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Honey Calcite: Crystal Meaning, Properties, and Energy Benefits

Honey Calcite, also called Golden Calcite or Amber Calcite, is a beautiful crystal with a golden-yellow color. Orange calcite is a special mineral that can be found in different places like Mexico and Brazil. The crystal’s unique look and special meaning attract collectors and people who practice crystal healing.

The crystal is called honey quartz because it has a honey-like color and is translucent. People are drawn to its beauty, energy benefits, and healing properties.

Key Takeaways

  • Honey calcite is a golden-yellow crystal with unique properties and a global presence.
  • The crystal’s captivating appearance is matched by its associated healing attributes.
  • Collectors and practitioners find value in honey calcite’s symbolism and energy vibrations.

Origins of Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is a stunning variety of calcite, one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. This particular type of calcium carbonate mineral has a distinctive honey-yellow hue that adds to its visual appeal. Its origins can be traced back to various parts of the world, with a substantial share coming from Mexico.

The name ‘calcite’ originally comes from the Greek word ‘chalix’, which in English translates to meaning lime. This name hints at the properties and composition of the mineral. Calcite, including honey golden calcite, is common in limestone and other sedimentary rocks. 

The mineral formation occurs under various conditions, such as in caves, ocean beds, or even within the Earth’s crust. Honey calcite will form in both large rhombohedral forms.

Honey Calcite Crystal Properties

honey golden calcite crystal


Honey calcite, as the name suggests, has a beautiful honey-like color that varies in shades from light gold to warm, rich amber. The crystal is one of the most abundant minerals and can be found in various forms, including rhombohedral and scalenohedral shapes. Its transparent to translucent appearance often exhibits a remarkable luster that catches the eye.

This beautiful color can be sensitive to sunlight and potentially be damaged with prolonged exposure. It is important to use caution with putting honey calcite into the sun.

Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula: CaCO3

Honey calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral (CaCO3) and belongs to the calcite group of minerals. It is a common component in some of the world’s most abundant minerals, such as limestone, marble, and some varieties of cement. In addition to the beautiful crystal specimens, it is largely used in various industrial applications.


Mohs Hardness: 3

As a member of the calcite family, honey calcite boasts a relatively low hardness value, measuring three on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means the crystal can be easily scratched with a metal object like a copper penny or fingernail. Despite its fragile nature, honey calcite remains highly sought-after for its aesthetic properties as well as its diverse uses in various industries.

Remember to carefully handle your honey calcite specimens and store them separately from harder or sharper minerals to prevent damage or scratches.

Because of the crystal’s softness, the most popular question about honey calcite is whether it can go into water or will dissolve if it gets wet. Check out my complete guide answering Can Honey Calcite Go In Water? for more information answering this exact question in detail to ensure you care for the crystal properly.

Honey Calcite Crystal Meaning

honey amber calcite in the sun

Honey golden calcite is a powerful stone that blends various traits to bring you enhanced motivation, personal power, and emotional healing. Its warm golden hue often represents its bright energy, pushing you toward growth and success.

As you work with this calcite crystal, you will find that it strengthens your sense of personal power and boosts your motivation to achieve your goals. It supports creative thinking and problem-solving by tapping into your natural leadership ability. This aspect of Honey Calcite drives you to take the initiative and express your inner confidence.

In terms of emotional healing, Honey Calcite is a gentle, nurturing stone that offers a sense of comfort and emotional balance. It is known to alleviate feelings of negativity and self-doubt, assuaging any emotional wounds that may be holding you back. This calcite crystal helps to release lingering resentments or bitterness, allowing you to embrace forgiveness and move towards emotional healing.

Working with this noteworthy crystal will support overall spiritual growth and mental clarity. The energy it provides can break through mental blocks, inspiring you to continue moving forward and becoming a better version of yourself.

Incorporating Honey Calcite into your life offers numerous benefits you can harness to achieve growth and healing. Let it be a guiding light on your journey toward self-discovery and personal power.

Healing Properties of Honey Calcite


Honey calcite can aid you in emotional healing by providing a sense of inner stability and self-worth. This stone can help you process and release negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, and feelings associated with abusive situations. Working with honey calcite gives you the confidence to express your emotions openly and trust in your unique journey.


When it comes to mental healing, honey calcite has the potential to enhance clarity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. By bringing this stone into your life, you can summon the energy needed to overcome obstacles and make well-informed decisions. Its balancing energy provides a boost to your focus and motivation, helping you to achieve your goals.


Honey calcite may positively impact your physical energy levels, as it works with sunlight to strengthen and revitalize your body. While no stone should be relied upon solely for its physical healing properties, incorporating honey amber calcite into your wellness routine may supplement overall energy and vitality.


For those looking to enhance their spiritual practice, honey calcite can help facilitate a stronger connection with the spiritual realm. This stone can be particularly beneficial during meditation and astral projection, as it helps to open and activate the psychic abilities within you. By working with honey calcite, you can create a nurturing environment for your spiritual growth and exploration.

12 Honey Calcite Uses & Benefits

Honey calcite is a versatile and powerful crystal known for its range of uses and benefits. As a variety of calcite, it shares many properties with other calcite varieties, such as clear calcite, green calcite, and blue calcite. Here are 12 uses and benefits of honey calcite that you should consider incorporating into your life:

  1. Personal will and motivation: Honey calcite is known to enhance your personal will and motivation, especially when wearing it.
  2. Emotional healing: This crystal is believed to aid in emotional healing by releasing negative emotions and fostering self-acceptance.
  3. Energizing: Honey calcite is thought to energize your body and mind, helping you feel more alert and focused throughout your day.
  4. Mental clarity: Using honey calcite in conjunction with other crystals like clear quartz or clear calcite can assist in improving concentration and mental clarity.
  5. Creativity: Honey calcite is said to inspire creativity and enhance artistic talents. Consider placing it in your workspace or meditation area.
  6. Spiritual growth: Pairing honey calcite with amethyst can support your spiritual growth by increasing your connection and awareness of higher consciousness.
  7. Wealth and abundance: Honey calcite is thought to attract wealth and abundance by amplifying your positive intentions and manifestation abilities.
  8. Confidence: Incorporating honey calcite into your daily routine can help increase self-confidence by promoting self-awareness and self-worth.
  9. Reducing stress: This crystal is believed to have a calming effect, which may help ease anxiety and reduce stress levels.
  10. Physical healing: While honey calcite is not explicitly linked to physical healing, combining it with green calcite may enhance your body’s healing process.
  11. Balancing chakras: Honey calcite balances and clears your third eye and crown chakras, thus promoting spiritual insight.
  12. Dream recall: Placing honey calcite near your bed or under your pillow may help improve dream recall and interpretation.

By integrating honey calcite into your life, you can experience these diverse benefits and enhance various aspects of your well-being. This crystal is a valuable addition to your collection with its nurturing energy and striking appearance.

Honey Calcite in Practice


Honey calcite is a powerful tool for boosting your personal power and energy levels. This crystal can invigorate you and increase your courage, allowing you to face challenges with confidence. As you incorporate honey calcite into your daily routine, you may notice a gradual increase in your personal will and motivation to pursue your goals.

  • Powerful Tools: Honey calcite can be a powerful ally in enhancing your energy levels and personal will.
  • Boost: This stone can provide a much-needed energy boost, especially when feeling depleted or overwhelmed.


what chakra is honey calcite

Working with honey calcite can profoundly impact your chakras, specifically the solar plexus, root, sacral, and third-eye chakras. Here is a breakdown of how this crystal influences each chakra:

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Honey calcite assists in opening and energizing the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with your personal power, self-esteem, and the ability to manifest your desires.
  • Root Chakra: By connecting with the root chakra, honey calcite supports stability, grounding, and the courage to take action.
  • Sacral Chakra: The sacral chakra is the center of creativity, sensuality, and emotions. Honey calcite can help bring balance and openness to this energy center.
  • Third-Eye Chakras: Honey calcite can stimulate the third-eye chakra, enhancing intuition and helping you tap into your inner wisdom.

Read more on honey calcite and the chakras here: Honey Calcite Chakra Guide

Remember to regularly cleanse and charge your honey calcite, particularly after using it for energy work or chakra balancing. This will maintain its potency and effectiveness in your personal practice.

Cost of Honey Calcite Crystals

When you purchase honey calcite crystals, various factors, such as size, quality, and rarity, determine their cost. In general, the prices of these crystals can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand the costs involved.

For small raw honey calcite crystals, expect to spend between $5 to $20, depending on the quality and weight. These crystals make excellent additions to your collection or can be used in healing practices and meditation.

Larger raw pieces of honey calcite, which can be used as home décor or for energy work, typically cost between $30 to $150. The prices vary according to the crystal’s size, color intensity, and clarity.

The price range for honey calcite jewelry, such as pendants, bracelets, and earrings, can be broad. Simple, affordable pieces made with smaller or lower-grade and non-precious metals might be available for as little as $10 to $30. However, high-quality gemstone grades paired with precious metals like gold or silver or featuring intricate craftsmanship can easily go for $100 to $300 or more.

Shopping around to find the best deals on honey calcite crystals is essential. You may find lower prices at gem and mineral shows, online marketplaces, or specialty crystal shops. Always verify the authenticity of the crystals and buy from reputed sellers to ensure you’re getting genuine honey calcite at a fair price.

Keep in mind that the costs mentioned above are in USD and may fluctuate depending on the market. Don’t forget to consider additional charges such as shipping, taxes, and insurance when purchasing honey calcite crystals, particularly when ordering online.

Honey Calcite Vs Orange Calcite

honey calcite vs orange calcite

Honey Calcite and Orange Calcite are two closely related varieties of calcite with distinct appearances and properties. As you explore these fascinating crystals, it is important to understand their differences and similarities.

In terms of appearance, Honey Calcite is characterized by its rich golden or amber hue, while Orange Calcite showcases a vibrant shade of orange. Both of these crystals often exhibit a translucent quality with a waxy and smooth texture.

When considering the meaning and symbolism associated with each stone, Honey Calcite is known for its properties related to personal empowerment and motivation. It is believed to help you overcome challenges and unlock your potential. On the other hand, Orange Calcite acts as a powerful energizer, promoting positivity, creativity, and emotional balance.

The healing properties of these calcites also differ. Honey Calcite is said to encourage emotional healing, self-love, and acceptance. By working with this stone, you may experience the release of emotional blockages and enhanced self-awareness. Conversely, Orange Calcite is thought to have strong physical healing energies, especially concerning the digestive, immune, and reproductive systems.

With regard to chakras, Honey Calcite is primarily associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power, self-esteem, and confidence. Honey Calcite can help you tap into your inner strength and wisdom by stimulating this energy center. Orange Calcite, however, resonates with both the sacral and solar plexus chakras, promoting vitality and emotional well-being.

Honey Calcite vs Citrine

honey calcite vs citrine

Honey Calcite and Citrine are visually alluring and energetically potent crystals often sought by collectors and enthusiasts. While they may appear similar, their properties and meanings differ.

In terms of appearance, Honey Calcite is characterized by its golden yellow to brownish-orange color, with translucent to transparent clarity. On the other hand, Citrine ranges from pale yellow to deep amber hues and typically showcases more transparency. The unique crystal structures of these stones can help you differentiate them, as Honey Calcite belongs to the calcite family with a rhombohedral crystal lattice, while Citrine is a variety of quartz with a hexagonal form.

When it comes to meaning and energy, Honey Calcite is known to be a powerful aid in personal development and the manifestation of personal goals. It encourages self-confidence, motivation, and decisiveness. Citrine, in contrast, is a stone of abundance and prosperity. It heightens creativity, enhances concentration, and promotes optimistic thinking.

Healing properties differ between these two crystals as well. Honey Calcite is beneficial for mental and emotional growth, aiding in overcoming fears, stress, and anxiety. It supports a healthy digestive system and fortifies the immune system. Citrine is valued for its detoxifying effects, supports digestion, and promotes a healthy metabolism. Moreover, it is believed to help with depression and emotional balance.

Lastly, the chakras that each stone corresponds to can also distinguish Honey Calcite from Citrine. Honey Calcite’s energy resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, boosting personal power and self-worth. Though also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine harmonizes well with the Sacral Chakra, the center of creativity, pleasure, and passion.

Check out this Guide to Honey Calcite vs Citrine I wrote to get more information on how to tell them apart and what makes them different in practice.

Honey Calcite vs Yellow Calcite

honey calcite vs yellow calcite

Honey Calcite and Yellow Calcite are both beautiful and powerful crystals, yet they differ in appearance, meaning, healing properties, and associated chakras.

When it comes to appearance, Honey Calcite boasts a warm, golden color, often resembling honey or amber. Its transparent to translucent nature adds to its unique charm. On the other hand, Yellow Calcite has a brighter, more vibrant hue, ranging from pale yellow to deep mustard. Despite the color differences, both stones have a vitreous luster and share the same rhombohedral crystal system.

In terms of meaning, Honey Calcite is known to represent personal empowerment, motivation, and self-confidence. It helps you to overcome your fears and obstacles. Yellow Calcite symbolizes emotional balance, mental clarity, and intellect. It aids in releasing negative emotions, enhancing positivity, and promoting a practical approach to problem-solving.

Regarding healing properties, both crystals share some similarities but also have their unique attributes:

  • Honey Calcite:
    • Enhances self-confidence and motivation
    • Stimulates creativity and personal power
    • Promotes emotional healing and warmth
  • Yellow Calcite:
    • Boosts mental clarity and focus
    • Clears negative energy and emotional blockages
    • Strengthens the immune system and supports digestion

When considering chakras, Honey Calcite is largely associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, enabling you to tap into your personal power, boost your self-esteem, and develop a strong sense of identity. Yellow Calcite, on the other hand, resonates with the Solar Plexus and Crown chakras, which help balance your emotional state, enhance your decision-making skills, and connect you with higher wisdom.

Honey Calcite vs Pineapple Calcite

When exploring the world of calcite, you may come across two visually stunning and energetically powerful varieties – honey calcite and pineapple calcite. Understanding the differences between these two stones can help you decide which is best for your personal and spiritual needs.

In terms of appearance, honey calcite and pineapple calcite display beautiful shades of yellow. Honey calcite exhibits a rich, translucent golden hue, while pineapple calcite has a lighter, more opaque yellow color with a unique pineapple-like texture. Despite the differences in their colors, both stones possess a remarkable luster that enhances their attractiveness.

As for meaning, honey calcite is known to enhance your personal power and self-confidence. It helps you overcome obstacles and challenges in life. On the other hand, pineapple calcite carries a meaning of personal growth and self-improvement. It encourages you to embrace change, release old patterns, and step into your true potential.

When it comes to healing properties, both varieties of calcite offer unique benefits. Honey calcite focuses on emotional healing by providing warmth, comfort, and balance. It aids in reducing stress, dissolving negativity, and promoting optimism. Alternatively, pineapple calcite assists with physical healing and strengthening the immune system. It is believed to help grow and develop bones, teeth, and other tissues.

Regarding chakras, honey calcite is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs your personal power, inner strength, and confidence. By working with this stone, you can enhance your ability to take action and manifest your desires. Pineapple calcite, however, resonates with the solar plexus and crown chakras. This combination helps integrate your personal power and spiritual connection, promoting a sense of harmony and alignment with your higher self.

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