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Rainbow Moonstone Meaning & Properties

Rainbow Moonstone, also referred to as White Labradorite, is a variety of Labradorite that has a very flashy, rainbow sheen appearance when reflecting light. Rainbow Moonstone is actually not an Orthoclase, or Moonstone. It received the “moonstone” name due to it imitating typical moonstones. Rainbow Moonstone meaning as a more feminine stone helps to align a woman’s body, mind, and spirit along with several other benefits.

In this Rainbow Moonstone profile, we go through:

  • Rainbow Moonstone Properties
  • Rainbow Moonstone Meaning
  • Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Rainbow Moonstone Properties

rainbow moonstone meaning

Rainbow Moonstone is a Labradorite crystal and not a proper Moonstone crystal, which is why it is also called White Labradorite.

Rainbow Moonstone is a mostly white and grey stone with a rainbow-colored shine. When it is first mined, the rainbow is not very visible. Rough stones are polished and the rainbow shine becomes more apparent.

Rainbow Moonstone can have black spots which are Black Tourmaline.

Most deposits of Rainbow Moonstone are located in Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.

Rainbow Moonstone Chemical Formula: NaAlSi3O8 and CaAl2Si2O8 (sodium, calcium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen)

Rainbow Moonstone Hardness: 6 – 6.5 (Mohs scale)

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

Rainbow moonstone is a gorgeous and magical crystal that helps you stand strong in your own magical abilities, and embrace your inner light so you can shine it out to the world! Its unique iridescent flashes of gold, blues, and greens help you connect with your unique talents and gifts, and harness your intuition and creativity.

A supremely calming and soothing stone, Rainbow Moonstone is a wonderful aid for stress and anxiety, worries and doubt, and any imbalances in your mind, body, or spirit. It’s like a reset button for your emotions to help you feel calm and centered, even amidst seemingly chaotic or overwhelming situations.

Aligned with the energies and cycles of the moon, Rainbow Moonstone helps you notice and align with your own natural cycles to create more emotional balance in your life and embrace and accept change more easily. It’s a stone that understands endings and new beginnings, the turning of the tides, the ebb and flow of life, and is a great crystal friend to have near anytime you’re moving through a transformation in your life.

A protective stone, especially for women and children, Rainbow Moonstone can help anyone connect with their innate feminine qualities, enhancing receptivity, flow, and intuitive intelligence, raising awareness, and helping you use non-linear thinking to find solutions.

rainbow moonstone metaphysical properties

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties


Rainbow Moonstone helps cleanse the entire aura of negative and stressful emotions so that you can hold more light in your being overall. It’s also a great cleanser for all your chakras, head to toe, purifying and resetting the energy of each chakra to be able to hold more light and express your authentic self more fully.

In its shimmering base of white, Rainbow Moonstone connects to the crown chakra and our highest divine wisdom, with its ability to bring in more awareness, peace, and perspective around your life’s purpose, opening you to more compassion, calm, and balance in everyday life.

Its gorgeous flashes in blue, green, and yellow reflect and activate the energies of the solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye chakras, aligning your intuitive knowing with your actions and helping you flow through the world guided by the light of your own heart.

Rainbow Moonstone also has a wonderful grounding effect that brings peace, calm, and equanimity to your whole being.

Healing Properties


Any heavy, stuck and stagnant emotions can be cleansed with Rainbow Moonstone, which flushes out emotional congestion and then fills you back up with radiant light. It’s a great stone to work with to release past emotional trauma and help you connect with the light and lessons that those experiences brought you so you can release the pain for good.

Rainbow Moonstone helps you feel peaceful, patient, and balanced, adding more gentleness and ease to how you deal with your own emotions and those of others, so you don’t feel so thrown off track, but instead able to flow through any changes that life throws at you.


rainbow moonstone healing properties

Alleviating fear and worry, Rainbow Moonstone helps calm an overactive mind and clear out negative thoughts. It breaks through old, unhelpful thinking patterns that have kept you feeling stuck in a rut or unfulfilled, so you can bring in the light of new consciousness, new ideas, and new ways of thinking that will help you grow.

It’s also a crystal that activates your intuition, putting your rational mind in the back seat for a bit and amping up the clarity of your intuitive intelligence to guide you. When you can’t think your way out of a tough situation or figure out the right way to go, Rainbow Moonstone will help you move into your body, heart, and intuitive wisdom to find the right path.


Associated with feminine qualities and women’s health, Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that enhances fertility and reproductive health, can ease menstrual problems and hormonal imbalance, and is protective during pregnancy and childbirth.

A great crystal for mothers and children alike, its gentle, nurturing energies soothe pain and tension in the body, and can aid in the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients promoting overall health and wellbeing.


Rainbow Moonstone can help you stay grounded and balanced during any psychic or intuitive work, and through the different moon cycles, especially if you tend to be very sensitive to them. 

In the same way, it brings a calm, patient, and open-minded perspective to any changes you’re going through, opening the door to new opportunities to explore and express your purpose in this life.

What is Rainbow Moonstone Good For?

rainbow moonstone necklace pendant
  • Increasing feminine receptivity and flow
  • Enhancing intuition and psychic gifts
  • Balancing the mind, body, and emotions
  • Supporting through transformation and change
  • Easing stress, tension, and overwhelm
  • Inspiring confidence and creativity
  • Helping you shine your inner light
  • Connecting with the moon’s cycles
  • Cleansing the aura and all the chakras
  • Protecting from negative and unwanted energies
  • Increasing fertility and health in pregnancy
  • Connecting with and expressing your true nature

Cleanse & Recharge

The best way to cleanse your Rainbow Moonstone is outside under the light of a bright full moon, plus or minus a day or so, for it to soak up all those lunar energies to recharge itself.

Cleansing it once a month in this way should be enough for regular use, but if you find you can’t connect with your moonstone or its energy feels heavy or dampened, you can also give it a quick cleanse under running water, or through the smoke of some burning sage or palo santo, or leave it to rest on a selenite plate or quartz cluster for a day, and it will be cleansed and filled back up with radiant light.

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