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Thulite Meaning & Properties

Thulite is a massive crystalline, pink manganese mineral of the Zoisite, or Sorosilicate, group that is also referred to as Rosaline or Pink Zoisite. Thulite was found in Telemark, Norway in 1820 and named after the mythical Thule island, which is believed as the Island of Scandinavia.

With a rich pink color, Thulite stone meaning is to bring comfort and connection in relationships, release tension in stressful situations, and support balance with emotions.

In this Thulite profile, we go through:

  • Thulite Properties
  • Thulite Meaning
  • Thulite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Thulite Properties

thulite stone meaning

Thulite is a rich pink stone that often has mixed in colors of red, grey, and white. The white is often molted-in white Calcite.

Manganese can substitute Calcium in Thulite for up to 2%, which will change the chemical structure.

Used as a gemstone, Thulite’s rich color lends it to being used to create jewelry and other luxurious accessories.

Thulite Chemical Formula: Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)

Thulite Hardness: 6 – 6.5 (Mohs scale)

Thulite Meaning

Thulite is a pinkish stone of passion, expression, and emotional comfort. It enhances extroversion and communication, allowing you to express what’s in your heart and share your point of view with grace and compassion.

As a beautiful tool for your emotional healing journey, Thulite brings your unconscious wounds and buried pain up to the surface where it can be seen, felt, and integrated into your self-awareness with love.

This is primarily a stone with loving energy that helps you connect with a deep sense of love and acceptance for yourself, no matter your past, your stories and struggles, or what you’ve been through. It wants to help you release the chains that the pain holds around you, to find freedom in expressing your truth and embracing your whole self with unbounded love.

A comforting stone with warm, nurturing energy, Thulite helps calm triggers, clear negative emotions, and thoughts, and increase ease and comfort in social situations, so you can begin to feel free to be and express your true self with confidence, no matter who’s around to see it.

Thulite is also a great stone for relationships, bringing harmony and respect for one another, increasing listening and compassionate understanding from both sides, and inspiring eloquent speech that comes from the heart.

thulite metaphysical properties healing

Thulite Metaphysical Properties


A heart chakra stone, Thulite resonates with comfort, joy, and ease, bringing a nurturing and supportive quality to the heart space so that it may heal its wounds and come into a state of harmony.

Great for those who feel shy, anxious, or uncomfortable in social situations, Thulite opens the heart and encourages pure, positive expression to pour forth, releasing anxiety and tension and increasing your sense of ease and grace from within. 

Thulite’s energy aligns you with compassion, happiness, and joy, increasing your passion for life, connections with others, and sense of fulfillment!

Healing Properties


An extremely healing stone for those who have suffered abuse or trauma, or are moving through deep pain, grief, or other negative emotions, Thulite brings relief and healing, helping you accept and move on from the old stories with strength and self-love.

We can hold a lot of unconscious self-hatred and buried pain, and Thulite wants to help you see these things consciously within yourself so that you can accept them and transform them. Only by acknowledging and admitting to our shadowy bits can we bring them to the light of healing, and Thulite is a beautiful, supportive stone to help you do just that.


pink thulite crystal properties

Thulite is a great crystal to help you break through harmful thought patterns, by bringing them to your conscious awareness so you can change them. It wants you to look at the whole of yourself, all sides, and to bring love and acceptance to every bit.

It also inspires a positive and compassionate outlook toward your life, and enhances your problem-solving skills and ability to find creative solutions. It’s a perspective-shifting stone that can help you see your “flaws” and “failures” as stepping stones on your journey to creating a life full of love.


Increasing your overall life force energy, Thulite is healing for the whole body. It strengthens the heart, boosting blood circulation and overall chi throughout the body.

It’s also said to help heal issues with the reproductive system and improve sexual stamina. It ensures all organs are balanced and functioning properly for whole-body health.


Thulite is a stone that helps you feel into your self-worth and find self-assurance to express your truth in all the creative ways you can think of! It will help you speak up and show up, do things differently, and go after what you desire with passion. 

A stone of tenderness and grace, Thulite’s energy sees the loving positivity in all people, all things, all situations, and helps you align with that sense of compassion in all areas of your life. 

Helping you release and move on from the emotional burdens of the past, Thulite is a great aid to create and embrace a beautiful future for yourself filled with love.

What is Thulite Good For?

  • Building connections with people
  • Increasing confidence to speak
  • Easing tension and stress
  • Breaking destructive patterns
  • Bringing joy, charisma, and grace
  • Releasing past wounds and trauma
  • Making balanced choices
  • Supporting emotional healing
  • Increasing self-love and self-respect
  • Enhancing creative thinking
  • Promoting whole-body health
  • Fostering compassion and acceptance
  • Spreading love and kindness

Cleanse & Recharge

You can cleanse Thulite quickly under some warm running water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Set it on a slab of selenite or a quartz cluster to recharge it with high-vibratory healing energy.

You can also place Thulite in the sun for a deeper cleanse and recharge, which will fill it with the warm and generous energy of the sun. Only do this for short intervals as needed, when you feel like it could use a deeper cleansing.

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