The Complete Guide To Wearing Malachite

Malachite is great stone to work with if you feel your heart chakra is blocked. In order to do collaborate with the crystal effectively, you’ll find all the information on wearing malachite in this post. In short, this is how it is recommended you wear the stone:

Wearing malachite is beneficial for everyone, especially those with the zodiac sign of Libra and Taurus. Wear malachite daily on either your receiving or giving hand, or wear it around your neck. Beware that malachite is very soft and is likely to chip. Keep malachite out of water and try to avoid sun.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how to wear malachite. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find a quick overview of its associated elements, zodiac signs, benefits and chakra.

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Why Wear Malachite?

Crystals work together with your energy field to help with healing. This can be emotional, physical or spiritual.  There are different ways in which we can interact with these stones. Some like to make elixirs to consume throughout the day (don’t do this with malachite), whereas others like to meditate with it to really hone into the energy. Wearing your crystal is just another way of working with the stone’s energy – quite a popular one as well! Not only because it allows you to work with its energy all day, but also because they simply look very pretty.

Malachite specifically is worn for many different reasons. Most importantly, it is great stone for those who feel like they could use some more (self)love in their lives, as its green color is associated with the heart chakra. It is also great at protecting you from negative energies and helping you make sure that nobody can drain your energy. Lastly, malachite is a stone of transformation and will support you when you are making big changes like moving house or changing jobs.

Who Should Wear Malachite?

Malachite can be worn by anyone and most likely won’t have any negative side effects. However, your sun sign, birth month, profession, and mental and physical health may affect whether you want to wear malachite or if another crystal might be more beneficial for you.

Generally, malachite is great for those who feel they need some sort of healing in their lives, specifically any physical ailments. As many of us fall into this group, malachite is a great stone for most people.

In terms of birthstones, Malachite is not a modern or traditional birthstone. This means it has no particular association with any zodiac signs. However, malachite is associated with Venus (the planet of love), which rules both Libra and Taurus. As a result, malachite will provide a soothing and familiar energy to both these signs.

Taurus’ who wear malachite will benefit greatly from it, as the stone encourages change and even a little necessary risk. As this is the exact opposite of what a comfort-loving Taurus normally prefers, it can help this sign to step out of their comfort zone.

Libra’s on the other hand would benefit from keeping malachite on their person as it reminds them of the beauty within themselves. As they have a tendency to only find love in their surroundings and relationships, malachite can help have a little more self-love.  This way you can show yourself the love that you so readily give to others.

In terms of physical health, malachite helps heal many physical ailments. However, this stone is specifically related to the heart chakra, which is located right in the middle of the chest. As a result you are likely to experience aches and pains in this area if this chakra is blocked. Examples are raspatory issues, high/low blood pressure and a weaker immune system.

Of course, crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing serious issues, always go to a doctor. You can then use your malachite to support you.

In terms of profession, any person working in a field or environment where they feel is a lot of negative energy would benefit from this stone. It is great at purifying energy and keeping out negative vibrations.  
It would also beneficial to any person working in a field that requires compassion and empathy. Examples are those who work in non-profits, education, medicine, social workers, and coaches or councilors.

Who Should Not Wear Malachite?

Most people will benefit from wearing malachite. The stone has lots of gentle, healing energy, which is not something that could hurt you.
One of the main reasons you shouldn’t is because you are not currently trying to work with its energy that is geared towards the heart chakra. For example, if you are looking for a stone that will help you find some more joy and energy, you might be better off getting a citrine.

Citrine salt

However, I always recommend trying malachite out: if you are drawn to this stone it is probably for a reason. Wear it for a week or two and see how your feel. Again, crystals are meant to be used intuitively so you are the best person to decide if it works for you.

When Should You Wear Malachite?

Malachite, just like any other crystal, works best if it gets to work with your energy as much as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it daily.
It is also particularly useful to wear this stone when you are meditating specifically with the intention of receiving or giving more love, or if you are looking for some help going through difficult changes. If this is your goal, I’ll leave a 10 minute guided meditation video for you to use below.

When Should You Not Wear Malachite?

There are some times when you should take your malachite jewelry off however, which you’ll find below.

Firstly, it is recommend to take off your malachite jewelry when you’re coming into contact with water; showering, swimming or cleaning.
The reason for this is that malachite has a relatively low score of 3,5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This scale provides each mineral will a number from 1-10. The lower the number, the softer the stone. For reference, talc is a 1 whereas diamond get a 10.  Its low score means the stone cannot withstand water and will most likely break or dissolve.

Generally, a stone needs at least a 5 to safely be submerged in water. With its low score malachite is likely to dissolve when coming into prolonged contact with water.
When you’re swimming in the ocean it is even more important that you take it off, as salt is naturally abrasive and will cause your stone to be damaged even quicker.

Additionally, Malachite will turn the water that it is left in toxic as a result of its high copper content. If you’re wanting to know more about malachite and water, I recommend reading this post: “Can Malachite Go In Water?

Additionally, sunbathing with your malachite on is also not ideal. Not only will you be sure to get strange tan lines, but you might end up with a broken stone.
The UV light from the sun can compromise the integrity of the stone. This is only likely to happen if you leave your stone in the midday sun for a few hours, so if you just wear it when it is sunny outside you’ll be fine.

On Which Hand Should I Wear A Malachite Bracelet Or Ring?

There are generally two opinions on this topic.

Firstly, some say the left hand is your receiving hand, whereas your right is your giving hand. Depending on what you are looking for from your crystal, you can place it on either of those sides. In this case, this left-in and right-out is said to just be the flow of energy through the body which never changes.

Others however, believe that this flow of energy changes depending on if you’re left or right-handed. Your dominant hand (the hand that you write with) is your giving hand and releases energy. Your non-dominant hand is the receiving hand.

Malachite can be placed on either side, depending on what you are looking for. Do you want to receive help with transformation (receiving hand) or would you like to release negative energy (giving hand)?

As you can see, there are some different views. Personally, I would recommend trying out both sides and see how you feel. Crystals are meant to be used intuitively, so use this to determine which side works for you.

If you don’t want to choose, get yourself a malachite necklace. These are especially effective as it keeps to stone close to your heart chakra.

Can You Wear Malachite Every Day?

When it comes to malachite’s energy, you can absolutely wear it every day. In fact, it is recommended to do so, as it allows the stone’s energy to be fully incorporated into your life.

However, if you have a piece jewelry that you are particularly fond of you might not want to wear it every day. As malachite is a 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness it is likely to chip off when worn regularly. Besides, just like anything when you use it regularly, it most likely won’t look as pretty after a while.

If you do choose to wear malachite every day, it is best to buy a ring in a more protective setting such as a bezel or halo, or a necklace that you can hide under your shirt when you need to.

Can You Sleep With Malachite On?

You can sleep with malachite under your pillow or on your body. In fact, many swear by it. Sleeping with your malachite jewelry on helps to bring more peaceful dreams and is even said to help prevent sleepwalking. Wear it when you sleep and it will continue to provide its loving, relaxing energy throughout the night.

Can You Shower With Malachite On?

It is not recommended to shower with malachite on. As a general rule, a mineral should have at least a 5 to be able to be safely submerged in water, without immediate damage. I say immediate, as every stone that is left to soak in water will eventually be damaged. Malachite scores a relatively low 3.5-4 and is therefore better kept outside of water.

The reason for this is that every stone, polished or raw, has tiny cracks in its surface. Water will go into those cracks and expand them. When a stone has a relatively high hardness, the cracks will grow much slower. Malachite’s low score means it is relatively soft to the point it can even cause the stone to start dissolving.

Besides, the speed at which your malachite is damaged varies depending on whether the stone has a finish or is otherwise sealed. Polished stones generally have some sort of coating, which will dissolve first, protecting your stone for a little longer.

Another reason to avoid letting malachite come into contact with water, is that this stone has such a beautiful color because of the copper compounds. Depending on your stone, this can make up about 50-60% of your stone. As you might know, leaving any sort of metal in water should be avoided. If you leave malachite in water, it is likely to release toxic fumes as a result of the reaction of the copper with water. This will turn the water toxic.

It is therefore not only recommended to not soak your stone, but to also take malachite rings and bracelets off when cleaning, showering or swimming. Don’t be too worried though, malachite will only have these effects if you leave it to soak or if the stone is unprocessed (raw). So your sweat or a few splashes of water won’t poison you. It is safe to wear. If it wasn’t, many people would have been poisoned by now.  

Lastly, if your malachite does end up with water damage, this shouldn’t immediately be a problem. Some would argue that this renders your stone unusable, but I have found otherwise. It is really up to you – pick it up and check in with its energy. If it doesn’t feel good anymore, you might be better off getting a new one.

If you’re wanting to know more about malachite and water, I recommend reading this post: “Can Malachite Go In Water?

Can You Swim With Malachite?

As written above, malachite is not hard enough to withstand water. Submerging your stone for longer periods of time is even worse and will very likely cause your stone to break or even dissolve. As a result, you’ll be left without a stone and with toxic water. Not a great situation.

It is even worse if you choose to swim in the ocean or sea with your malachite, as the salt causes the damage to appear even quicker. Salt will also cause silver to tarnish so if your malachite is in a piece of silver jewelry this would be even worse.

If you’re wanting to know more about malachite and water, I recommend reading this post: “Can Malachite Go In Water?

Malachite Overview

Chakra: Heart
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Libra | Taurus
Benefits: Peace | Transformation | Healing | (Self)love

Malachite is a protective stone that will ward off negative energies and clear your chakras. Its green color means it is heavily associated with the heart chakra, so it is great in helping you with matters of (self)love. Malachite is also a wonderfully calming stone, which means it can help you relieve anxiety and nerves.

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