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Imperial Topaz Meaning & Properties

Imperial topaz is the rarest type of topaz that possess rich champagne, orange, peach, and pink-toned colors. The imperial topaz has energetic energy helping to bring the most out of life. The stone is often cut into different gem shapes and worn in jewelry which can help with daily alignment and focus to gain clarity on a consistent basis.

In this Imperial Topaz profile, we go through:

  • Imperial Topaz Properties
  • Where to Find Imperial Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz Meaning
  • Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Imperial Topaz Properties

rough imperial topaz crystal

Imperial topaz is the rarest topaz coming in champagne, orange, peach, and sometimes pink colors. This crystal is often found cut into gemstones to be used in jewelry.

Rough imperial topaz looks much like citrine combined with a ribbed kyanite-like texture. This can be cut down just like a diamond or into other various shapes to make jewelry and other precious items.

Imperial topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Where to Find Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz can be found in the Russian Urual Mountains. In fact, imperial topaz is actually named after the Russian monarchy that cherishes the gem stone’s luxurious color.

Although Russia has helped brought popularity to the stone, the largest deposits of imperial topaz are actually located in Brazil at the Ouro Preto mines of Minas Gerais.

Imperial Topaz Meaning

Imperial Topaz is a shimmering orange stone full of radiant sunshine energy. It’s a crystal of light, action, and personal power, helping you squeeze all the juice out of life!

Associated with the Egyptian god of the sun, Ra, imperial topaz is a rare and unique gift from the Earth that resonates with the solar energies of strength, fortitude, worthiness, confidence, and respect.

It’s a unique crystal to help you embrace the unique gifts within yourself and shine your light out into the world, unafraid, unabashed, with a smile on your face.

Imperial topaz exudes royalty, abundance, pleasure, and specialness. Whenever you want a dose of sunshine in your pocket, this is it, in stone form, to light your fire and move you towards fulfilling your soul’s deepest desires.

rough imperial topaz pillar

Imperial Topaz Metaphysical Properties


In its brilliantly bright orange, imperial topaz resonates with both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

As a sacral healer, imperial topaz brings in pleasure and fulfillment, helping you embrace abundance, creativity, and all the good stuff in life. It magnetizes pleasurable experiences and people your way to help you feel your worthiness, your sensuality, and the fulfillment of your desires.

Imperial topaz is also a stone of action and movement, activating the solar plexus chakra, empowering your energy and motivation, and helping you direct it towards your goals. It’s a self-empowering, go-get-’em crystal to take you from stuck and unsure into feet on the ground, making things happen.

Also carrying very high-vibrational energy connected to the sun, imperial topaz is linked with the upper chakras that live above your physical body and can help open your crown to the golden light and electric energy that comes directly from the Source.

Healing Properties


This is a beautiful stone to balance the ego, which is also associated with the solar plexus chakra. It can act as an ego-enhancer, bringing in confidence and radiance in place of self-doubt and low self-esteem, or help balance an over-blown ego that’s acting out in aggression, selfishness, or over-dominance.

Imperial topaz is also a perfect stone to work with around issues to do with self-worth, which are sacral chakra related. It can help you break through old patterns of shame and blame, to focus on the lessons you’ve learned along the way, and empower yourself to move forward into the future you truly desire for yourself.


Imperial topaz helps you focus on what you’re most passionate about and move in that direction, fending off distractions and deterrents along your path.

It’s a clarifying, energizing, electrifying stone that ignites brilliant ideas and wise decisions, aligning you more and more with your soul’s whispers rather than the clutter of information in your mind.

As also helps your mind widen to the open expanse of endless possibility, honing in on the goals and ambitions that are most aligned with your true calling. It can help you move out of stuckness and mental patterns that have been holding you back, opening up to new ideas and new ways of being and expressing yourself.


Like sunshine in a bottle, imperial topaz brings out your natural glow, helping you shine from within and see yourself as the beautiful human you are.

As a stone of action, it can help you create new healthy habits and routines and stick to them, increasing your whole-body health.

This topaz wants you to get out there, be adventurous and go after what you want, energizing your body, and increasing metabolism, blood flow, and stamina so you can be physically equipped to make all your dreams come true.


A high-vibration stone of beauty and delight, imperial topaz orients you back to your inner light, so you can use that to guide your direction in life.

It’s a crystal that connects you back to your innate, inherent desires, the ones you came here to Earth with, not the ones that you’ve been conditioned to have.

This golden crystal helps you strip away all the energy that is not you, all the wants, wishes, and desires that aren’t truly aligned with your soul, so you can figure out what you really want, who you really want to be, and walk forward confidently on that path.

What is Imperial Topaz Good For?

tear cut imperial topaz gemstone
  • Aligning with your soul’s true desires
  • Getting clear on what you want in your life
  • Magnetizing abundance, wealth, and pleasure to you
  • Clearing out negative and unhelpful thoughts and emotions
  • Bringing upliftment, positivity, and high energy 
  • Connecting with your highest self and inner wisdom
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Bringing clarity, conviction, and confidence
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-worth
  • Enhancing your beauty and natural glow
  • Taking action on your goals and desires
  • Finding fulfillment in daily life

Cleanse & Recharge

As it’s so aligned with solar energy, it’s a good idea to leave imperial topaz under the bright sun for a few hours to cleanse it of any negative energy and charge it back up with the sun’s golden light.

You can do this outside, setting your topaz directly on the ground in the sunshine, or just leave it on a sunny windowsill for a few hours.

You can also run your topaz through water briefly, or through smoke, or leave it to rest each night on a selenite plate to cleanse and charge up for the next day’s use.

How to Clean Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz has a hardness of 8 (Mohs hardness scale).

With imperial topaz having a high hardness of 8 Mohs, it can be washed to clean off dust and dirt. Using warm water and Castille soap, rinse then lather on some soap, rubbing it in with fingertips. Rinse thoroughly, then either wipe dry with a soft cotton towel or set it aside on top of a towel to air dry.

Imperial topaz jewelry can be cleaned using Castille soap and warm water. We recommend buying a jewelry cleaning brush in order to brush dirt and build up from around the stone where the metal secures the stone.


Imperial topaz comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Here is a list of imperial topaz cost estimates for different stone types, sizes, and shapes:

  • Small Tumbled Stone: $4 – 25
  • Rough Crystal: $6 – 175
  • Bracelet: $24+
  • Necklace: $26+
  • Ring: $35+
  • Earrings: $35+

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