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Lithium Quartz Meaning & Properties

Lithium Quartz is a type of quartz with grey, lavender, pink, and violet tones. The Lithium Quartz crystal has powerful balancing metaphysical properties with the meaning of providing relief during trying times, strength during a struggling period, and calming when things may become overwhelming.

In this Lithium Quartz profile, we go through:

  • Lithium Quartz Properties
  • Lithium Quartz Meaning
  • Lithium Quartz Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Lithium Quartz Properties

lithium quartz properties

Lithium Quartz received its name from the belief that this quartz crystal may contain inclusions that are rich in lithium minerals, like Lepidolite. However, this quartz crystal actually has more aluminum, kaolinite, iron, and manganese.

Lithium Quartz commonly comes in shades of lavender, pink, and violet with tones of grey mixed in depending on the minerals present.

Lithium Quartz Chemical Formula: SiO2

Lithium Quartz Hardness: 7 (Mohs scale)

Lithium Quartz Meaning

Lithium quartz, in a gorgeous lavender, pinkish grey, is a soothing variety of quartz that calms the nerves, quells anxiety, and eases stress. It’s one of the best emotionally healing stones to work with that delivers balance and stability whenever you need it, lifting you up out of depression and low vibes into a higher perspective. 

Offering powerful energy in a gentle way, the lithium content of this unique quartz brings in feelings of ease, relaxation, and peace. It clears the mind of doubt and worries, clears the body of stagnation and heavy energy, clears the emotions of sadness and grief, and awakens the higher consciousness of the spirit. 

A beautiful crystal for a world full of chaos and upheaval, lithium quartz is a wonderful tool to carry with you, to wear, or keep close by your side daily to receive its constant calming energy to ease tension and stress throughout the day. Its energy is uplifting and cheerful and at the same time, deeply peaceful and relaxing.

As all quartz does, this crystal amplifies and directs energy, but lithium quartz broadcasts out a unique frequency of healing, harmony, and higher awareness. It brings ease, clarity, and relaxation to your body, mind, and spirit, to your relationships, and into your physical space, bringing your whole life into harmony.

lithium quartz meaning

Lithium Quartz Metaphysical Properties


Lithium quartz clears and balances all chakras, helping move stagnant and stuck energy, clearing out negative and heavy energy, and replacing it with loving, peaceful, harmonious energy.

It’s a helpful tool to balance the entire emotional body, all the chakras, and the aura, to help you feel purged, protected, and able to focus on the bright and beautiful parts of life. 

Wear or carry lithium quartz near your heart chakra to help relieve the grief and pain you’re carrying there, and open up to experiencing more joy, bliss, and appreciation in life. 

Hold it over your third eye chakra to clear out doubts and fears and activate your intuitive intelligence and inner vision, helping you get clearer on what you want for your life and how to get there.

Lithium quartz energy also resonates deeply with the crown chakra and the astral chakras above it, opening and strengthening your connection with your spiritual support systems, such as your guides, angels, enlightened ancestors, and highest self.

Healing Properties


One of the absolute best uses for lithium quartz is to help you find more emotional stability. It calms heightened and overwhelming emotions, dispels fears, lifts depression, neutralizes anger and grief, and can even help relieve the pain you’re holding from ancestors and past lives.

As a great everyday helper, lithium quartz releases negative tension, stress, and anxiety and brings in brightness and peace. It can help you overcome any challenges in your life, strengthening your emotional intelligence and well-being.

lithium quartz healing properties


Lithium quartz is a great choice if your mind feels busy and cluttered, if you’re always on the go, can’t settle your thoughts or your monkey mind is taking over. It brings an almost immediate sense of calm and can be very beneficial for ADD, ADHD, anxiety attacks, panic disorders, and anything that stems from an overactive mind.

A great meditation stone, lithium quartz can help you settle your thoughts and settle into the present moment, to become aware of the patterns hiding in your subconscious, and get a clearer vision of how to create more harmony in your life.


As a wonderful all-around healing crystal, lithium quartz can also relieve pain in the body and boost immune functioning. Its soothing, calming energy is highly conducive to healing during illness or injuries and works very well with children and pets who need some extra help to relax, heal or ease tension. 

Great for nervous tension, adrenal fatigue, and any stress-related effects on your body, hold it in your non-dominant hand and breathe and see how it makes you feel over a few minutes. 

A great aid for insomnia, sit with lithium quartz for a while before bed to relax your mind and body and bring more peaceful sleep. You can also stick it under your pillow to bring healing messages through your dreams and help you understand them.


Enhancing your capacity to visualize and connect to the higher realms, lithium quartz is a great crystal to help you grow spiritually. Work with it to help you develop your intuition and ability to communicate with spirit.

A great stone for healers and empaths, lithium quartz will help you focus on self-love and self-care. For those times when you’ve given too much of your energy away and feel depleted, use it to bring your focus back to your needs, desires, and intentions to help you come back to balance and get clear on what you want for your life. 

Lithium quartz fosters trust and surrender, opening you up to divine opportunities and grace, and bringing hope whenever you feel lost or down.

What is Lithium Quartz Good For?

lithium quartz metaphysical properties
  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Coping with struggles and hardship
  • Processing grief and old wounds
  • Easing mental clutter and overwhelm
  • Connecting with your higher awareness
  • Feeling more calm and relaxed
  • Enhancing your inner vision
  • Clearing emotional trauma from the past
  • Uplifting your mood and mind
  • Bringing in loving, healing energy
  • Restoring balance in your emotional body
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Relieving insomnia and enhancing sleep

Cleanse & Recharge

As a hard and durable stone, you can cleanse your lithium quartz in many different ways.

Its soothing, high-frequency relates well to sound, which you can use to cleanse and clear it of any negative energy it has absorbed, using a singing bowl, harmonic frequencies, a tuning fork, a musical instrument you play, or even your own voice.

You can also use the moonlight, or morning/evening sunlight to cleanse it, or set it outside in the garden or under a tree for a night. Keep it in a bed of salt or selenite to have it stay ever fresh and cleansed for your use.

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