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Lodolite “Garden Quartz” Meaning & Properties

Lodolite is also known as Garden Quartz due to the natural landscape looking or earth-toned inclusions in the clear quartz crystal. The Lodolite Garden Quartz crystal is sought after due to every crystal truly being unique and ranging in meaning and metaphysical properties based on the types of inclusions found inside the clear quartz.

In this Lodolite profile, we go through:

  • Lodolite Properties
  • Lodolite Meaning
  • Lodolite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Lodolite Properties

lodolite garden quartz properties

Lodolite, also known as Garden Quartz, is colorless clear quartz that contains natural Earth-looking inclusions of Chlorite, Feldspar, Hematite, or other minerals. These mineral inclusions can be found in brown, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, and/or white colors.

There are some rare Lodolite quartz crystals that contain Black Tourmaline, Gold Rutile, or Pyrite growing inside of them.

Lodolite Garden Quartz is a hard crystal with a hardness of 7 Mohs, allowing it to be cut into many shapes including spheres, points, pillars, cubes, beads, and various other forms to create jewelry.

Lodolite Meaning

Lodolite is a gentle and supportive stone that helps you tap into your inner nature and embody it out in the world. As a form of clear quartz, it carries all the powerful and directive qualities of quartz, but with more soothing energy that is softened by its inclusions of other colorful minerals floating within it, looking like tiny landscapes or underwater scenes.

The unique beauty and scenic quality of Lodolite make it an especially magical form of quartz that connects you to your creative vision, imagination, and intuition and empowers your ability to create those visions in your real, physical world.

Lodolite can be programmed with your intentions, desires, and dreams, and then will broadcast them out to the universal forces to help bring all the pieces of the puzzle together for you and make things real.

Fostering a gentle strength and an alignment with your soul’s desires, Lodolite is a powerful yet sensitive stone that helps you see the power of the sensitivity in you, the strength behind your vulnerability, and how much beauty lies beneath your surface.

lodolite garden quartz metaphysical properties

Lodolite Metaphysical Properties


A powerful auric cleanser, Lodolite releases chaotic frequencies and restores order and balance in the entire energetic field, from head to toe.

Although it can bring a high vibration of harmony and light into any of your chakras when you need it, Lodolite is primarily associated with the crown chakra which connects you to your highest self’s wisdom and the ability to communicate with the etheric world.

An intuition enhancer and inner wisdom diviner, Lodolite is a wonderful stone to sit with during meditation, especially while out in nature, to witness your thoughts, your emotions, and what is present within you at that moment.

It can help you move through and clear out any confusion, pain, and fogginess, wherever it may be hiding, and bring in the supportive light of clarity, discernment, and grace in its place.

Healing Properties


Lodolite comforts during the emotional upheaval and facilitates emotional healing by helping you release old fears, wounds, and trauma from the past.

It brings you into your present moment experience, into the beauty and possibility of right here and right now, filling you back up with optimism and faith in yourself and what you’re capable of creating in your life.

It’s a great crystal when you’re suffering depression, feeling down, or moving through challenges in life, to help ground and clear the heavy emotional energy and lift your consciousness to the realms of love, hope, and possibility.

lodolite garden quartz meaning


As a stone of heightened awareness, Lodolite helps your mind stay sharp, clear, and one step ahead of you, helping you move through life with more ease and opportunities opening up your way.  

It pulls in new ideas, new ways of thinking, new perceptions, and perspectives, empowering you to see clearly and find creative solutions to any problem. It quiets your monkey mind, slows the rational, thinking part of the brain, and allows your intuitive insights and wisdom to flow through.


A great healer for the eyes, if they’re strained from a long day staring at a screen, rub a small Lodolite stone over your closed eyelids and feel its cooling smoothness against your skin. It can help soothe headaches and earaches as well and brings a calm sensibility to your whole nervous system.

A great liver and kidney detoxer, Lodolite clears the stuck emotional energy that gets held in these organs along with the physical ailments, pain, and imbalances that manifest from stuffed-down feelings. It also stimulates the immune system, bringing everything back into innate harmony.


Lodolite helps open up your communication channels with the spirit realm, raising your consciousness and ability to perceive intuitive information. It’s a stone that increases balance and harmony within your whole body, mind, and soul, and helps clear out the dark corners that lie within that have been hindering your sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

A protective and empowering stone, Lodolite clears out negative, heavy, and dark energies, releasing them down to the Earth to be composted, and bringing in the electric wisdom from the cosmos above.

This is a crystal that inspires you to be bold, be brave, and go after what you want for your one precious life!

What is Lodolite Good For?

  • Clearing negativity from your aura
  • Opening your communication with spirit
  • Amplifying your soul’s intentions
  • Dissolving stress, fear, and anger
  • Heightening awareness and intuition
  • Manifesting goals and bringing ideas to life
  • Increasing creativity and vision
  • Uplifting heavy, dark emotions
  • Grounding and calming the nerves
  • Meditating and visualizing
  • Connecting with your higher self and guides
  • Helping you overcome struggles
  • Instilling a gentle strength and inner power

Cleanse & Recharge

As a quartz variety, Lodolite is a hard and resilient stone that can be cleansed in many different ways.

Set it outside on top of some grass or dirt, under the sun or stars for a night. It will release all the negative energy it has accumulated into the ground and its innate harmonic frequencies will be restored. 

You can also leave it soaking in water for a night or run it under some water for a quick cleanse. You can smudge it with smoke, use sound to clear it, or simply keep it on a selenite plate for it to always stay cleansed, charged up with light, and ready whenever you need it!

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