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Rainbow Quartz Meaning & Properties

Rainbow quartz, also known as rainbow aura quartz, is a variety of quartz crystals that has undergone a process to coat the surface with vaporized gold and titanium which gives the crystal its rainbow sheen. Rainbow quartz is one of the most popular stones that has went through this process.

Crystal collectors and healers in particular like Rainbow Quartz as the bonding process of clear quartz with strong metals such as gold and titanium represent the crystal’s meaning of being able to strengthen bonds in relationships, release negative energy, and improving moods.

In this Rainbow Quartz profile, we go through:

  • Rainbow Quartz Properties
  • Rainbow Quartz Meaning
  • Rainbow Quartz Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
what is rainbow quartz

Rainbow Quartz Properties

Rainbow quartz is clear quartz that went through a laboratory bonding process called Chemical Vapor Deposition, or CVD, that bonds vaporized titanium and gold.

The clear quartz is heated to around 1600° F (871° C) in a vacuum chamber. Gold and titanium vapors are then introduced into the chamber.

The extreme heat and vaporized metals together under a vacuum cause a reaction allowing the gold and titanium to bond to the surface of the clear quartz, creating Rainbow Quartz.

Rainbow Quartz Chemical Formula: SiO4

Rainbow Quartz Hardness: 7 (Mohs scale)

Associated Crystals: Aqua Aura Quartz, Titanium Quartz

Rainbow Quartz Meaning

rainbow quartz sphere

Rainbow quartz is simply a type of quartz with gorgeous inclusions of rainbows appearing inside it, carrying a high-frequency light that contains the full color spectrum and all its magic and healing.

This high vibrational light is a dispeller of darkness, casting aside negative energy and bad moods, lifting your mindset and spirit to align with a higher perspective. 

Rainbow quartz is a beautiful manifestation stone to help you get clear on what you want to create in your life and release all the energetic gunk that’s been in the way, steering your soul straight into alignment with your highest purpose and the full expression of yourself.

It’s also a wonderful stone for relationships, helping you find harmony and understanding with one another, strengthening bonds, and encouraging clear communication.

Bringing luck, joy, and radiant light into your life, rainbow quartz is a stimulating, energizing crystal full of hope, positivity, and forward momentum. It increases creativity and the ability to bring your ideas to life.

Rainbow Quartz Metaphysical Properties


Rainbow quartz first opens the crown chakra to connect with the light of Source, and then brings that radiant healing energy down into your entire body, moving it throughout all your chakras and expanding it into your aura. Its rainbow hues help activate and bring light into every chakra.

Rainbow quartz can give you a clean sweep, an energetic shower of light, from your crown to your root, clearing out the cobwebs of stuck energy and emotions that have been lingering in your chakra system, helping them move out and free up space to let the light back in.

Use it above your crown to send its rainbow light throughout your whole energetic system, or place it on any specific chakra that you feel needs an extra dose of cleansing, clearing, and lightening up.

You can also wave it around your body, throughout your whole aura, to send its rainbow light into your entire energy field and bring it back into a state of harmony.

Healing Properties

rainbow quartz pyramid


When you’re feeling angry, irritable, or upset, rainbow quartz can help flush out the negativity and fill the spaces back in with joyful, radiant, high-vibrational energy to lift you up.

It’s the perfect stone to use whenever you’re feeling heavy, clouded, murky, or low. Its bright energy is a great aid for helping you through the winter doldrums or feeling melancholy on a rainy grey day, and can bring relief to seasonal affective disorder, helping you connect with the light no matter what the weather brings.


Very clearing for the mind whenever you feel foggy, confused, or full of doubt, rainbow quartz will flush out those low-vibrational thoughts and energies and bring more light, clarity, and direction in to guide you.

It helps you be more effective, more successful, more ambitious, and clear on your goals and purpose. Use it to help you make a clear decision, to be able to discern the best path to walk down, and consciously manifest your creative ideas.


This is a high-energy crystal that’s invigorating, detoxifying, and clarifying for the body. It increases physical stamina, helps release exhaustion and stress, and promotes a speedier recovery from illness or injury. 

One of the supreme manifestation crystals, rainbow quartz is a powerful ally to help you bring your creative ideas and far-off goals into physical reality. It helps you move your body and mind into targeted action in the real world so that you can make your dreams tangible.


Rainbow quartz is a beautiful stone to lift your consciousness into hope, optimism, and faith. It’s a crystal that encourages your soul to be courageous and believe in the power of the energetic realms to support you and raise you up whenever you feel lost, lonely, disconnected, or in despair.

Think of this stone as a rainbow pathway straight from the heavens down to you. It brings a flood of light into your being and an aura of protection around you to guide you forward towards your destiny clearly, with laughter and joy along the way.

What is Rainbow Aura Quartz Used For?

rainbow aura quartz
  • Strengthening bonds in relationships
  • Manifesting your ideas into action
  • Creating success for yourself
  • Bringing in hope and optimism
  • Clearing confusion and doubt
  • Finding direction and purpose
  • Succeeding in your goals
  • Enhancing creativity and inspiration
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Clearing all seven chakras
  • Protecting the aura
  • Raising your vibration
  • Lifting out of depression and darkness
  • Bringing more harmony into all areas

Cleanse & Recharge

As a quartz variety, rainbow quartz can withstand most any of the elements and can be cleansed in a myriad of ways, whatever feels the most convenient and appropriate for you is fine.

You can leave your quartz outside upon the earth to be cleansed and recharged by the light of the sun or moon, by the wind or rain, or best yet, leave it to lie outside whenever you see a rainbow in the sky, and it’ll absorb all that beautiful ethereal energy.

To recharge your quartz, you can use sunlight or moonlight, place it on a slab of selenite overnight, or simply use the power of your intention. Rainbow quartz is an excellent stone to charge up with specific, conscious intentions that you want to send out into the universe.

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