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Black Kyanite Meaning & Properties

Black kyanite is a rare form of Kyanite found in Brazil made of aluminum, boron, carbon, oxygen, and silicon that looks like a black and grey version of the more common blue kyanite. As a stone connected to ancient legend, black kyanite is one of the most powerful stones for cutting through negative energy.

Black Kyanite Properties

The black kyanite crystal properties include aluminum, boron, carbon, oxygen, and silicon. The colors range from black to grey and can include notes of other colors within the fan shape textures such as tan, blue, and purple.

How is Black Kyanite Formed?

Black kyanite is formed under high pressure applied to silicon that is rich in aluminum combined with boron, carbon, and oxygen forming pegmatites that are textured in fan-like blades underground.

Where to Find Black Kyanite

Although kyanite can be found across many different countries and continents, the majority of black kyanite on the market comes from one mining location in Brazil. More specifically in Ribeirão da Folha, Minas Novas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. There have also been small deposits found in Kenya, India, Mexico, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Black Kyanite Meaning

Black kyanite is a psychically protective crystal with a strong and piercing energy. Legends say archangel Michael’s sword was made out of black kyanite for its ability to swiftly cut through negativity.

Also known as the “witches’ broom”, black kyanite’s rough blades are said to reach out and grab dense and dark energies, transmuting and clearing them instantly.

It’s an essential stone for healers and anyone doing psychic work, as it creates a strong protective aura around you, clearing any unwanted energies from your physical space and the astral planes you’re exploring.

Black kyanite’s electric energy is also helpful for directing your consciousness to other times and places, whether exploring past lives or foraging into a future self, while also keeping you strapped into your body and this moment.  

When your energy feels scattered, when you feel depleted, restless, or confused, black kyanite can pick up all the pieces and bring you back together again. It’s like a reset button, a centering crystal that can bring you back into a state of inner alignment whenever you need it.

Although everyone can benefit from using black kyanite, Aries, Libra, and Taurus are particularly connected to this crystal as they tend to have the most pronounced benefits.

Black Kyanite Metaphysical Properties


Black kyanite affects all the chakras with its vibrant clearing and centering energy, but is especially linked to the root chakra.

While it is a grounding stone, black kyanite is not as connected to the Earth as other black crystals. It feels more enlivened by cosmic energies and higher consciousness, and it can bring these high vibrations down into the physical plane where you can access them more easily.

It is a director of energy, it shifts and moves stagnant and stuck emotions from any chakra, and cuts through any density or darkness hiding in your aura as well.

Black kyanite rebalances and centers your whole chakra system from the root to the crown, bringing you into a sense of your innate power and wisdom within the third eye chakra.

It’s a great crystal to use for cutting energetic cords that may be attached to your chakras from relationships and interactions with people. You can simply sweep black kyanite a few inches above each chakra and imagine any unwanted energetic cords breaking and releasing immediately.

Healing Properties


Black kyanite offers emotional stability by helping you clear out all the imbalanced and heavy emotions from your auric field. It can help lift your spirits and brighten your mood if you feel stressed out, anxious, or low for any reason.

Great for empathic types, black kyanite aids in releasing any emotions you’ve accumulated or taken on from others, or those you’ve been holding onto for too long, and keep your energy field clear from interference.

It’s a wonderful crystal to ground you and keep you calm during chaotic or challenging times, helping you feel more stable no matter the direction the winds of change carry you.


When your mind and attention are scattered, black kyanite can bring you back to centered focus and attention. It can pull negative thoughts and fears out of focus, and reorient you to the present moment where you can find strength and clarity.

It can clear out old patterns of subconscious thoughts and negative thinking, helping clear your mind of false beliefs that may be holding you back.

Black kyanite helps you sit still, stay calm and detach from your thoughts, to aid in meditation, visualization, and astral travel. It can consciously direct your attention towards higher consciousness and a wider perspective.


As a physical healer, black kyanite works with your meridian system to clear energies out that are the root cause of pain and illness.

It’s a great crystal to use in energetic healing practices, as it clears imbalances and opens the flow of all your inner systems, helping your blood and chi move synergistically throughout your physical body.

You can also use it to clear your physical space, facing the blades outward to catch and transmute negative energies and even ghostly or dark entities that you feel hanging around.


Black kyanite expands your consciousness and heightens your ability to communicate with spiritual energies and travel through interdimensional planes. It does so without taking you out of your body, helping you bring insights from your higher awareness and other realms back into your conscious reality.

It’s a very spiritually protective crystal, to help you shield yourself from interference or unwanted energy anytime you’re doing psychic or introspective work.

It can support you in going deeper into your connection with the unseen realms to gather wisdom you can use in your life and open lines of communication.

What is Black Kyanite Good For?

  • Protecting your aura from negative energies
  • Clearing and releasing toxic energies
  • Centering and grounding yourself
  • Cutting energetic cords and attachments
  • Increasing the flow of harmonious energy
  • Stimulating your higher consciousness
  • Developing your connection to spiritual dimensions
  • Receiving insight and wisdom from a higher plane
  • Calming and focusing your thoughts
  • Settling into your body for meditation
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom
  • Stabilizing through overwhelm or chaos
  • Creating balance and inner alignment

Cleanse & Recharge

Black kyanite does not accumulate negative energy, as it is perpetually self-cleansing. This makes it a great crystal to use in daily life and not have to worry about cleansing and recharging it, as it’s always ready to serve.

You can still “cleanse” it with smoke, as a quick way to reset its direction and set a new intention for it. Use it with specific intentions at all times, and it will always be working towards those until you give it new orders.

How to Clean Black Kyanite

Black kyanite has a hardness of 4.5-5 in most cases, with a high range of 7 (Mohs hardness scale).

With household dust having a hardness of 7, simply using a brush or cloth to wipe black kyanite may damage it if the stone is toward the soft range. Although this particular stone may not expose scratches due to the rough, blade-like texture, it would still be best to not use

Water can destroy black kyanite, so do not to expose it directly to water or cleaning products.

The best way to clean any type of kyanite is with compressed air, blowing off any dust on a regular basis.


The cost of black kyanite can be anywhere from 3-4x the cost of the common blue kyanite due to it being rare to find them in shops. Most small black kyanite crystals that are commonly found online can range from $9 – 27 each, with longer and thicker pieces going for $60 to $200 dollars.

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