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Wulfenite Meaning & Properties

The fiery red and orange Wulfenite lead molybdate mineral was first found in 1845 in Bad Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria, and named after the Austrian mineralogist Franz Xavier von Wulfen. Wulfenite meaning is to bring creativity and inspiration to stimulate energy and action.

In this Wulfenite profile, we go through:

  • Wulfenite Properties
  • Wulfenite Meaning
  • Wulfenite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Wulfenite Properties

wulfenite crystal properties

Wulfenite is a bright orange, red, and sometimes yellow lead molybdate mineral crystal with thin tabular crystal blades. When found in yellow, it is often referred to as Yellow Lead Ore.

Pure Wulfenite is actually colorless, however, it is small traces of Chromium that turn most samples of the mineral into fiery orange and red tones. It is also suggested that Molybdate brings in the yellow tones when less Chromium is present. Finally, other samples can introduce other minerals that will turn Wulfenite into blacks, blues, and browns.

It often forms as a secondary mineral to the Lead deposits in the oxidized zone or as a secondary crystal to Molybdenum.

Wulfenite Chemical Formula: PbMoO4

Wulfenite Hardness: 3 (Mohs scale)

Wulfenite Meaning

Wulfenite, in its stunning orange hue, is a vibrantly creative stone that sparks your motivation and determination to help you get the most out of life!

It has a fiery, passionate energy that is invigorating on all levels- mentally, emotionally, and physically. Wulfenite wants your life to be full of creative expression, embodied sexuality, and pleasure-filled experiences that make you feel so lucky to be alive, in this body and in this life. 

Wulfenite is an empowering stone that helps you learn to accept all aspects of yourself, embracing and integrating your shadow side so you can come to a sense of wholeness within yourself.

At the same time, it helps you to embrace and better understand the people in your life, allowing you to accept and express your authentic self and inspire others to do the same. 

This is a stone that helps you move through fear and doubt to overcome the shadows, patterns, and pain of the past, not by ignoring them or shoving them away, but by embracing them as part of your story, your power, and an essential leg of your soul’s journey.

Wulfenite helps you embrace all that you are, and create everything you want to be.

wulfenite crystal spiritual meaning

Wulfenite Metaphysical Properties


A powerful sacral chakra healer, wulfenite stimulates the creative forces, passion, and life-force energy held here, while it also works to dissolve the blocks, trauma and emotional pain stored here, helping you feel more balanced and empowered.

Wulfenite works especially well for shadow work, helping you investigate the roots of the pain, shame and blame that is often held in the sacral chakra so you can work through it, accept it and integrate it into your being.

Once you acknowledge and look at the shadow sides of yourself- which are the pieces of your past and psyche that you tuck away, that you don’t want to admit or share with anyone- when you look at them with consciousness and love and see that they too are just a part of you, you can find a deep sense of self-worth, power, and inner radiance that shines from the inside out.

This is what a balanced sacral chakra feels like, and what wulfenite can help create in your life.

Healing Properties


This warm and vibrant stone brings upliftment and vitality to frayed, overwhelming, or low-down emotions. When you feel angry, depressed, or worthless, wulfenite reminds you that just on the flip side of those feelings lies passion, joy, and confidence.

It’s an emotional soother and balancer, but it does so in a special way that helps you truly learn and move on from the past. It doesn’t wash all the bad things away with toxic positivity, but rather helps you see the growth, success, resilience, and strength you’ve acquired by moving through pain so you can embrace all your shadows and recognize your true self.

This is where authentic self-love and self-worth stem from.


wulfenite metaphysical properties

A stone for radiant confidence and creativity, wulfenite helps clear fearful thoughts and habitual patterns from the mind and brings inspired ideas. It also helps you stay focused and dedicated to your creative passions and artistic endeavors so you can bring your ideas to fruition. 

This is also a beautiful meditation crystal that can help your mind open to new possibilities and find creative solutions. It helps you take action on your ideas and turn them into a creative reality.


Wulfenite is an amazing match for the women’s reproductive system to help it stay balanced, promote menstrual health and flow, aid with any reproductive issues, and heal the uterus after childbirth or miscarriage.

This is also a great stone for increasing material wealth, helping you achieve and succeed, strengthening your inner willpower, and supporting your financial journey and business goals.


A powerful manifestation aid, wulfenite helps your big visions and dreams come to life. It enhances your gut knowing and ability to take intuitive action, allowing you to connect with your guides more easily and also to access wisdom from your past experiences, including past lives.

It brings more passion, action, and inspiration into every aspect of your life. When you’re feeling lost, afraid or purposeless, wulfenite reconnects you to your passion, vigor, and motivation to experience all this beautiful life has to offer!

What is Wulfenite Good For?

  • Manifesting your dreams
  • Inspiring creative ideas
  • Revitalizing your energy
  • Bringing passion, enthusiasm, and action
  • Embracing your shadow self
  • Finding your authentic truth
  • Connecting with your gut knowing
  • Creating emotional balance
  • Staying motivated and determined
  • Achieving your goals
  • Invigorating sexuality
  • Balancing female health
  • Increasing self-worth and confidence

Cleanse & Recharge

As a relatively soft and fragile stone, it’s best to use delicate cleansing techniques for wulfenite.

Sound is a great gentle cleanser for this crystal. You can set it near a sound bowl, use a tuning fork, or let it listen to some binaural beats or frequency music.

You can also use smoke as a simple and gentle cleanse, running it lightly through sage, cedar, or palo santo smoke, to remove any energy it has accumulated.

To recharge your wulfenite, simply set it in the sunlight for just a few minutes. This is enough to charge it back up with solar light and keep it flowing full of life-giving energy.

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