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Picture Jasper Meaning & Properties

Picture jasper is a warm, earth-tone colored stone in the quartz group made of mostly silicate and chalcedony. With powerful grounding capabilities that can increase the connection to Earth, this stone can help fight fear to bring comfort and harmony.

In this picture jasper crystal profile, we go through:

  • Picture Jasper Properties
  • How Picture Jasper Is Formed
  • Where to Find Picture Jasper
  • Picture Jasper Meaning
  • Picture Jasper Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharding, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Picture Jasper Properties

Picture jasper is a part of the quartz group, made with silicate and chalcedony. Having earth-tone colors, this stone has brown, grey, orange, green, and other colors found in nature on a cream-colored base.

How is Picture Jasper Formed?

Picture jasper is formed in silicon dioxide-filled crevices that consolidate with other minerals to form quartz that can vary in different colors and patterns based on the secondary minerals present. These patterns can include banded iron formations, which indicate a low amount of oxygen in the water when the stone was formed. Some even have red bands, which can be surrounded by hematite layers, that are formed from highly concentrated red chert.

Where to Find Picture Jasper

The largest deposits of picture jasper are located in Africa and Brazil, although there are deposits all over the world.

Picture Jasper Meaning

Picture Jasper is a visionary stone to help you connect with other spaces, places, and times. It is at once grounding and psychically activating, helping you explore the astral realms while still keeping your feet on the ground. 

Incredibly nurturing, picture jasper is very connected to the energies of mother Earth. It has a warm, comforting vibration that soothes and calms, and brings your awareness into the present moment.

Picture jasper offers perspective and helps you tap into the deep wisdom that lives within you, spanning lifetimes. It’s connected to the past, to ancient power and timeless knowledge and when you work with it, you can tap into that powerful intelligence to help you find direction, clarity, and answers.

Use picture jasper for self-reflection and self-discovery, to help you unearth the energetic blocks from the past and settle into the beauty of the present moment.

Picture Jasper Metaphysical Properties


Picture jasper activates the root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras.

It’s a stone that centers you back into your body, connects you with nature and the Earth, and also enhances your ability to envision, imagine, and psychically expand your awareness.

As a root chakra healer, picture jasper is gentle and nurturing, helping you feel calm and supported by the Earth and your own body.

This sense of stability and ease works its way up to your solar plexus, increasing your sense of confidence and self-trust. Picture jasper helps you see yourself and your potential differently and gives you the ground to stand on to move forward with clarity.

As a third eye chakra crystal, picture jasper widens your perspective of the world, opens up your psychic perceptions and intuitive connection with the Earth’s power.

It’s not common to find a stone that heightens astral perception while also keeping you tethered to your body, so if you’re someone who floats away easily during psychic, intuitive or self-reflective work, picture jasper can help you stay embodied and present during the process.

Healing Properties


Picture jasper can unearth repressed emotions and buried memories, helping you look at the things you’ve been avoiding and finally move past them. It brings what has been hidden to the surface to be healed.

It does this in a gentle, nurturing way that supports your unfolding and honors whatever stage of life you’re in. Picture jasper energy does not push or prod, it invites and offers support.

It also helps you emotionally connect to the energy of the Earth and its ancient wisdom, which can provide powerful support when you’re feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed. Picture jasper’s energy comes in like a friend to hold you while you cry, offering tenderness and reminding you that you can always turn to mother nature for support, no matter how alone you may feel.


A powerful meditation stone, picture jasper helps settle the dust in your mind and clears the cobwebs from the past away. It offers clarity and heightens perception to be able to focus on the intuitive information that is coming in, rather than all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, and opinions that you’re inundated with from the outside world.

Picture jasper is like a mental filter that sifts out all the heavy, stagnant, stuck thoughts and redirects your focus to the vision you have for your life and the simple steps you need to take to get there. It can be great for use in business or any creative endeavor.


Picture jasper is an amazing stone to work with on the physical Earth. It can help you locate ley lines of energy and find the right place to build or relocate for more harmony and peace. It’s a beautiful crystal to use for gridding work or magical practices that work with the Earth’s energy.

Its nurturing qualities also make picture jasper a great physical healer for your body during illness or injury, to increase your endurance, resilience, and perspective during hard times, and also to help alleviate toxins and stagnant energy.


Picture jasper is a crystal that helps you merge your consciousness with that of the Earth itself. It’s very useful in remote viewing and astral traveling, to visit and explore other places in the world through your mind’s eye.

It helps you ground your spiritual energy and apply your intuitive perceptions to the real world, inspiring courage and confidence to pursue the brightest visions in your life.

Picture jasper widens your perceptions of what’s possible for you, helping you dream bigger, while also reminding you to notice and relish in all the joy and abundance that’s already here for you.

What is Picture Jasper Good For?

  • Envisioning a brighter future
  • Unearthing repressed emotions for healing
  • Connecting with the Earth’s energy
  • Getting clarity in your intuition
  • Feeling nurtured and supported
  • Inspiring creative and entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Increasing confidence and direction
  • Manifesting your vision for your life
  • Finding emotional stability and calm
  • Clearing and focusing the mind
  • Exploring past lives and ancient wisdom
  • Grounding during psychic and intuitive work
  • Naturally gravitates toward those with the Leo astrological sign

Cleanse & Recharge

To cleanse and recharge picture jasper, you’ll want to return it to its favorite place- mama nature!

Set it on the grass, under a tree, or bury it in the Earth overnight so it can release any stored energies into the ground, and at the same time be restored by the nurturing energy of nature.

Your picture jasper stone will feel clear and bright when it is fully cleansed and ready to work with. Use it with clear intention and cleanse and recharge it anytime it’s feeling heavy, dull, or unresponsive.

For a quick cleansing, you can also rinse it with water, use smudge smoke or store your picture jasper in a selenite bowl. But be sure to give it a good cleanse on the Earth every month or so though, to revitalize and renew its vital energy.

How to Clean Picture Jasper

Picture jasper has a hardness of 6.5-7 (Mohs hardness scale).

Using warm water and Castile soap, rub the jasper stone to break away dirt and dust from the surface of the stone. Rinse it dry with clean water. Finish off the cleaning by dabbing the stone dry with a soft cloth.


The cost of picture jasper ranges from $1.50 and $5.00 per carat. Most small picture jasper crystals range from $5 – 25 each, with larger and unique pieces going for $50 to $400 dollars.

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