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Blue Moonstone Meaning & Properties

Blue Moonstone is a rare form of moonstone that has a distinct blue beneath the surface of the stone, yet still exhibits adularescence; the glowing phenomenon that is a signature feature of moonstones. Blue Moonstone is great for harnessing emotional balance and intelligence, connecting with intuition, and enhancing mood. Using this stone around full moons can be particularly powerful.

In this Blue Moonstone profile, we go through:

  • Blue Moonstone Properties
  • Blue Moonstone Meaning
  • Blue Moonstone Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Blue Moonstone Properties

blue moonstone crystal properties

Blue Moonstone is a gem-quality sodium potassium aluminum silicate stone of the feldspar group that looks to have a blue core.

Blue Moonstone, along with other moonstones, has a glow reflecting light that almost looks as if the moon was glowing behind a cloud. The glowing effect observed in moonstone is called adularescence.

Adularescence is a phenomenon created in certain types of feldspar by thin layers thin of orthoclase and albite alternating that also have different refractive indexes. Light penetrating into the stone and hitting these alternating layers with different refractive indexes causes the light to scatter and cause the unique adularescent glow found in moonstone.

Blue Moonstone is one of the rarest moonstones. Darker and more visible the blue inside of the blue moonstone, the rarer the stone.

Blue Moonstone Meaning

Blue Moonstone is a gorgeous crystal that’s like the light of the moon captured in physical form. It carries the lunar energies of femininity, mystery, and intuition, enhancing the receptive qualities of anyone who works with it.

Like the moon which pulls the tides of the oceans, Moonstone resonates with the waters of our emotions and the vast mysteries of the unconscious mind and spirit realm.

When you want to reflect and go inward, to cool off heated emotional energy, and find a sense of inner balance, Blue Moonstone’s nurturing qualities can guide you to the calm, peaceful center within yourself and help you better connect with all the wisdom you contain within you.

A very supportive and gentle crystal, Blue Moonstone brings balance to the whole body, mind, and spirit, cooling inner fires, enhancing intuitive abilities, and soothing chaotic emotions.

blue moonstone metaphysical properties

Blue Moonstone Metaphysical Properties


Connected to the third-eye and crown chakras, Blue Moonstone is a wonderfully gentle stone to help open up your intuition and ability to connect with the spirit planes and unconscious realms.

With a motherly quality that’s aligned with the divine feminine, Moonstone is protective and supportive for the whole aura, enhancing yin energy while dispelling overwhelming yang energy, to bring wholeness and balance to the entire energetic system. 

This gorgeous crystal with its flash of iridescent blue activates the third eye chakra’s power of inner vision and perception, helping you see what’s been hidden and tap into your intuitive insights more clearly. For anyone doing psychic, intuitive, or spiritual work of any sort, Blue Moonstone is a great tool to have by your side during the process.

Also connected to the crown chakra with its translucence or white sheen, this crystal is a cosmic connector to the higher realms and helps you stay open and receptive to the messages and guidance coming in from your unseen helpers in spirit.

Healing Properties


Blue Moonstone brings what’s been hidden to light, unearthing buried emotional angst and pain to allow it to be expressed and released from your energetic system once and for all. It does this in a very soothing, gentle way, like a tender mother who is there to support your healing and wellbeing. 

When you’re feeling overly firey with aggression, anger, hostility, blame, or resentment, Blue Moonstone’s energy comes in to fan the flames and cool off the excess heat, bringing in ease, contemplation, and reflection.

Or if you’re moody like the tides, laughing one second and crying the next, Blue Moonstone soothes the extremes and can help bring you back to a state of peaceful balance and find the solutions for your struggles right within yourself.

blue moonstone healing properties


An excellent aid to calm a racing mind or quell negative thoughts, Blue Moonstone inspires confidence and clarity and opens you to intuitive insight and flashes of knowledge. 

An excellent aid at work, Blue Moonstone can help you find new strategies for success, see new possibilities, and brings good luck towards whatever you put your mind to. It’s a great stone to have near when you’re starting a new business or project and don’t want the old, stuck patterns of thought inhibiting your progress.


Blue Moonstone is a very supportive stone for women who are seeking to balance their hormones or regulate their moon cycle, and is an excellent companion when wanting to get pregnant, as it enhances female fertility (and libido) and fosters a happy healthy pregnancy and birthing experience. 

Also thought to be a powerfully protective stone, take Blue Moonstone with you on travels or anywhere you venture to, especially at night. It will ease flow and communication and keep you protected from negative or harmful energies. It’s also a great aid to help your body get back into circadian rhythm after being jetlagged or if you have trouble sleeping.


Aligned with the natural rhythms and cycles of the cosmos, Blue Moonstone brings you back into alignment with your own true nature. It helps you open up to the magic and support of the spirit world all around you and connect with the intelligence of your own body and soul.

When you’re feeling off-kilter, out of balance, or overwhelmed, reach for Blue Moonstone to invigorate your higher awareness of what will bring you a sense of wholeness, security, and fulfillment and help you create a life that flows with ease, like water around a boulder.

What is Blue Moonstone Good For?

blue moonstone necklace
  • Enhancing feminine, yin qualities
  • Fostering emotional balance and intelligence
  • Setting full moon intentions
  • Increasing receptivity and luck
  • Connecting with your intuition
  • Calming overwhelm, stress, and anger
  • Meditating and reflecting
  • Lifting low spirits and bad moods
  • Protecting the aura and energy system
  • Moving out of stuckness into flow
  • Balancing the hormones
  • Nurturing the physical body
  • Soothing frayed nerves
  • Bringing light to the inner shadows

Cleanse & Recharge

As a stone of the moon, it’s a wonderful idea to do a once-monthly cleanse of Blue Moonstone under the light of the full moon. Leave it outside in a safe place so it can release the energy it has collected down into the Earth, and recharge itself with cool blue, lunar light. 

For a quicker everyday cleanse, you can run Moonstone under some water and dry it with a soft cloth, wave it through the smoke of some incense, or leave it to rest on a selenite plate overnight.

How to Clean Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone is a semi-hard stone with a hardness of 6 – 6.5 Mohs, it can be cleaned by washing gently with water and Castille soap.

Begin by rinsing the Moonstone and gently rubbing Castille soap into the surface of the stone with your fingertips. Rinse the crystal thoroughly, then set it aside on a towel to dry. If you need the stone to dry faster, dab it softly with a soft cotton cloth.


Blue Moonstone comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Here is a list of cost estimates for different varieties of shapes, sizes, and forms the crystal may come in:

  • Small Rough Crystal: $4 – 12
  • Small Tumbled Stone: $5 – 48
  • Earrings: $14 – 130
  • Palm Stone: $15 – 40
  • Large Tower: $17 – 120
  • Bracelet: $18 – 63
  • Necklace: $20 – 220
  • Ring: $43 – 325
  • Large Rough Crystal: $143 – 280

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