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The Complete Guide To Tiger’s Eye And The Zodiac Signs

Tiger’s eye is a stone with many different properties that many could benefit from. However, some gemstones are more beneficial to particular signs, as they are connected through the planet or properties, or even as a birthstone. For tiger’s eye, the following signs are associated with it;

Tiger’s eye is not a birthstone. However, it is associated with the Sun, which rules Leo, and Mars, which rules Aries. Its abilities are particularly beneficial to Cancer and Gemini.

NOTE: A crystal or gemstone can be beneficial to many different people, regardless of their zodiac signs. If you’re attracted to it, there’s probably a reason for it. Don’t let this article stop you from working with a stone that you’re interested in.

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Tiger’s Eye For The Zodiac Signs (Explained)

We can determine a crystals association to zodiac signs in several different ways; planet association, birthstones and the crystal’s ability. Below I’ll briefly explain each.

Tiger’s Eye Birthstone

Tiger’s eye is not a birthstone, according to the mystical, ayurvedic, traditional or modern list. More explanation about these lists you’ll find below.

Birthstones were created by allotting a different crystal or gemstone to a specific month. We can use this to determine which crystal is beneficial to each zodiac sign.

In the west, when talking about birthstones, we mostly mean either modern or traditional birthstones.
Traditional birthstones are rooted in The Book of Exodus describing Aaron, the priest of the Israelites, wearing a breastplate with 12 stones. Each stone on that breastplate related to one of the Israeli tribes and were later linked to the 12 zodiac signs.
Matching a specific stone to a zodiac sign using the traditional list is difficult, as the gemstones were described by color, not a specific stone.

On the other hand, there is the list of modern birthstones, defined by the National Association of Jewelers based partly on the history of Aaron, but also on what is widely available to American jewelers.

There are also the mystical birthstones, which have a Tibetan origin and the Ayurvedic birthstone, which originated in India.

Birthstones are thought to bring luck to the wearer and provide it with a comfortable and familiar energy – perfect for when you are feeling a little out of place. This of course, does not mean that you cannot wear another sign’s birthstone.

Tiger’s Eye Planet Association

Tiger’s eye is associated with the Sun, the ‘planet’ of lifeforce and creativity, which rules Leo. It is also associated with Mars, the planet of passion and aggression, which rules Aries.

We can determine which zodiac sign matches with a crystal or gemstoen by looking at the ruling planet. Every stone is associated with a planet or celestial body, and so are the zodiac signs. When we say a sign is ruled by a planet, we simply mean that this planet has more power over a sign compared to other planets.

Tiger’s Eye Properties

Though most people can benefit from wearing tiger’s eye, the signs that can use the help of this stone the most are Gemini and Cancer. We can look at the specific properties of each stone to determine which zodiac signs would benefit most from working with it. For example, a stone like fluorite is particularly beneficial to Scorpio as this is a sign that has trouble making up their mind, and fluorite helps with decision making.

Tiger’s eye is a remarkably protective stone that can help you settle in to a sense of security and stability in the ‘real’ world. It can help solve the issue of not feeling ‘enough’ and consequently, achieve a comfortable life in finances, relationships, career and more. As a result, you’ll be able to make decisions based on what you need and want, not out of fear or lack. Because of these abilities, this stone is associated with the root chakra, found at the bottom of the spine.

However, that isn’t the only chakra tiger’s eye is associated with. It actually has the ability to realign the three lowest chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus. As all our chakras work together and these three are considered the base, tiger’s eye is particularly useful if you need help grounding.

Benefits Tiger’s Eye For Leo

We connect Leo to Tiger’s eye as both are ruled by, or associated with, the Sun. This is the planet of the ego and self-expression.

Tiger’s eye harbors the happy and joyful energy of the sun, and has the ability to pull and anxious Leo out of their shell. It will invite them to be everything they are already known for: passionate, confident and determined. They won’t need to look far for these qualities, as Leos inherently possess them. Tiger’s eye just helps to bring them out.

The result is a Leo that stands in their power and able to use their confidence and creativity to lead the way.

Benefits Tiger’s Eye For Aries

Tiger’s eye and Aries are a great match as both are associated with Mars, the planet of passion and action.

By working with tiger’s eye, Aries will be able to balance out their fiery energy with a little calmness. Aries’ cardinal energy also means that they enjoy taking action. This, combined with their fiery disposition can sometimes mean they get chaotic, acting without thinking about the consequences. Tiger’s eye helps them balance out this energy, so they can make more deliberate choices that will benefit them. It also allows them to be a little more patient, so they can use their passionate and courageous energy to benefit them.

Benefits Tiger’s Eye For Cancer

Cancer is not associated with Tiger’s eye as a birthstone, or even the Sun. In fact, it is associated with the exact opposite planet; the moon, the planet of emotions and comfort. Of course, neither planet is better, and we need both, but a good balance between the two is desirable.

Because Cancers are ruled by the moon, they embody these qualities as well. Cancers have a tendency to be very mother like; comforting, intuitive and nurturing. By inviting working with Tiger’s eye, they invite some masculine energy into their world. It will allow them to use their imaginative side to their benefit and be the leader of their own lives.

As Tiger’s eye is associated with the solar plexus chakra, located above the navel, it can also help Cancers to bring more joy and excitement into their lives. It takes them out of their introspective side a little. This more inward focus is of course not a bad thing, and other signs could definitely learn from them (looking at you Leo’s!). However, if Cancers get too deep into this energy they might struggle to manifest their wishes and goals in the real world. This is where Tiger’s eye can also help them.

Benefits Tiger’s Eye For Gemini

Though Tiger’s eye is not associated with Gemini for its birthstone or planet, it can still benefit hugely from working with this stone.

Air signs are generally known to attract people with their intellect and charm. A great quality, that makes it easy for this social butterfly to meet and connect with people. However, a problem arises if this quality starts working against them and attracts those who do not have their best interest at heart. Tiger’s eye helps them to attract only those who have positive intentions.

Geminis are also known to be rather fickle, every changing their minds, love interests and professions. Tiger’s eye can help them by motivating them to stick to their goals and create the lives that they want, leaving them feeling more comfortable and less anxious. This way, they can make use of their loyal, bold and lively personality in a way that benefits them.

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