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Seraphinite Meaning & Properties

Seraphinite is the common trade name for a dark green and silver type of Chlorite crystal with chatoyancy. The pattern of this crystal was the inspiration for the name as it resembled the feathers from the biblical Seraphim angels. As such, the mystical Seraphinite meaning is to connect to the angelic realm. Seraphinite is a feminine stone and one of the only stones to aid in connecting with nature spirits.

In this Seraphinite profile, we go through:

  • Seraphinite Properties
  • Seraphinite Meaning
  • Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Seraphinite Properties

seraphinite stone properties

Seraphinite is a dark green and silver magnesium iron aluminum silicate crystal that is part of the Chlorite crystal group.

The crystal is primarily dark green with silver chatoyancy that shines off the edges of the crystal. Chatoyancy is where the stone will reflect light in almost the same way as light reflecting off of a cat’s eye.

The stone is fairly soft with a hardness between 2 and 2.5 Mohs, so the stone is brittle and must be handled with care.

Seraphinite is a rare stone it is mined only in Russia, specifically in the Korshunovskoye Iron Skarn deposit in the Irkutskaya Oblast located in the eastern part of Siberia.

Seraphinite Chemical Formula: Mg5Al(AlSi3O10)(HO10)

Seraphinite Hardness: 2 – 2.5 (Mohs scale)

Seraphinite Meaning

Named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim, Seraphinite embodies the energy of these angels of light. It’s said the silvery sheen and patterning that can be seen atop the gorgeous forest green stone captures the image and vibration of their feathery wings. 

This stone’s beautiful, heart-opening energy connects the highest frequencies of spirit with the wisdom of the earth. It’s thought to bring kundalini energy up from your root chakra to help it rise throughout all the chakras, uniting the earthly with the ethereal, and bringing balance to the entire energy system.

Empowering the energy of the feminine, of transformation and growth, Seraphinite wants you to reach your full potential, to live a joyous and rich life full of love, and to appreciate all the support you have on this Earth, in Spirit, and in your own heart.

It has a warm, joyous energy that encompasses your entire aura with healing light, bringing more peace, reconciliation, recovery, forgiveness, and understanding into your life.

seraphinite crystal properties

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties


Seraphinite resonates with the heart chakra, creating a safe and supportive space for you to experience your hard feelings, release them, and heal. It helps you rise above shame, blame, and pain to see the wisdom of your experiences and find acceptance and appreciation for the ways they’ve helped you transform. 

As a heart chakra opener, Seraphinite encourages harmony, joy, and balance on every level, increasing your sense of acceptance and compassion for yourself and others. It helps you release the emotional patterns and blocks in your heart space so that loving energy can flow through your entire system.

Also connected to the third eye and crown chakras, Seraphinite connects you with the etheric energy of the angelic realm, the devas, and nature spirits. It activates and awakens the third eye and stimulates inner vision, and can be a great aid to help keep you embodied as you astral travel, meditate, visualize or do any sort of intuitive work.

It will help keep you balanced between the earth and spirit planes so you don’t float away!

Healing Properties


A great stone if you’re struggling in a relationship, or healing from a break-up, Seraphinite helps you release self-hatred and shame, open up to forgiveness and healing, and reinforce self-love so that you stand up on your feet with strength and acceptance of yourself.

This gorgeous stone also helps you recover from emotional trauma and overwhelm, and is a great stone to take with you during therapy or any sort of healing session. Its energy brings safety, protection, and support to help you move through hard emotions with more ease, acceptance, and grace.


raw seraphinite meaning

With its grounding and balancing properties, Seraphinite can help an anxious or restless mind settle down and come to a place of quiet, making it a great meditation aid. 

Its strong detoxifying energy resolves mental blocks and patterns that no longer serve you, helping you widen your perspective and find a more balanced viewpoint. Its uplifting qualities help you find order through the chaos, and peace through the storm.


Seraphinite’s beautiful light-filled qualities affect the physical body in the same way, imbuing every cell with light, bringing the revitalizing energy of growth and healing into the whole body. It’s even said to bring more light into the DNA to accelerate healing, especially for the heart.

It increases the flow of blood and good chi throughout the body, supports the heart and lungs, and detoxes and strengthens the liver and kidneys. Its connection to the spine is also said to help ease tension through the spine and neck.


Seraphinite’s light energy, drawn from the realms of the angels, is a perfect catalyst to open communication with the whole spirit realm, including your personal guides, nature spirits, mother Earth, your ancestors, and past lives.

It’s even used as an aid to have out-of-body experiences or to astral travel, as it can help you stay connected to the earth as you expand your consciousness beyond your body.

What is Seraphinite Good For?

seraphinite metaphysical properties
  • Resolving conflicts and easing relationships
  • Awakening kundalini energy
  • Empowering feminine strength
  • Improving psychic awareness
  • Connecting with angels and nature spirits
  • Astral traveling and lucid dreaming
  • Easing big transitions
  • Finding more life harmony
  • Supporting growth on every level
  • Recovering from illness or trauma
  • Releasing blocked energies
  • Linking the earth and spirit planes
  • Grounding during psychic work

Cleanse & Recharge

With its high-vibrational energy, smoke is a great gentle cleanser for Seraphinite for everyday use. You can simply run your stone through the smoke of palo santo, sage, or another favorite herbal smudge or incense to help it cleanse itself of the energy it has absorbed.

It does take on a lot of negative energy so a quick cleanse after each time you use it is recommended.

You can recharge your Seraphinite under the light of the moon, set it outside on a windy day for a bit, or even just by placing it in a selenite bowl overnight.

You can also let it rest on selenite at the end of each day so that it’s always being cleansed and charged up and will be ready whenever you need it.

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