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Datolite Meaning & Properties

Datolite is a glowing crystal that is light or mint green, yellow, or white that can come in crystal form to be used as gems, in clusters, or in geodes. The Datolite crystal meaning is to help break free from repetition in life, widen perspectives, and help to have the clarity to overcome and succeed in life.

In this Datolite profile, we go through:

  • Datolite Properties
  • Datolite Meaning
  • Datolite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Datolite Properties

datolite meaning

Datolite is a light green, mint green, yellow, or white calcium boron hydroxide nesosilicate crystal. The crystals may sometimes have inclusions of red or pink hematite or manganese.

Datolite can be found in a range of forms including groups of crystals, drusy coatings on other rocks, plated lining in vugs, and geodes.

Datolite Chemical Formula: Ca2Fe2+Al2BSi4O15OH

Datolite Hardness: 5 – 5.5 (Mohs scale)

Datolite Meaning

Datolite is a crystal for a bright mind and tapping into the brilliance of spirit. It aligns you with a higher perspective of allowance, acceptance, and awe of the present moment. Making you feel clear-headed, upright, and recognize the impermanence of all things, its energy brings gratitude and appreciation into every moment.

This is a crystal with a very strong energy that can be more challenging for beginners to work with, as evidenced by its rarity. You have to be ready for Datolite before you choose to work with it, as it comes with its boots strapped, ready to align your life, and that will mean letting go of a lot of what has held you back in the past.

There are stones that do this gently, and then there are stones like Datolite that stiffens your spine and seriously helps you right your ship so that you can live in accordance and alignment with the beautiful light that flows through all that is.

Datolite is a high-vibration stone that connects you to a higher consciousness within yourself, so you can get a sense of your soul’s purpose from a wide perspective that helps you appreciate every single moment you get to experience here on Earth.

datolite metaphysical properties

Datolite Metaphysical Properties


Datolite cleanses and balances all the chakras and works particularly well with the crown and third eye. It also has a direct influence on the solar plexus and heart in its yellowish-green hues, connecting you with your spiritual power and your ability to act on it and appreciate it.

As a third eye and crown activating crystal, Datolite raises your awareness to the highest realms, to the Akashic records where your soul’s contracts are housed, to help you release past karmic burdens, break the bonds of the past, and get a true sense of your soul’s highest purpose here.

It then brings all that higher consciousness wisdom down into your body, into your heart and gut, where you can feel it and act on it. It brings clarity of mind, heart, and soul so that you feel aligned from within and confident to move forward towards your highest potential.

Healing Properties


Datolite’s special power is its ability to retrieve lost memories and long-buried emotions, bringing them into the light of your awareness to be acknowledged, released, and healed. This is why it can be an intense stone to work with, but it’s also a highly valuable stone when you’re ready to truly heal your past.

It holds such a high perspective that helps you gain a sense of how transient life is and that, no matter what you’re going through and how hard it is, this too shall pass. This sense of heightened consciousness allows you to see above the emotional waves and connect with a sense of appreciation for all that is, exactly as it is.

datolite crystal properties


Datolite helps you think clearly, see through the haze of thoughts and get your brain organized. It facilitates the flow of ideas and your ability to concentrate and helps widen your perspective like an eagle’s vision so you can get a clearer view of what you need to do to get where you want to go. 

A beautiful problem-solving stone, Datolite enhances memory and retention, making it great for studying, researching, or any kind of detail-oriented work. Its effect on the mind brings calm and confidence as if you can see all avenues and possibilities and choose the exact right one for you.


Improving cellular memory, Datolite affects the nervous system like an adaptogenic herb, creating more stamina and resilience to stress over time and helping release old patterns to bring more balance into your body, and every area of your life.

It’s also said that Datolite can help balance insulin for those with diabetes, and balance glucose levels for those with hypoglycemia. It can also be a great aid for releasing addictions and moving through recovery.


Datolite has a strong connection to the Akashic records and can be placed on the third eye chakra to receive messages from the Akashic realm, from your past lives and karmic wisdom, to help you see the full picture of your soul’s unique journey here.

It assists in deep healing of the past, including ancestral healing, lighting up information that has been coded in your DNA to help you understand your family of origin and your place in the world more clearly. Datolite is a powerful stone to help you release and remove yourself from the karmic bonds, step beyond the ancestral patterns that have held you back, and get clear on the new story you’re ready to write for your life.

What is Datolite Good For?

datolite crystal meaning
  • Bringing clarity to your mind
  • Widening your perspective
  • Finding the light within yourself
  • Connecting with your higher consciousness
  • Healing past life and ancestral wounds
  • Breaking out of karmic cycles
  • Retrieving lost memories
  • Finding faith and resilience
  • Appreciating every moment
  • Releasing confusion and stress
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Helping you find peace and acceptance

Cleanse & Recharge

As a high-vibratory and semi-fragile stone, using gentle cleansing methods is best for Datolite, such as running it through the smoke of some incense, or using sound vibrations to clear it from a singing bowl, tuning fork, another instrument, or even your voice!

You can also leave your Datolite resting in a selenite bowl to always maintain a clear charge and be filled with light so it’s ready whenever you need it.

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