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Astrophyllite Meaning & Properties

Astrophyllite is a rare silicate mineral first discovered in Norway in 1844. The stone has colors including brown, gold, yellow, and red. These colors come from the main elements including iron, manganese, potassium, and titanium. Astrophyllite meaning and uses include unleashing one’s true potential, transforming to open up new opportunities, and helping to release negative energy to create clarity.

In this Astrophyllite profile, we go through:

  • Astrophyllite Properties
  • How Astrophyllite is Formed
  • Where to Find Astrophyllite
  • Astrophyllite Meaning
  • Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Astrophyllite Properties

astrophyllite crystal stone

Astrophyllite is a soft, fragile crystal with a hardness of 3 (Mohs) that can be easily broken. The stone has a color palette of gold, brown, yellow, and red creating transition shades of golden-yellow, yellow-bronze, and reddish-brown created by the iron, potassium, and titanium properties.

The name “astrophyllite” for the stone comes from the word astron which is an ancient Greek word meaning “star” and phyllon which means “leaf.” These words were chosen by the unique star-like pattern on the crystal.

How is Astrophyllite Formed?

Astrophyllite is formed in cavities and crevices of rare felsic rocks with properties including aegirine, feldspar, mica, nepheline, titanite, and zircon.

Astrophyllite is created with impurities including aluminum, calcium, magnesium, niobium, tantalum, and zirconium.

Where to Find Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite is a rare crystal found only in remote areas of the world including:

  • in Mont-Saint-Hilaire located in Quebec, Canada
  • near the popular Pikes Peak mountain in Colorado, United States
  • at Narsarsuk and Kangerdluarsuk, Greenland
  • in Brevig, Norway
  • on the Kola Peninsula in Russia

Astrophyllite Meaning

Astrophyllite is rare and brilliant, a truly magical crystal that is both grounding and uplifting, supporting your human journey while also helping open you up to all the possibilities in the astral world.

Helping you feel more stable and secure, rooted into the Earth, but also connecting you with the support of the higher realms, astrophyllite brings in the balance of both the physical and spiritual wisdom you hold within you, helping you access the full breadth of your power.

It’s a wonderful relationship stone, promoting fidelity, strength, and trust between people, including romantic and familial relationships. It’s a crystal that aids in acceptance and peace, forging bonds and strengthening foundations.

A glimmering stone that’s filled with light, astrophyllite helps you focus on your soul’s journey here on Earth and align with your true purpose so you can shine brilliantly in the world.

astrophyllite properties

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties


Apophyllite is a multi-dimensional stone that can help bring balance to all the chakras, releasing negative energy and replacing it with brilliant light energy. 

Primarily, it activates the root chakra, bringing a sense of stability, groundedness, and inner power, and the earth star chakra, which lies at the base of your aura, below the ground, beneath your feet.

The earth star is an astral chakra that links you to all of Earth and nature, to your ancestors, and your past lives. It brings in wisdom from your history, from your DNA, from your soul’s experiences to help guide you in this current human life.

Once you feel grounded in your power and your sense of belonging here on Earth, astrophyllite also helps lift your eyes towards the stars to connect with your higher consciousness. In this way, it opens the third eye and crown, and also connects with the soul star chakra above your head.

Another astral chakra, the soul star is connected to your soul’s wisdom from collected experiences, to the Akashic realm, to all the possibilities and potential your life story holds. Apophyllite helps bring these mostly unconscious knowings into your physical body and conscious awareness, so you can put them to use in your real everyday life.

Healing Properties


For emotional attachments and those times you just can’t seem to let go, apophyllite can help you find stability and support to ease through big changes and do the uncomfortable things you’ve been avoiding, helping you see all the possibilities that lie ahead.

When you’re struggling, feeling stuck or like you’re all alone, apophyllite’s energy uplifts and connects you to the support of the Earth, of your family and closest relationships, and of the spirit world, to help you realize that you’re never alone, endlessly supported and held by the Universe.

astrophyllite meaning


If you tend to get caught up in your mind or are hyper-focused on mental pursuits, astrophyllite can yoink you out of your head, back into the world, and shift your eyes towards what truly matters most in your life.

On the other hand, if you feel apathetic and uninspired like your mind is flat, apophyllite increases vigor and energy in your brain, getting the good ideas flowing.

It’s a crystal that brings clarity and focus, helping you prioritize and organize your life. It also helps open your mind to new possibilities and brings your struggles into perspective so you can find the meaning behind them.


As a protective and grounding stone, apophyllite has EMF mitigating effects that can protect against radiation and harmful frequencies in your environment. It’s also said to flush out toxins and impurities from your physical body, bringing in harmony and balance. 

All the light energy this stone holds is invigorating and healing for the whole body, flushing the organ systems, restoring their functioning, relieving pain and stagnation, strengthening and restructuring cells, and supporting the nervous system.


This stone can go deep when you’re ready to go deep, and it can lift you way up into astral realms and higher consciousness when you’re ready for that.

Apophyllite is a stone of wholeness and balance that wants to extract the truth from every corner, and bring light to all the dark places that lie within you. 

Connecting you to your personal power and purpose in life, use apophyllite to heal and release shadows from the past, including from your ancestral lineage and past lives, as you open up to the light of healing and possibility that lies before you. It’s a crystal of evolution and transformation, to help you become your whole, true self.

astrophyllite crystal healing properties

What is Astrophyllite Good For?

  • Unleashing your true potential
  • Supporting you through transformation
  • Balancing the physical and spiritual world
  • Prioritizing and focusing on what matters most
  • Strengthening bonds in relationships
  • Opening up to new possibilities
  • Bringing mental clarity and perspective
  • Developing trust in yourself and others
  • Releasing toxins and negative energy
  • Gaining confidence and self-assurance
  • Working through an ancestral and past life trauma
  • Connecting to a sense of oneness with nature
  • Increasing your higher awareness
  • Shielding from low vibrational frequencies
  • Expanding and evolving your life

Cleanse & Recharge

Astrophyllite’s energy resonates with the Earth, especially at night when the stars are out, so leaving your stone outside on the dirt, grass, under a tree, or another safe space under the night sky is a great way to cleanse and recharge it.

You can also cleanse it with smoke from a healing herb, using soundwaves or vibrations from a singing bowl or healing tones, or even place it on a quartz cluster or selenite wand overnight.

It does absorb and reflect a lot of negative and lower frequency energy, so be sure to cleanse it often to keep it working well in your life!

How to Clean Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite has a hardness of 3-3.5 (Mohs hardness scale).

With astrophyllite being a soft crystal, it is best to prevent using any rough cloths or cleaners. We recommend using warm water to rinse the stone, then placing it aside on a cloth to dry.

If you have a polished stone or tower, use a crystal polishing cloth to clean it.


Astrophyllite comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Here is a list of astrophyllite cost estimates for different stone types, sizes, and shapes:

  • Small Tumbled Stone: $3 – 6
  • Palm Stones: $8 – 24
  • Rough Crystal: $8 – 60
  • Large Towers: $13 – 35
  • Gem Quality Earrings: $15 – 88
  • Bracelet: $18 – 36
  • Gem Quality Ring: $25 – 60
  • Gem Quality Necklace: $50 – 80
  • Large Sphere: $50 – 90

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