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Petalite Meaning & Properties

Petalite, also known as Castorite, is a rare crystal that is often colorless with potentially pastel-toned colors including grey, pink, white, yellow, or yellow-grey colors. This crystal is hard enough and can come with very high clarity to be used in fine jewelry. Petalite is sought after for its relaxing, calming, spirit connecting metaphysical properties.

In this Petalite profile, we go through:

  • Petalite Properties
  • Petalite Meaning
  • Petalite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Petalite Properties

petalite crystal properties

Petalite, also known as Castorite, is a hard gem-quality lithium aluminum tectosilicate mineral stone that can be colorless with notes of pastel colors including grey, pink, white, yellow, and yellow-grey. It can almost appear to look like a diamond when cut into a formal gemstone shape.

The hardness of Petalite is 6 – 6.5 which allows it to be used to cut into gems and create jewelry.

Although rare, Petalite was first found in Sweden in the 18th century, but it has also been found in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Italy, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

Petalite Meaning

Petalite is a stone full of high-vibratory light with a gorgeous luster. It radiates high-consciousness, healing energy that amplifies all your intuitive senses and ability to connect with your angels, guides, spirit animals, ancient civilizations, and ancestors. 

As a lithium-based stone, it’s an emotionally soothing and uplifting crystal for any time there is too much darkness creeping within your psyche, body, or spirit. Petalite’s pearlescent shimmer echoes its ability to protect and shield your aura as it deflects negative and low-frequency energies away from your field, helping you feel clear, balanced, and able to shine!

When you work with Petalite, its white light fills your entire energy field, surrounding you with a sense of peace and protection. You feel clearer, lighter, and brighter with Petalite by your side, as it brings clarity and alignment with a bigger picture perspective so that everyday worries and concerns feel surmountable and no longer able to drag you down.

petalite properties

Petalite Metaphysical Properties


Petalite surrounds your aura in white light, dispelling dark, heavy, and unwell energy and bringing in calm and healing for your entire system.

Its healing light enters your body through the crown chakra and goes through every chakra, every meridian, every little cell, filling you up with high-vibratory healing light. This clears blocks, stagnation, and negative energy you’ve had held within you, helping release both past and present pain that’s blocking your way to a beautiful future. 

As a crown chakra activator, Petalite opens and strengthens the connection you have with the cosmic forces, your helpers in spirit, your guides, your subconscious mind, and your intuition. It’s a magical crystal to bring out the magic in your life, helping you tap into the guidance and support of the unseen realms. 

The synchronicities, good coincidences, awesome opportunities, and big insights happen freely and often when you work with Petalite and plug into its higher frequency awareness.

Healing Properties


Soothing and protective, Petalite is a very uplifting stone to grab anytime you feel the weight, heaviness, or darkness of your emotions is impeding your enjoyment of life.

Petalite shatters through pain and trauma from the past, helping you collect the bits of life experience to hold onto and let go of the rest. It can help you heal emotional pain you’ve inherited or that’s been held in your subconscious since childhood, or even pain you’ve carried from past lives, as the intensity of its high-frequency energy spans timelines and dimensions to spread healing in every direction.

Great for everyday worries and concerns, stress and anxiety, mood swings and bad vibes, Petalite keeps your emotions feeling uplifted, inspired, and supported by the world around you.

petalite metaphysical properties


Petalite helps focus your mind and hone your attention to what’s right in front of you, allowing more mindfulness. It can be a good aid for ADHD and general attention difficulties and everyday distractions, so you can feel a sense of productivity and purpose by staying focused on what’s most essential.

Great for a mind that’s spinning, feels cluttered, or unable to decide, Petalite can bring a real sense of priority and clarity around which thoughts are most important to listen to, and which ones can take a backseat (or leave entirely!) so as not to pull you away from your natural inspiration and motivation.


As a mental clearer and stimulator, Petalite also works to support your physical brain’s chemistry and balance of hormones throughout the entire nervous system. It’s great for mental-related illnesses or diagnoses, to help bring healing and balance to the whole body.

Petalite also supports the endocrine and musculoskeletal systems, bringing relief to stress, spasms, and pain in the body. It helps clear the lungs and intestines, is beneficial for the eyes and is thought to support whole-body healing during systemic illness or auto-immune disease.


A very high-vibration, spiritually connected stone, Petalite helps you plug into your higher consciousness to get a wide-eyed view of life, your purpose, and your potential here in this world. It reorients you to your inner knowing and connects you to all the cosmic forces that are here to support you so you can feel uplifted, inspired, and guided to create the kind of beautiful life you deserve!

With its pure light essence, Petalite is deeply connected to angelic energy and can be used to enhance your clairaudience or ability to hear what your angelic messengers are telling you. 

Working with Petalite over time brings a huge sense of peace, patience, and a radiant calm, and can be used to send prayers of peace wherever they’re needed in your life, for your loved ones, and around the world.

What is Petalite Good For?

petalite meaning
  • Relaxing and calming down
  • Connecting with your angels and guides
  • Healing whole-body, mind & spirit
  • Bringing magic and miracles into your life
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Protecting from negative energy
  • Clearing your auric field
  • Releasing emotional baggage
  • Increasing your intuition
  • Removing energetic cords and blocks
  • Focusing and directing the mind
  • Uplifting your mood and spirit 
  • Balancing internal yin and yang

Cleanse & Recharge

As such a high-vibration crystal, Petalite is a great stone to cleanse under the light of a full moon. You can leave it outside in a safe place overnight, or on a moonlit windowsill, and let it soak up all that white, healing light, restoring its energy and magic. 

You can also leave it to rest on another light-filled crystal, selenite, which will keep your Petalite clear and charged up, ready to use anytime you need it.

For a quick cleanse, you can also use gentle techniques like smoke or high-vibration sounds to clear it.

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