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Hypersthene Meaning & Properties

Hypersthene stone is a greenish-brown and black gemstone mineral made of magnesium and iron silicate that is often more recently categorized as either Enstatite or Ferrosilite even though it is a mix between these two minerals. Hypersthene meaning is to be the stone of rest, helping to relax the mind and spirit while the body restores.

In this Hypersthene profile, we go through:

  • Hypersthene Properties
  • Hypersthene Meaning
  • Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Hypersthene Properties

hypersthene stone meaning

Hypersthene is a greenish-brown stone with depths of colors tending toward visually looking mostly black. Some stones may also have a coppery or red metallic reflection when held in light properly.

The Hypersthene stone properties form a wood-like appearance, with the surface of the stone often looking like has a grain pattern that you would find on a dark stained piece of wood.

The stone is a silicate with magnesium and iron minerals (magnesium iron silicate) that is a part of the Orthopyroxene class.

Hypersthene is about 50% iron, but it is often categorized as either Enstatite, which is a similar stone that is higher in levels of magnesium, or Ferrosilite, which contains higher levels of iron.

Hypersthene Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe)SiO3

Hypersthene Hardness: 5 – 6 (Mohs scale)

Hypersthene Meaning

Hypersthene is a grounding and protective crystal with a silvery sheen that reflects negative energies back to their source.

A potent stone for self-work, hypersthene brings calm, comforting vibes that soothe the nerves and protect you from the noise and chaos of the outside world, like a velvet blanket for your aura.

It’s a stone that directs your energy inward, to reflect on and observe your inner workings more clearly, dive deep into your consciousness, and move beyond the limitations of the physical world.

Hypersthene organizes and redirects negative, chaotic, or frazzled energies, bringing clarity and strength to help you see the solutions to your problems, and take action in prioritizing your life around what’s most important to you.

Counteracting gloom and depression, exhaustion and stress, hypersthene helps you take a step back, rest and recuperate, and take a look at all the demands being placed on your energy so you can make the necessary adjustments to find more balance.

hypersthene metaphysical properties

Hypersthene Metaphysical Properties


Hypersthene has a grounding and clearing effect on the entire chakra system, bringing your energy body into balanced alignment.

Anywhere you feel low, heavy, or just not like yourself, you can use this crystal to release the negative energies from your chakras and aura, and protect you from absorbing any additional stress.

Hypersthene has a special relationship with the root chakra though, in its gorgeous shimmery black. It helps the root open and connects to the Earth, and for your grounding cord to stay clear and connected so it can release toxic or unwanted energies from your whole system easily.

This root connection gives hypersthene a very grounding, stabilizing energy, bringing strength and an embodied sense of your own power and place in this world.

Healing Properties


If you’re feeling blocked, irritated, or frustrated, hypersthene is a great crystal to help ground and settle any icky feeling energy, clearing out the blocks and imbalances from your emotional body. 

Its reflective qualities help you self-reflect and gain more consciousness around your emotional behaviors and reactions so that you can shift out of the patterns that are no longer helpful to you.

Hypersthene is the stone to take with you into the proverbial cave for emotional healing, to help you carve out protected time and space to dive into your inner world, release the heaviness, and allow yourself to return to a state of balance.


hypersthene healing properties

Think hypersthene for a hyper mind. If your thoughts are reeling, you’re feeling anxious, struggling with ADHD, or simply can’t seem to focus, hypersthene can settle, organize and direct the mind, clearing distractions and patterns of thought, and bringing in new insights and clarity.

It also increases your ability to hear the voice of your intuition, your guides, and even lost loved ones more clearly, to assist you in unlocking your clairaudient abilities and accessing the wise information that lives within you.


Sometimes referred to as “the stone of rest”, hypersthene is a wonderful crystal to have near as you’re recovering from illness, injury, stress, or struggles, or anytime you feel weak or weary.

It offers cloak-like protection for your energy field and helps you rest and recuperate. This is especially great if you’re the type of person who pushes through pain or struggles with taking time out to take care of yourself.  

It’s also a helpful stone to induce restful sleep and bring meaningful dreams.


Hypersthene helps you understand yourself on a deeper level, see beyond material success, and understand what true success looks like in your life. It settles the dust, it calms things down so you can reflect on your true purpose and potential in life, and where you need to shift things accordingly.

This is a stone to help you begin to truly prioritize your priorities and bring things into balance, helping you achieve a sense of alignment and fulfillment from within, and increasing your confidence and independence.

What is Hypersthene Good For?

hypersthene crystal spiritual meaning
  • Taking time for self-care and reflection
  • Clearing and shielding the aura
  • Recovering after illness or depression
  • Releasing negative or cyclical thoughts
  • Aiding in meditation
  • Settling chaotic or imbalanced energy
  • Increasing psychic awareness
  • Understanding yourself on a deeper level
  • Getting clear on your priorities
  • Promoting confidence and sharing your gifts
  • Siezing opportunities
  • Finding purpose and fulfillment

Cleanse & Recharge

Hypersthene energy responds well to the element of air. You can use a nice breezy day to cleanse your crystal. Simply set it outside in a safe spot for a few hours, out of direct sunlight, and let the wind clear any negative energy away and recharge it with the energy of the Earth’s forces.

For a quicker cleanse, you can run it through the smoke of some incense, or even blow it off until it feels lighter and clearer. Then recharge it by holding it in your palms and setting an intention for its work with you. 

You can also use sound to clear it by setting it near a singing bowl, using a tuning fork, playing an instrument, or even singing to it. The vibrations and frequencies will knock out the ick and bring in new harmonious energies.

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