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Tiger Iron Meaning & Properties

Tiger Iron is a hybrid crystal of gold Tiger’s Eye quartz, red jasper, and grey Hematite that mixes in bands to create a luxurious, powerful protection stone. Tiger Iron meaning includes grounding, helping to release heavy energy, reducing stress, and restoring after burnout or extreme times of stress.

In this Tiger Iron profile, we go through:

  • Tiger Iron Properties
  • Tiger Iron Meaning
  • Tiger Iron Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Tiger Iron Properties

tiger iron stone

Tiger Iron is made up of golden Tiger’s Eye quartz, Blood Red Jasper (microgranular quartz and/or chalcedony) and metallic grey Hematite (iron oxide) resulting in bands of yellow, red, and grey-black colors.

Tiger Iron Chemical Formula: SiO2 with Fe2O3

Tiger Iron Hardness: 5 – 7 (Mohs scale)

Tiger Iron vs Tiger Eye

Tiger Iron contains Tiger’s Eye along with other properties including red Jasper and grey-black Hematite making the stone appear much darker in color. Tiger Iron will be a darker gold, deep blood red, and sometimes black in color compared to Tiger’s Eye which usually comes in brown, red, and yellow colors.

Tiger Iron Meaning

Such a beautiful blend of three already powerful crystals, tiger iron brings out the strength, power, and energetic vitality that its name suggests, arming you with a ferocity and determination to conquer your life.

Known as the “empath’s stone”, if you’re someone who tends to absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge and finds yourself frequently depleted, tiger iron offers a protective, grounding energy that helps you stay centered within yourself and revives your physical vitality. 

For burn-out, boredom, exhaustion, or an existential crisis, tiger iron will get your feet back on the ground, help you feel strong, able, and confident, increasing your ability to think creatively and move through stress and change more easily.

A stone with a warrior spirit to help you tackle any adversity and challenges life throws at you, tiger iron will rev your motor up and move you into action towards creating the kind of life you truly desire and deserve!

tiger iron stone meaning

Tiger Iron Metaphysical Properties


A powerful stone for the lower chakras, tiger iron increases grounding, strength, vitality, and energy. It also helps to shore up and protect your energetic boundaries, clearing and stabilizing your whole aura.

As a root chakra healer, it brings stability and protection, connecting you to the Earth’s resonance and support. It increases physical stamina and strength, helping you go the distance for what you want to create in your life.

For the sacral chakra, tiger iron brings balance to emotional energy and boosts creativity, passion, and a conviction to follow through with your curiosities and desires. It’s a stone of energy and vitality that helps re-light your inner spark when you’re feeling unenthused or uninspired. 

And like a solar plexus activator, tiger iron increases your confidence and determination to bring all your needs and wants into physical reality. A great manifestation stone, it brings courage, drive, and motivation to take action on your dreams and create the life you want to see for yourself.

Healing Properties


Energetically protective and emotionally stabilizing, tiger iron grounds chaotic and overwhelming energy to help you feel calm and contained, able to move through struggles with a sense of confidence and strength. It provides an emotional shield of sorts to deflect negative energy and release heavy emotional weight and trauma from the past. 

Bringing out your courage and conviction in times of stress, strife, or change, tiger iron is an empowering stone to help you muster your emotional strength and resilience, so you can rely on your own inner power to guide your way.

tiger iron metaphysical properties


Tiger iron helps you come up with creative ideas and solutions to your problems, and to look at your apparent obstacles from a grounded and secure perspective so you can see your way around them. A great crystal friend for writers, musicians, artists, and anyone who relies on their creativity to be in ample supply. 

Helping cement your ideas and move them into action, tiger iron can unwind your mind from all the chatter, doubt, and fears and focus your vision on your goals for the future. It helps you commit to what you want to create for the long haul, deepening your motivation and drive.


A great stone for those who have sensory sensitivities, such as to noises, sounds, or chemicals, tiger iron provides protection and a sense of security no matter what’s happening in your environment. 

Useful for exhaustion and burnout, tiger iron’s well-balanced and grounded energies will help amp up your physical energy and vitality, increasing strength and resilience, reducing pain and cramps, and fostering your urgency to take action and manifest all those good ideas!


When you’re ready to break out of old patterns and climb to new heights in your life, tiger iron is a helpful stone to have by your side. Connecting you to the power and potency of the Earth’s energy, tiger iron arms you with courage and tenacity to go after what you want to create in this physical reality. 

Bringing your awareness and intuition into your body so you can feel it and act on it, tiger iron is a great stone for healers, sensitives, and anyone who feels like an “outsider” in life to connect with the confidence and conviction they hold within themselves and harness their creative power.

What is Tiger Iron Good For?

tiger iron properties
  • Grounding and feeling more secure
  • Protecting from negative, heavy energy
  • Relieving stress and overwhelm
  • Balancing the lower chakras
  • Connecting with the Earth’s energy
  • Restoring vitality and strength
  • Increasing motivation and willpower
  • Enhancing confidence and creativity
  • Recovering from exhaustion or burnout
  • Manifesting your ideas
  • Attracting wealth and good fortune
  • Supporting through change and hard times

Cleanse & Recharge

As a grounding stone, it’s great to return tiger iron to the Earth to cleanse it of any energy it’s taken on from its environment, and return it to its natural state of harmony so it can help heal you.

You can leave it out on the grass, in the garden, buried under the soil, or set it on the roots of a tree, leave it by your favorite flower, or in a pile of stones outside. Wherever is a safe spot you’ll remember, your tiger iron will appreciate being back outside, under the sun, shade, or stars, to recharge itself.

For a quicker cleanse, you can also run it under some water or through the smoke from an herbal smudge or incense.

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