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Snakeskin Agate Meaning & Properties

Snakeskin Agate is a silicon dioxide quartz agate named after its pattern that resembles a snake’s skin. This stone is particularly popular not only for its exotic pattern and colors but for its healing properties. Snakeskin meaning helps to find strength in change, transformation, and growth through releasing stress and tension.

In this Snakeskin Agate profile, we go through:

  • Snakeskin Agate Properties
  • Snakeskin Agate Meaning
  • Snakeskin Agate Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Snakeskin Agate Properties

snakeskin agate meaning

Snakeskin Agate is a semi-translucent quartz-based crystal that can range in colors including light cream, tan, maroon, orange, and brown colors that have a pattern that resembles a snake’s skin. The pattern looks as if it were a continuous web of light-colored outlines around varying shapes of spots.

Snakeskin Agate Chemical Formula: SiO2

Snakeskin Agate Hardness: 6.5 – 7 (Mohs scale)

Snakeskin Agate Meaning

Like a snake sheds its skin, snakeskin agate is a stone to help you continually transform into an improved version of yourself. It brings the blocks, patterns, and all those things you’ve been repressing to the forefront for you to confront, acknowledge and release to the past. Each time you uncover a layer of conditioned beliefs or subconscious blocks that you can remove, you come closer and closer to the core of who you are.

A great stone to carry with you during big life changes and periods of metamorphosis, or whenever there’s been a lot of confusion or instability in your life, snakeskin agate can help you ground into a place of power no matter your current life circumstances. It promotes strength, resilience, and optimism, helping you connect with abundance and appreciation regardless of what turmoil you’re going through.

Snakeskin agate brings balance between body, mind, and spirit, helping you connect to the eternal power and energy of the Earth that you hold within your body, and opening you to your connection with the divine light of healing from the realms of spirit, where you can communicate with your highest self and find a sense of calm and peace.

snakeskin agate properties

Snakeskin Agate Metaphysical Properties


Snakeskin agate carries very earthy energy that is associated with the root and sacral chakras, your sense of power and creativity. But it also carries a lightness and softness that opens the crown chakra and helps extend that power you obtain from your connection with your body, all the way up and through your crown to connect with your light body outside this Earth.

It’s a crystal with strong kundalini energy which is a power center within you that lies at your root chakra, coiled like a snake. When this energy is “awakened” it is said to rise up through all your chakras, igniting the dormant and innate powers held within each of them, and out through your crown, connecting the Earth and the divine, body and spirit, together as one. 

In this way, snakeskin agate helps build a connection to your higher consciousness from the ground up, so you can use your human and nature-derived power to create a life more in alignment with your highest consciousness and your soul’s desires.

Healing Properties


A wonderful stone for processing heavy and overwhelming emotions, snakeskin agate helps you acknowledge and become aware of what’s been repressed and blocked within you so you can bring those emotions into the light to be soothed and healed for good. 

During change, turmoil, and struggle, snakeskin agate reminds you that you have the strength and resilience to move through it, and helps you see value and appreciation for all the lessons you’re learning along the way, even when life feels hard.


Mentally, snakeskin agate can soothe nervous worries, stress, and tension about the future, and help you find a sense of security and strength in the present. It moves you out of the mind and into the wisdom of the body, to connect more with your instincts and natural desires. 

It can help you see the patterns and blocks that have been hidden from your consciousness in the past, so you can be aware of what needs to be released in order for you to move forward feeling more confident and clear on your direction.


Snakeskin agate works to help heal muscle pain in the neck and shoulders and to draw your attention to the neglected places in your body, so that you can work to bring them into balance and a state of healing.

It’s a powerful healing crystal that’s helpful for the brain, to increase metabolism, create better production and drainage of lymphatic fluids, and reduce excess mucous from colds and allergies. It generally helps the body process through its own changes more efficiently, as it works to align with all the changes going on within your psyche and soul.


Lighting up your body’s natural desires and giving you the strength and support to go after them, snakeskin agate is a great aid to help you stop walking the path of struggle and start aligning with all the wealth that’s available here and now, and the fulfillment of your creative desires.

It reminds you that your gut instincts, creative urges, and sense of yearning toward certain things in your life are all connected with your higher soul’s knowing and can be seen as guideposts along your path, pointing you in the right direction.

snakeskin agate meaning

What is Snakeskin Agate Good For?

  • Feeling secure, strong, and grounded
  • Igniting your kundalini power
  • Moving through change and transformation
  • Alleviating stress and tension
  • Helping you stay optimistic
  • Finding gratitude and appreciation
  • Becoming aware of pain that needs to be released
  • Aligning mind and body with your spirit
  • Letting go of blocks and past patterns
  • Shedding your proverbial skin with ease
  • Finding lessons and love through struggle
  • Connecting with your soul’s desires
  • Balancing your energy

Cleanse & Recharge

Snakeskin agate is a pretty hard and durable stone that you can leave outside on the earth to cleanse and recharge in the sun, or simply run it through some water or smoke from incense for a quicker cleanse.

You can also leave your agate to rest on a selenite plate or in a bed of sea salt, so that its energies are constantly being released and recharged and it’ll be ready whenever you need it.

Snakeskin Agate vs Jasper

Sometimes the snakeskin crystals can be tough to determine to the untrained eye if it is agate or jasper. A snakeskin agate is generally categorized as an agate when it is translucent and is banded or striped. For it to be a snakeskin jasper, the crystal would need to be opaque, allowing no light to pass through it.

To tell the difference between a snakeskin agate and jasper just by looking at it if you can’t tell if it is translucent or opaque, you can try to see if it has chalcedony, or growth bands, beyond its normal snakeskin pattern. This would make it an agate.

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