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Green Opal Meaning & Properties

Green opal is a milky green-colored mineraloid that is a hydrated silicon dioxide stone that almost looks like quartz. The color of green can range from light mint ivory to forest green depending on the amount of Nontronite mineral it has in it. The majority of this stone comes from Australia and is for strong abilities to support during transformation and cleansing out negativity.

In this Green Opal profile, we go through:

  • Green Opal Properties
  • How Green Opal Is Formed
  • Where to Find Green Opal
  • Green Opal Meaning
  • Green Opal Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Green Opal Properties

green opal properties

Green opal is often classified as a mineraloid even though it contains silica which would put it in more of the same family as quartz. The chemical formula is actually SiO2nH2O, which is almost the same as quartz. The only difference is that green opal is a hydrated crystal, meaning it has a water compound (H20) in its structure. Also, the Nontronite gives it a rich green color.

Green opal can range from being slightly soft to hard with a hardness of 5 – 6.5 (Mohs).

Unlike other opals, the green opal crystal is not as iridescent as the common white opal or even the rare black opals. Green opal can have pale or flat shades of green, ranging from soft pastel green to deep forest green.

How is Green Opal Formed?

Green opal is formed from water that runs and picks up silica from sandstone. A silicon dioxide-rich water solution is formed that fills cracks and crevices in Earth’s crust. Over time, intense pressure and heat cause this solution to evaporate some of the water leaving behind green opal.

Where to Find Green Opal

Australia has the most concentration of green opal deposits in the world majority of the deposits worldwide. 98% of the green opal in the world can be found in Australia. Coober Pedy, a desert city in the southern area of the country, is almost completely dependent on the trade of green opal.

Honduras and Venezuela both have smaller deposits of green opal.

In ancient times, green opal was used for different carving different items and the main deposit was known to be in Slovakia. This deposit has since been completely extracted.

Green Opal Meaning

Green Opal is a heart-opening stone to support you through change and transformative growth. It has soft, nurturing energy that encourages you to make steady progress towards your heart’s desires in life while letting go of whatever has been hindering you.

One of the coolest things about this soothing light green crystal is that, as you use it to help you move through life changes, it changes right alongside you!

Users of green opal remark on its ability to change colors over time, developing shades of orange, pink, yellow, white, black, or deeper green in spots, as its energy affects you and is affected by you.

There is a very reciprocal exchange of energy with green opal and whoever uses it, which helps foster more balanced, mutually respectful, and reciprocal relationships in your life. It’s a great stone to use to grow any relationship and open up to more honest, heartfelt emotional expression.

green opal

Green Opal Metaphysical Properties


Green opal connects with the heart chakra, opening you to more acceptance and forgiveness and bringing more harmony into all your relationships.

It also empowers the solar plexus chakra, inspiring self-confidence and encouraging you to push forward in your life, no matter what apparent struggles and blocks stand before you.

Green opal can also cleanse and clear unwanted, unhelpful energies out of your auric field, and from any chakra that feels like it is out of balance or carrying too much emotional weight. 

Play around with it and trust where you’re drawn to place your opal stone for a healing treatment. It will guide your way.

Healing Properties


Green opal unburdens the heart of heavy, intense emotions and trauma from the past, and is very cleansing for toxic and negative energy. 

It’s a wonderful crystal that can both release your emotional burdens and also restore your innate, vital energy.

It’s calming for intense emotions at the moment you’re experiencing them, and also rejuvenating after a period of stress.

Green opal helps heal heartbreak, grief, and emotional tension and strife in relationships. It grounds and calms heightened emotional energy, and helps cleanse your whole field of unwanted emotions.

green opal meaning


For filtering through the haze of information in your mind, green opal stimulates clarity and discernment, helping you focus on what is most important.

It’s great to use whenever you feel confused, lost, or can’t make a decision, to help you hone in on what your next best action step should be.

This beautiful crystal also increases your awareness of what’s around you, helping you be more observant and appreciative of all the goodness to be found right here in the present moment.


Also rejuvenating for the body, green opal helps improve the immune system and relieves symptoms of colds, flu, and infections. It supports physical detoxing as well as helping detox the stuck and stagnant emotions that could lead to disease. 

It also helps you make more nurturing decisions for your body and create changes in your daily life that will restore your health and harmony, such as eliminating a bad habit or increasing your intake of healthy, whole foods.

It’s also said to be a helpful detoxifier for the liver, kidneys, and lungs, bringing them into a more balanced functional state.


In the bigger picture sense, green opal encourages you to see yourself truly, to appreciate your bounty and beauty, to honor your individuality, and go for what your heart most yearns for in life. 

It’s a creative and energizing stone that helps you move through perceived failures and struggles with more ease and clarity, unlocking your potential to thrive. It’s a crystal of fresh starts and positive transformations!

Use it to plant new seeds of intent and desire into the world as you start a new business or venture, as you embark on a new phase of your life, or are ready to embrace all the abundance and possibilities the world has to offer.

What is Green Opal Good For?

raw green opal
  • Cleansing negative and unwanted emotions
  • Encouraging growth and transformation
  • Bringing harmony to relationships
  • Rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit
  • Recovering after heartbreak or illness
  • Grounding overwhelm, anxiety and stress
  • Detoxing your physical and energetic body
  • Manifesting your heart’s desires
  • Bringing more abundance into your life
  • Clearing mental blocks and subconscious patterns
  • Helping you focus and take action on your goals
  • Creating clear energetic boundaries

Cleanse & Recharge

As an emotionally connected stone, water is an excellent element to use in cleansing green opal. 

Using the purest water available, spring or filtered water, you can simply dip the opal into cold or warm water for a bit, or hold it under running water for a minute or two, then gently dry it with a soft cloth.

Be careful not to use salt water or any harsh abrasives, as opal is a soft and fragile stone that can get scratched easily. It’s a porous crystal that needs hydration to stay in its most beneficial state, so also be careful not to expose it to anything that could dehydrate it, such as leaving it outside in the sun or by a heat source.

After a nice cleanse, recharge the opal by holding it while you state your purest intentions for the energy you’d like it to bring into your life. You can do this out loud or in your mind. Cleanse green opal often as it absorbs a good amount of energy.

How to Clean Green Opal

Green opal has a range of hardness between 5-6.5 (Mohs hardness scale).

Rough green opal can be rinsed with warm water and using fingers with a little bit of Castille soap to rub dirt and dust from the surface. Rinse dry and set aside on a towel to air dry. Air drying is the preferred method due to the rough texture that can collect dust and cotton particles if a towel was used to dry it.

Polished green opal should be handled with more care, rinsing the stone with warm water and gently lathering it with Castille soap. The tumbled stone can then be placed on a towel to dry or wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth.


Green opal cost ranges from $1-3 for small rough green opal, to $12-18 for tumbled palm green opals. Large green opal eggs and sculptures can cost $100-200.

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