaning & Properties

Apophyllite is a crystal that is unique, forming in clusters and ranging in in colors including transparent, white, various shades of green, and sometimes shades of grey, pink, red, and yellow. This crystal has powerful metaphysical properties, helping to rid the body, mind, and environment it resides of heavy, negative energies – bringing light, clarity, and wisdom.

In this apophyllite profile, we go through:

  • Apophyllite Properties
  • How Apophyllite Is Formed
  • Where to Find Apophyllite
  • Apophyllite Meaning
  • Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost
  • Apophyllite vs Clear Quartz

Apophyllite Properties

apophyllite properties

Apophyllite crystals come in a variety of colors, with colorless and white being the most common. Green apophyllites, both pale green and dark green, are also one of the more common colors, due to the presence of iron. Other colors include grayish, pale yellow, pink, and reddish.

The crystal is on the softer side, with a hardness of 4.5 – 5 (Mohs).

The crystal does flake, making it not a good crystal for jewelry making. Apophyllite is mostly purchased for collecting, decorating, and/or for the crystal’s metaphysical properties.

How is Apophyllite Formed?

Apophyllite crystals formed in solid cavities called amygdules, vesicles, or more commonly known as geodes that were created where lava and basalt once flowed. The cavities were created by air bubbles that hardened, then filled with fluorapophyllite (K), fluorapophyllite (Na), and hydroxyapophyllite (K). The most commonly found is Fluorapophyllite (K), while the rarest is fluorapophyllite-(Na). These mineral solutions then hardened, turning into apophyllite crystals sometimes with other crystals such as stilbite.

Where to Find Apophyllite

The largest deposits where apophyllite is found are in Maharashtra, India. There are many sites in Maharashtra that produce clear apophyllite, while a high iron presence in Mumbai (Bombay) allows for the possibility of finding intense green apophyllite.

There are several apophyllite deposits in North America. The United States has apophyllite deposits are located in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. There are deposits also in Nova Scotia, Canada. In Mexico, apophyllite deposits are located in Chihuahua and Zacatecas.

Apophyllite deposits in Europe are in countries such as Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, Scotland, and Sweden.

Other countries with apophyllite deposits include Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, and South Africa.

Apophyllite Meaning

Apophyllite is a shimmering, prismatic crystal that is full of radiant light!

One of the highest vibratory stones available, apophyllite is cleansing and purifying for your mind, body, and physical space. It rids dense, heavy, and dark energies, bringing in light, clarity, and higher wisdom.

A very spiritually conducive stone for any healing or intuitive work, apophyllite connects you with your guides, angels, and other helpers in spirit, moving you into a deeper awareness of your psychic senses and helping you raise your consciousness to new levels. 

It’s a helper crystal for people who love to help others and be of service to something greater than themselves, allowing you to move into a sense of oneness with all things, where generosity, honesty, and selflessness become second nature.

For stressful situations, negative emotions, or anything that feels like it’s dragging you down, apophyllite can come in and lighten the load, uplifting your heart and mind, helping you tune into the innate wisdom and light you hold within you.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties


Associated with the higher planes of existence, apophyllite activates and opens the third eye and crown chakras. This energy helps you break open to new perceptions and awareness, develop your connection to your intuition and guides, and harness your ability to transcend beyond struggles and pain to find peace and harmony above the fray.

Apophyllite has also been linked with the soul star chakra, which is the 8th chakra that lies just above the head. This out-of-body chakra is the connection point of your soul with Universal wisdom and is the gateway to do work around soul retrieval, inner child healing, or reading your Akashic records.

Apophyllite also feels connected to the heart chakra, as it radiates the powerful energy of universal love. It holds truly enlightening energy that can lift a heavy heart out of depression or anxiety, helping raise your awareness to all the support and love that can be found around you, and flowing within you.

Also a wonderful cleanser for your entire aura, apophyllite is a great crystal to help clear negative or unwanted energy that’s hanging out in your field, so that it never enters your chakras in the first place.

Healing Properties


Apophyllite helps clear emotional tension and strife, relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. It brings clarity, calm, and peace to the emotional realm, especially during big life changes or upheaval.

It’s a stone that provides immense light during dark nights of the soul, or intense emotional situations. It can help clear the air after a fight or outburst, settling emotional turbulence so you can find peace.

apophyllite healing properties


When you’re ready to open your mind to new beliefs and perceptions and breakthrough old patterns and conditioned thoughts, apophyllite will guide your way.

A great stone for any mental pursuits, apophyllite focuses and clears the mind, fostering attention to detail and allowing you to better tune into the wisdom that’s coming directly from your intuition.

It can help you stay focused on long-term goals so you can manifest the deep soul desires you have for your life and not get distracted or swayed by all the pretty material things.


Apophyllite acts like an energetic filter for the environment, cleansing the air of emotional debris, toxicity, and negativity. 

It’s a wonderful stone to keep in any space to bring in a high vibration, especially if you’re doing any sort of healing work or have a spiritual space in your home that you want to keep clear and uplifted.

Apophyllite has also been said to help clear respiratory problems and rashes, and help you recover from fatigue and exhaustion when used on or near the body.


An incredible meditation stone, apophyllite helps you drop into a state of present moment awareness more easily, and lifts your consciousness to connect with other realms, your angels, and spirit guides.

If you sometimes feel too rational and grounded to open your awareness to your intuition and unseen support system, apophyllite will lift you up and carry you on its wings, helping you take deeper journeys within yourself to discover insight and receive wisdom from the astral realms.

Apophyllite is a subconscious explorer, helping you astral travel, lucid dream, explore future timelines and past lives for deep insight and healing.

What is Apophyllite Good For?

  • Connecting to angelic and spiritual realms
  • Cleansing and purifying your space
  • Clearing negativity from your aura
  • Raising your awareness and perspective
  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Helping you move through upheaval and change
  • Finding calm and relief after hardship and strife
  • Empowering your inner vision and intuition
  • Connecting with a sense of peace and clarity
  • Focusing the mind and directing attention
  • Exploring astral realms and the Akasha

Cleanse & Recharge

Apophyllite is very delicate and can flake off or crumble easily, so be careful when cleansing it and use very gentle methods. Don’t use anything that involves heat, such as hot water or sunlight, as it may get damaged. 

Smudge or incense smoke is a great way to cleanse apophyllite, or you can run it gently under some cool running water or swish it in some spring water, and gently pat dry. Do not rub or scrub it, as it could flake,

You can also set your apophyllite outside or on a windowsill under the moonlight, or place it on a selenite slab overnight to cleanse and charge its energy back up with beautiful light.

How to Clean Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a softer stone that has a hardness of 4.5-5 (Mohs hardness scale).

We recommend using gentle ways of cleaning apophyllite, which can include using warm water but it needs to be a gentle stream to gently rinse it off. Never scrub or wipe the stone with anything, since it will cause it to flake or break. Lay the crystal on a towel to air dry.


The cost of apophyllite is more than similar-looking crystals such as clear quartz. Apophyllite costs range from $30 for smaller 2-3″ crystal clusters to well over $500 for larger, higher-quality pieces.

Apophyllite vs Clear Quartz

There are distinct differences between apophyllite and clear quartz, which include both physical properties and healing properties.

Although apophyllite may look like clear quartz, it is a softer crystal with a range of 4.5 – 5 compared to clear quartz at 7. Apophyllite is for display and light use only, as it will flake if not handled gently, whereas clear quartz can be worn or used in many more ways since it is a harder crystal.

From a healing perspective, apophyllite has more powerful awakening abilities for the heart chakra, can be more grounding, and is more in tune to high frequencies than clear quartz.

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