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Mangano Calcite Meaning & Properties

Mangano Calcite, also called Manganoan Calcite, is a soothing and soft manganese calcium carbonate mineral. The crystal comes in a range of pink shades and most of the time has bands of white calcite inclusions. Magano Calcite is sought after for its calming, tension-releasing, and rebalancing metaphysical properties.

In this Mangano Calcite profile, we go through:

  • Mangano Calcite Properties
  • Mangano Calcite Meaning
  • Mangano Calcite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Mangano Calcite Properties

mangano calcite crystal properties

Mangano Calcite is a pink manganese calcium carbonate mineral. The Manganese in Mangano Calcite helps create the beautiful pink colors and the light or darkness of the pink color is dependent on the amount of Manganese in the stone.

Most Mangano Calcite has white inclusions that are more pure Calcite bands threaded through the stone.

Mangano Calcite has a hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is a fairly soft stone that should be handled with care.

Mangano Calcite Meaning

Mangano Calcite is a soft pink stone, like the color of cherry blossom, with incredibly calming, cleansing energy that brings peace and wellbeing to the whole body, mind, and spirit. 

An amazing emotional healer, Mangano Calcite helps clear away old pain and trauma that has been lingering or dragging you down, and brings in comfort, compassion, and the energy of unconditional love, for yourself and others.

A beautiful stone for healers, counselors, nurses, or anyone working in service to healing others in some way, Mangano Calcite aids in the connection between practitioner and patient and is an excellent healing tool to use to help others release their emotional baggage and energetic debris, and come to a place of calm contentment. 

If you tend to place other people’s needs above your own and are always busy doing everything for everyone else, it can often be from a subconscious motivation of wanting to feel loved and accepted by others. Mangano Calcite helps you slow down and nurture yourself as well, and to find love and acceptance within yourself for who you are and the value you bring to this world simply by being here.

mangano calcite metaphysical properties

Mangano Calcite Metaphysical Properties


In its light pinkish-whitish hue, Mangano Calcite resonates with the heart chakra and the crown, opening you up to your divine connection with the energetic realms and bringing it into your body through the heart space.

A stone of peace, compassion, and forgiveness, Mangano Calcite helps cleanse the heart chakra of pain, grief, and any negative or heavy emotional energy, while ushering in a protective, white healing light to fill in all the space that’s been cleared.

As a crown chakra activator, it heightens your awareness and lifts your vibration to a place of calm serenity and acceptance. It’s a beautiful crystal to connect you to the light of Source, to the love that’s flowing through the universe, and to the insight held within your intuition and higher consciousness.

Healing Properties


Helping you cleanse and release emotional pain, Mangano Calcite is a great relief for the stuffed-down, pent-up emotions you’ve been holding onto. It also can help restore trust in a relationship after it has been broken, opening both parties up to more forgiveness and a gentle, loving attitude towards one another.

A great healer for a broken heart, a bad break-up, or loss, hold Mangano Calcite over your heart space or wear it as a necklace, to have its healing energy soothe and calm your inner pain.

If you’ve been beating yourself up or are feeling ashamed or guilty about something you did in the past, Mangano Calcite helps wash that away opening you up to forgiving yourself so you can return to a sense of inner peace.


An excellent cleanser for the mind as well, Mangano Calcite clears out unhelpful thoughts, fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs so you can move forward, focusing on all the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead. 

As it clears out what’s been holding you back, it increases your motivation and self-confidence to move forward toward the life you want to create for yourself. It can sharpen your mind and your memory, helping you focus on growth and the beauty that’s all around you.


Intestinal and lower back pain can often have to do with stored or pent-up emotions being held in the body, such as guilt or shame. You can rub Mangano Calcite on these aching areas of your body to help them release the emotional and energetic roots of the physical pain you’re experiencing. 

Mangano Calcite also supports the functioning of the heart and immune system, and has a supremely calming effect on the nervous system as an aid for anxiety and stress, lowering the blood pressure and allowing you to achieve a state of inner calm.


Helping you relax into who you are and embrace your authentic self, Mangano Calcite clears away negative energy from your entire field, bringing light in through the crown and down into your heart space.

It helps you peel back the layers of yourself to see who you really are and to find love and compassion for your whole, true self. In this way, it also opens you to more true compassion for others, from a place of genuine understanding and support.

What is Mangano Calcite Good For?

mangano calcite healing properties
  • Increasing emotional stability
  • Creating connections between people
  • Releasing trauma, pain, and angst
  • Supporting others to heal
  • Attracting gentle, compassionate love into your life
  • Recovering from heartbreak or loss
  • Healing children and your inner child
  • Relieving separation anxiety
  • Letting go of emotional baggage
  • Bringing in calm, peace, and serenity
  • Healing the root cause of pain
  • Learning to love and accept yourself
  • Connecting with your highest self
  • Increasing tolerance and understanding

Cleanse & Recharge

You’ll want to cleanse Mangano Calcite before you work with it, and anytime after you’ve been using it to help you through emotional pain, as it absorbs a lot of energy.

If you have a tumbled piece, you can cleanse it directly in freshwater, or set it outside under the rain. Or if you have a raw piece or one that may chip easily, you can also just set it near a natural body of water- like a pond, creek, or lake- for a while to decompress and realign with nature’s energy.

You can also cleanse it with smoke, set it on some soil by a plant, or keep it on a selenite wand or near a high-powered quartz cluster to constantly be cleansed and charged back up with healing light.

How to Clean Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite has a hardness of 3 (Mohs hardness scale).

With Mangano Calcite being a soft stone with a hardness of 3 Mohs, it should be washed with care to not scratch or damage the stone. To clean Mangano Calcite, it is best to simply rinse with warm water and set it aside to dry on a soft towel if the crystal is not too dirty.

If the Mangano Calcite crystal needs a deeper clean, then warm water with Castille soap will be needed to get the dirt off. Begin by rinsing the stone, then lather on some Castille soap. Rub the soap on the stone softly with your fingertips. Finish washing the crystal by rinsing thoroughly, then set it aside on top of a towel to air dry.


mangano calcite crystal

Mangano Calcite comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Here is a list of cost estimates for different varieties of shapes, sizes, and forms the crystal may come in:

  • Rough Crystal: $2.5 – 58
  • Small Tumbled Stone: $5 – 8
  • Necklace: $6 – 28
  • Ring: $12 – 24
  • Small Sphere: $15 – $38
  • Bracelet: $18 – 28
  • Large Tower: $19 – 68
  • Earrings: $24 – 38
  • Large Sphere: $70 – 268

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