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Agate and Jasper: Combination for Grounding and Stability

Understanding how crystals work separately is the first step to incorporating crystal healing into your life. However, to get the most out of them, it is vital to also understand how they work in combination with each other, too. The right combination can help amplify or strengthen the benefits, whereas the wrong one can cancel out the energies or even work negatively. For agate and jasper, you’ll find everything you need to know about this combination in this post. In a nutshell;

Agates and jaspers make an excellent combination for peace and grounding. Agates influence positivity, harmony, and balance, while jaspers bring peace, patience, and tranquility. Connecting to the energies of these two stones will restore balance and grounding in one’s life.

Keep in mind that all types of agate and jasper are unique in frequency and energy, hence their different uses. However, both gemstones are varieties of chalcedony that come in various colors. Luckily, you can effectively combine crystals by family or intention, meaning agate and jasper go well together.

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We’ll outline the overall uses of these two varieties but recommend determining the exact uses of the particular stone (like red jasper or moss agate) and seeing if their intentions match up. For example, if you’d like to use one stone to give your more energy while combining it with a stone that is calming, the two will work against each other.

Curious about what these stones can do for your relationships, career, and personal growth? Continue reading! I’ll also give you some other combinations for each of these stones in case this combination is not what you’re looking for.

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Agate Benefits 

NOTE:  Crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing issues, always go to a doctor.

Again, there are many different varieties of agate, each with its own properties.

However, overall, agate promotes good health. It’s also believed to protect from harm and bring clarity to its wearer. These stones are also believed to possess powers for better sleep and dreams, especially when worn by insomniacs.

The gemstone also brings calm and positive energies into one’s life. It will help you see the brighter side of things and appreciate what life brings.

For the physical body, agate is believed to promote metabolism, digestion, sleep disorders, and stomach ailments.

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Jasper Benefits 

There are several varieties of jasper too, but you’ll read their overall properties below.

Jasper is commonly used as a grounding stone. Connecting to its energies will help get some sense of identity, grounding, and safety. The stone is recommended to daydreamers to help them create their fantasies in real life.

It’s also a good gemstone for spiritual work, enabling the user to communicate and get messages from angels and spiritual guides.

The stone is also believed to instill calm, emotional peace, and truth. It also helps one stay true to themselves and appreciate their inner beauty.

For the physical body, jasper is believed to help with digestion, stomach illnesses, gout, and indigestion. 

Agate and Jasper Benefits

We’ll have a look at the overall benefits of this combination here. If you’re looking for more in-depth information about relationships, career and finances, and spiritual growth, you’ll find this a little farther down. 

The combination is good for the soul, mind, and body. When used together, the power will help you through a stressful life. The gemstones will also emit grounding energies and absorb negative energies.

While agate will improve clarity, concentration, and analytical abilities, it will also relieve anger and anxiety. On the other hand, Jasper nurtures peace and calm. Using these two as a pair will help instill safety and security. 

For Relationships (Romantic and Platonic)

The pair can help in both platonic and romantic relationships. In particular, pink agates are known to strengthen relationships. The gemstone will effectively restore harmony, emotional balance, and positivity. This will keep you connected and focused on your relationship or friendships.

Pink agates will also help in dealing with bitterness. Its connection with the heart chakra will help soothe emotional wounds and bring safety to the relationship. The gemstone stabilizes the aura and increases self-confidence, courage, and positive energy.  

Moss agates are also closely connected to relationships owing to their connection to the heart chakra (Anahata). The stone ensures there are energy blockages within the chakra and builds a harmonious connection within the spirit, mind, and body. The ease in energy flow allows abundance and love to come your way. The stone will also nurture friendships and peace in existing relationships. 

On the other hand, jasper helps attract love and happiness and supports ongoing relationships. A perfect relationship doesn’t exist, but the jasper stone offers support and perseverance through these ups and downs.

Red jasper, in particular, emits energies that relieve stress and help us to be more understanding and compassionate to the people around us. It is also a good stone for intimacy, as it is believed to boost libido and a better sexual relationship between partners. 

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For Career and Studies

There are agate and jasper varieties that are specific for the purpose of helping us with our career and studies. For instance, blue lace agates help improve concentration, creativity, and communication skills.

Another alternative would be a green agate. This crystal is believed to influence emotional and mental flexibility and better decision-making. It also brings logical thinking and encouragement to pursue financial freedom. Wearing this agate also helps protect wealth and promotes better financial habits.

It’s a great stone to have on your office desk to help come up with clear solutions and calm when faced with financial constraints or having to make decisions on a tight budget. 

Jasper, on the other hand, will boost stamina and motivation. The stone carries the necessary motivation needed to get things done. It is supportive at work and in studies as well. For students, the stone will reduce scattered thoughts and distractions, helping them focus on their studies and goals.

The gemstone is also believed to be a talisman for abundance and prosperity. For business success, the stone brings mental clarity and decisiveness and helps you develop the best financial decisions for the business. 

Red jasper, specifically, is believed to bring calm and stability to any situation. The gemstone supports people who lack concentration or suffer stress and anxiety. It also helps clear negative thoughts and balances energy levels.

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For Spiritual and Personal Growth

Agates and jaspers can also help in personal and spiritual growth. Agates are thought to promote inner stability and spiritual growth by raising consciousness. The crystal also cleanses and stabilizes the aura by eliminating negative energies.

The different varieties of agates and jasper will contribute to spiritual growth differently, depending on its color.

We can connect crystals to chakras by looking at its color, which you can find below. Apart from the color associated with each chakra, there are also additional colors for the root, heart and crown chraka. Any black or grey stones also connect to the root, pink connects to the heart, and clear or white stones connect to the crown.

We’ll discuss some of the most popular varieties of agate and jasper below, so you’ll be able to decided which ones to combine yourself. As a general rule, combining stones associated with the same color (and thus the same chakra) will strengthen the properties of each stone.


For example, white agate can be used for the crown chakra (Sahasrara), while moss agate is appropriate for the heart chakra (Anahata). White agates are believed to possess intuitive powers. The gemstone also helps with strength, positivity, and good fortune for anyone wearing it. It also brings clarity and instills spirituality in the wearer.

Pink agates will also open the heart and mind to new ideas. This makes it an ideal stone for personal development. The stone dispels negativity and promotes the grounding of physical energies. It will also offer psychic protection and increase creativity and stability. 

Red jaspers are believed to bring stamina, strength, stability, and courage to their wearer, which are aspects related to the root chakra (Muladhara). Spiritually, the gemstone is believed to create endurance, get wisdom, and awaken kundalini energies when used for meditation.

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Brecciated jasper brings vitality and strength. The gemstone is believed to improve focus and mental clarity. It also eliminates negative energy and helps in overcoming guilt and shame. It is also used to improve confidence, self-expression, and stamina.

Finally, ocean jasper will bring joy, comfort, peace, and feelings of self-worth. The gemstone is believed to initiate responsibility, personal strength, patience, and renewal. It also relieves stress, depression, anxiety, and physical discomfort. The gem is also associated with feelings of safety and helps you let go of things that no longer serve you. 

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How to use Agate and Jasper Together?

You can use this combination just like you would any other crystal or gemstone. To give you some ideas and pointers, we’ll talk about how to wear and meditate with the combination below.


Wearing these pieces is one of the most effective ways to benefit from them, as it allows you to continuously work with their energy. Make sure to wear the stones on the skin closest to the associated chakra.


If you’re looking to benefit from this combination through meditation, here are some pointers,

First, make sure your intention is clear – what are you using these stones for? If you don’t quite know yet, set your intention to see how these stones make you feel. Then, hold one stone in each hand and get comfortable. You could place your hands on your knees, or on the associated chakra.

Personally, I like to start my meditation by taking a few deep breaths, breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 3, and breathing out for 7. It helps your brain to focus on your breathing and stops racing thoughts.

When you’re ready, focus on the stones and how they make you feel, or think about your intention. If you want, you can listen to music or a guided meditation, as this helps you not get distracted. I’ll leave a guided meditation that helps you work on the heart chakra below:

Feng Shui 

Purple agate and yellow jasper can be combined for positivity and uplifting energies. It is an excellent pair for Feng Shui to have in the middle of the room (health area). The pair will also protect the family from disaster or harm. They also offer grounding and stability. 

Fire agate and red jasper are excellent combinations in the bedroom. Fire agates are known to help increase physical energy and intimacy. Red jaspers will enhance romance and love between partners. The gemstone is also placed under the pillow for better sleep. 

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Other Combinations

If you’re looking for something different, have a look at the combinations below. I’ve likely written about each combination already, so make sure to use the search bar at the top of this page to find more information.

Fire Agate and Black Tourmaline

This makes a fiery combination for protection. Black tourmaline has been used for centuries for its outstanding protection properties. It works as an amulet or talisman that cleanses and transmutes negative energies. When combined with fire agate, the duo creates a protective shield from all negative entities. 

The combination also comes in handy at work. Black tourmaline is believed to help reduce the effect of electromagnetic pollution. It’s a great stone to have near your electronic gadgets at work. Fire agate, on the other hand, will increase positivity, creativity, and productivity. The pair keeps your energies grounded and eliminates negative emotions, boosting your performance at work.

Blue Lace Agate and Chrysocolla

This makes a good combination for communication. The two will connect with the throat chakra (Vishuddha), which enables you to communicate clearly and effectively. The combination helps improve one’s communication skills, articulation, and choice of words. Pairing these two will also allow effective listening. They will guide you on how to respond and when to hold your tongue.

Red Jasper and Citrine

The pair offers protection and increased energy. These two will keep you grounded and centered. They also connect to the root chakra (Muladhara) and solar plexus chakra (Manipura), promoting creativity and personal power. 

Red Jasper and Garnet

This is a powerful combination for stimulating and activating the root chakra (Muladhara). These stones are believed to possess regenerative and restorative energies that bring motivation and endurance in life.

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