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Scheelite Meaning & Properties

Scheelite is a calcium tungstate mineral that is an important ore in tungsten (wolfram). It is widely used in science, inventions, and by crystal collectors seeking metaphysical benefits. Sometimes cut into gemstones, it is a soft crystal that may break easy if dropped.

Named after a Swedish chemist K. Scheele who lived from 1742 – 1786, this stone has been used to imitate diamonds and even by Thomas Edison in the invention of a particular fluoroscope that had a screen coated in Scheelite to help make images up to six times brighter.

In this Scheelite profile, we go through:

  • Scheelite Properties
  • Scheelite Meaning
  • Scheelite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Scheelite Properties

orange scheelite crystal

Scheelite is a calcium tungstate mineral that has a color of golden yellow, brown, pinkish-red grey, and orange. Some Scheelite crystals can also be colorless.

Scheelite is created in high temperature tin-bearing veins that reach 425° to 925° F under pressure ranging from 210 to 1,400 bars or more.

Scheelite Chemical Formula: CaWO4

Scheelite Hardness: 4.5 – 5 (Mohs scale)

Mineral Associations

Scheelite is commonly found among apatite, cassiterite, diopside, fluorite, grossular-andradite, quartz, topaz, tourmaline, tremolite, vesuvianite, and wolframite.

Scheelite Meaning

Scheelite has a strong sense of grounding and clarity, helping you sort out your thoughts and take action in the real world, while also possessing an energy that lifts and lightens, raising your awareness and increasing your natural radiance from the inside out.

Scheelite is a powerfully charged crystal with the ability to both invigorate and settle your energy. 

Although scheelite is typically an orange or yellow hue, it has the phenomenal quality of fluorescence in which it appears as a stunning turquoise blue under ultraviolet light.

This mimics its ability to be connected to both the material and spiritual worlds at once, both physically activating and psychically expansive, aligning the body with the mind and spirit.

If you’re seeking more focus and clarity around your soul’s path and are ready to take action and dive deeper into expanding your intuitive awareness, scheelite will be a beautiful and helpful tool for you.

Scheelite crystal cluster

Scheelite Metaphysical Properties


Scheelite can bring clarity and alignment to the entire chakra system, from the root to the crown, but is primarily associated with the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras.

As a solar plexus chakra stone, scheelite increases physical energy and motivation to make positive changes in your life. It can help clear out the gunk of old patterns and behaviors that have kept you feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and gain a new sense of purpose to drive you forward towards all that you envision for your life.

Scheelite helps align this action-oriented, forward-moving energy of the solar plexus with the mental energy of the third eye chakra, and the spiritual energy of the crown, so that your mind, body, and soul are all on the same page, moving towards the same vision and purpose.

It deepens the third eye’s ability to connect with other realms and dimensional planes, making it a great companion stone for astral traveling and shamanic journeying. It can open your psychic awareness and strengthen the clarity of your perceptions, while also keeping you grounded in your body and the Earth.

Healing Properties


Scheelite brings a settling and grounding effect to heightened emotions of fear and anxiety, helping clear them from your energy field. Its energy helps you arrive at a place of calm and emotional balance, so you can make clearer decisions from there. 

Opening you up to your higher awareness through your crown chakra, scheelite connects you to your sense of faith and a positive outlook, helping you rise above emotional turbulence or conflict to be able to see from a place of non-judgment.

It then brings these positive frequencies of energy down into your body where you can feel them and act on them, instilling more confidence, clarity, and direction in your life.


Orange scheelite

A wonderful stone to bring mental balance and clarity of mind, scheelite helps you see the bigger picture and organize your thoughts and ideas, helping you feel cool, calm, and clear on what you need to do.

It has the ability to remove the hindrances and blocks from your mind that keep you from taking clear action, and can break the mental cycles that have inhibited you from moving forward towards your purpose.


Scheelite is a great stone to reach for when you’re feeling low on energy, exhausted, or depleted, as it helps enliven and invigorate the body while also shifting the mind to a more positive perspective. 

Its powerful, invigorating qualities can help improve blood flow to the lower body and circulatory system, increase flexibility and health of the spine, detoxify the liver and adrenals, and benefit the male reproductive system.


Bringing the energy body into alignment, scheelite is a great balancing stone that helps you integrate the personality with the higher self, and the body with the spirit.

It brings the wisdom and lightness of your intuitive awareness down into the physical realm where you can take action on your dreams and visions, instilling a clear sense of purpose and direction for you to follow your soul’s path.

What is Scheelite Good For?

Scheelite crystal
  • Opening psychic awareness
  • Invigorating the body
  • Clearing and focusing the mind
  • Astral traveling and journeying
  • Clearing and restoring energy
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Increasing punctuality
  • Linking the mind with the body
  • Settling heightened emotions
  • Instilling confidence and clarity
  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Releasing negative patterns and behavior
  • Aligning the energy body

Cleanse & Recharge

Scheelite has a low hardness and is relatively brittle, so be careful with your specimen and use gentle cleansing techniques with it.

Sound is a great gentle way to cleanse it. You can set it near a singing bowl, use a tuning fork, or even use the sound of your own voice and hum or sing into it, imagining the vibrations from your voice clearing out any energy it has accumulated.

You can also use smoke as a simple and gentle cleanser, and let it recharge on a sunny windowsill for a little while. Just don’t leave it in the sun too long or it can fade its coloring.

Or let your scheelite rest on a bed of selenite when you’re not using it, and it will receive a constant clearing and recharging so it’s always ready when you need it!

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