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Brecciated Jasper Meaning & Properties

Brecciated Jasper is a type of quartz that is oftentimes broken up into pieces, then fused back together by chalcedony. Red and yellow are the most common colors of brecciated jasper, with most stones sold in stores being cut and polished, or tumbled pieces. The nature of how brecciated jasper is formed makes the meaning to heal past pain or trauma, clear negativity, and cement new stability in life a perfect match!

In this brecciated Jasper profile, we go through:

  • Brecciated Jasper Properties
  • How Brecciated Jasper is Formed
  • Where to Find Brecciated Jasper
  • Brecciated Jasper Meaning
  • Brecciated Jasper Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Brecciated Jasper Properties

brecciated jasper meaning crystal stone

Red brecciated jasper is the most common, with yellow brecciated jasper being another common primary color. These colored quartz fragments are usually cemented together with grey and white chalcedony, or a new microcrystalline quartz. Some stones do have mixtures of other colors such as brown, grey, or yellow depending on the other minerals present.

When the stones break and fuse back together during the brecciation, there are often lines or bands of jasper created.

Brecciated jasper will look almost like breccia, which is a rock made out of many fragments of other rocks commented together. However, it is the quartz structure with chalcedony fusing the quartz fragments back together that makes up the brecciated jasper properties.

How is Brecciated Jasper Formed?

Brecciated jasper stones begin their journey when a liquid with the chemical formula of SiO2 flows into pockets and crevices in the Earth’s crust. Other minerals such as iron make their way into the mixture, coloring the forming quartz crystal to shades of brown, yellow, and red.

Over time, the Earth’s crust shifts causing these quartz crystals to break and form new pockets. White and grey silicon dioxide mixture then flows into the gaps creating then microcrystalline quartz that cements the pieces of quartz back together, forming the final brecciated jasper stone.

Where to Find Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated jasper can be found in countries across the world including:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • United States

Brecciated jasper deposits in the United States are located in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning

Brecciated jasper is a grounding and calming stone that brings strength through trying emotional times, and stability to deal with all of life’s ups and downs.

Created from the shattered fragments of stone that cemented back together into a new matrix, how brecciated jasper was formed reveals a metaphor for its effects on your life.

It has the energy of breaking things up from the past- old patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and ways of being- to help you build them back up again in a way that supports your life now and where you want to go in the future. 

For the times when you feel shattered and broken and want to heal your psyche and heart from past pain and trauma, brecciated jasper can support you through deep emotional healing, helping you put yourself back together again, stronger, with a firmer foundation of love and patience, able to forgive and move forward.

brecciated jasper properties

Brecciated Jasper Metaphysical Properties


This beautiful jasper with its abstract swirls of browns and blacks through a vibrant red base resonates deeply with the root chakra.

You can use it to help you feel more grounded and calm in the moment, and also to break through old patterns and cycles of pain that have been held deep within you for years.

Brecciated jasper grounds and activates the root chakra, helping it connect with the energy of the Earth and bring in a sense of support, stability, and safety. 

This is a special jasper stone that can help you clear out the old, dead roots from the past, releasing fear, shame, and pain you’ve been holding in your energetic body, to help you ground into the present and into all the strength and power you hold.

Healing Properties


Brecciated jasper is a stone of repair, to mend broken hearts and old wounds and help you find a new foundation to build upon. It helps unearth the roots of pain, trauma, and anger so you can clear them out for good.

It calms the waves of stress and overwhelms in everyday life, helping you ground into a feeling of support. Its nurturing qualities open you up to forgiveness and acceptance, helping you focus on the present and who you want to be going forward. 

Also very connected with sexual energy, brecciated jasper can help heal the emotional remnants of sexual trauma and abuse to find resolution, strength, and balance within yourself.

brecciated jasper healing properties


This stone can help you sort through mental blocks and worries, and breakthrough limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years.

When your mind feels cluttered or focused on things that happened in the past, brecciated jasper will bring your awareness back to the present moment and calm the cyclical thoughts. It’s a great stone to uplift and energize your mind when you feel mentally exhausted.


A wonderfully nurturing stone, brecciated jasper helps your body detoxify and rids everyday aches and pains. It increases physical strength, stamina, and endurance to help you utilize all the power your body holds.

It’s an energizing and supportive stone to use during illness or injury, to revitalize the body and increase your patience along the healing journey.


Brecciated jasper is connected to the roots of who you are, including your origin, your ancestors, and your life story. When you’re ready to move past the old stories, old traumas, and unhealed pain of the past, this is the stone to turn to for support.

It will help you look at and acknowledge the past, embrace your pain, feel it and then release it for good. Brecciated jasper grounds and releases the heavy, emotional angst, shame, and blame, sending it back into the Earth to be composted and used as new energy to create a new story for your life!

What is Brecciated Jasper Good For?

brecciated jasper stone
  • Healing past pain and trauma
  • Releasing anger and emotional baggage
  • Clearing negativity and heavy energy
  • Grounding into the present moment
  • Bringing in calm, patience, and stability
  • Focusing the mind and releasing mental blocks
  • Nurturing and energizing the body
  • Supporting through instability
  • Overcoming challenges and adversity
  • Strengthening and stabilizing mind, body, and spirit
  • Increasing creativity and vitality
  • Promoting sexual health and healing

Cleanse & Recharge

As brecciated jasper resonates with the energy of the Earth, place it back in mother nature’s arms for cleansing and recharging treatment.

You can leave it outside on the grass, stick in your garden or in the dirt of a potted plant, put it near some natural water or with other rocks outside. Leave it out overnight so it can release the energy it’s holding back into the earth, and get charged back up with healing frequencies.

For a quicker cleanse, you can also rinse it under some water and dry it with a soft cloth, wave it through some smudge smoke, or hold it in your hands and envision it being cleansed and reenergized with vibrant, red light.

How to Clean Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper has a hardness of 6.5-7 (Mohs hardness scale).

With brecciated jasper being a hard stone, it can be washed to clean off dust and dirt. Using warm water and Castille soap, rinse then lather on some soap, rubbing it in with fingertips. Rinse thoroughly, then either wipe dry with a soft cotton towel or set it aside on top of a towel to air dry.

If you have a polished stone or tower, use a crystal polishing cloth to clean and polish it.


Brecciated jasper comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Here is a list of brecciated jasper cost estimates for different stone types, sizes, and shapes:

  • Small Tumbled Stone: $3 – 11
  • Rough Crystal: $4 – 28
  • Large Towers: $5 – 14
  • Palm Stones: $6 – 27
  • Bracelet: $9 – 21
  • Ring: $9 – 40
  • Necklace: $10 – 80
  • Earrings: $16 – 30
  • Large Sphere: $45 – 600

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