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My name is Eline, writer and owner of Neat Crystal.

This website was created to share everything I know about how to use and care for your crystals. Spirituality was always very prominent in our household, so I grew up learning about meditation, crystals, and shadow work. As a result, I’ve spent a large portion of my life working with, and learning from, spiritual advisors as well as learning from my own experiences with these stones.

Being an HSP (highly sensitive person), the main reason I was attracted to crystals was to help me ground down and navigate feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Now that I spend my time traveling instead of safely at my parents’ house, they help me to feel more comfortable in new environments as well as navigate all these situations.

It’s incredibly inconvenient, wrapping every crystal and carrying them around every time I move. It ends up being a few extra kilos to haul across the globe (and some additional overweight luggage charges, unfortunately), but it’s so worth the effort.

How To Use Neat Crystal

I love sharing what I’ve learned with you, but I also highly recommend you follow your own intuition first. After all, crystals and spirituality aren’t straightforward. No one can give you the perfect instruction manual on exactly which crystal to use and how to use it to reach your goal. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

For example, if I struggle with anxiety or have an important event come up, blue calcite is the crystal I reach for (the one in the photo above!). It’s my comfort stone, and in those situations, I like to take 30-60 minutes to close my eyes and sort through my thoughts. It helps me to not get caught up in the nerves and instead see things more rationally.

However, you might find that blue calcite just doesn’t do it for you. Perhaps you prefer rose quartz or amethyst to relax you And maybe you don’t like to meditate but instead, want to carry it around in your pocket. After all, there are many different stones, some definite overlap in their abilities, and many different ways to use them.

As with everything in spirituality; take what resonates, and leave the rest. Don’t feel like you need to have to have the same experience as someone else. We’re all different people, after all.

So how do I know which crystal or gemstone to work with?

It’s the one you’re attracted to – your intuition is guiding you there for a reason. If you find yourself researching a particular crystal or just happen to think it’s pretty, give it a chance.

If you can, I recommend picking the stone up and sitting with its energy for a while. How does it make you feel? 


Whatever you feel, it’s valid. So, if you pick up a stone and find that after meditating with it, you’re feeling something positive, that could be the stone for you. It might also happen that you pick up a crystal and feel uncomfortable, or low in energy. That just means it’s probably not the one you were looking for.

It also works the other way around.
Instead of finding a crystal and seeing if its energy resonates with you, you might have a specific issue or situation you would like help with. For example, when you’re looking for a stone to help motivate you. In this case, do some research on which crystals are generally known to help with this (like carnelian, or tiger’s eye), and see which one catches your eye. Try it and see if working with that stone helps you out.

In my posts, you’ll see me mention chakras, elements, zodiac signs, planets and more, for those interested. These can also help you figure out what stone to work with: if you know your solar plexus chakra is feeling blocked, finding out which crystal is related to it can help you unblock it. (Citrine is a good option, by the way!)

But if it’s all a little confusing, or you just do not care, read what the stone is generally used for so you have a bit of a starting point, and then see how it works for you.

If you have any questions or feedback about the blog, please send them to [email protected].

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Thanks for sharing your time with me!

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