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Cavansite Meaning & Properties

Cavansite is a blue hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate crystal that is after its chemical composition (Ca-V-Si or Calcium Vanadium Silicate). The crystal is extremely rare first being discovered in Malheur, Oregon back in 1962 and rediscovered in Poona, India, only to be found since then in New Zealand and Brazil. Cavansite meaning is to assist during times of change where it helps to increase intuition and communication with others while helping with managing stress and tension.

In this Cavansite profile, we go through:

  • Cavansite Properties
  • Cavansite Meaning
  • Cavansite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Cavansite Properties

blue cavansite crystal meaning

Cavansite is a luxurious, rich blue crystal that is very rare. The crystals grow either prismatic or as rosettes (or clusters), with the rosettes mostly found amongst a bed of zeolite minerals including Apophyllite or Stilbite.

Although they are soft crystals, their rarity and properties allow them to be used in jewelry. The rarity of the crystals can make it hard to find new crystals or jewelry in stores.

Cavansite Chemical Formula: Ca(VO)Si4O10 · 4H2O

Cavansite Hardness: 3 – 4 (Mohs scale)

Cavansite Meaning

Cavansite is a gorgeous and calming crystal that offers great support through any life changes or challenges, like a breath of fresh air that brings in new energy.

Regenerative and purifying, cavansite brings cool relief to stress, worries, and anxious thinking, helping you feel calm, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.

During big upheavals or transitions, when there is indecision, grief, and many unknowns to face ahead, cavansite helps you connect with your intuitive intelligence and communicate clearly with the spirit realm, instilling a sense of reassurance and courage from within to carry you forward.

Cavansite helps you accept the lessons of the past while staying buoyant and joyful, ever-looking towards a future full of magic and possibility. It’s a stone that wants you to find yourself, express yourself, and believe in yourself and all the beautiful powers you possess.

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, or restricted in your life, cavansite can help you break free from limitations and connect with your true calling and the authentic expression of your soul!

cavansite crystal metaphysical properties

Cavansite Metaphysical Properties


In its stunning turquoise blue, cavansite brings a sense of calm and wellbeing to the entire aura, from head to toe. It is highly attuned to the upper chakras though, most notably affecting the throat and third eye. 

As a throat chakra healer, cavansite is a stone aligned with truth, freedom, and integrity. It wants you to know, speak and express your truth and helps you communicate clearly, with softness and grace.

It also has the special ability to enhance your psychic communication with your guides and the spirit realm and can help you better decipher and intuit the messages and wisdom they have for you.

Cavansite pairs this beautiful, free and open throat chakra energy with the power of your third eye chakra, expanding its awareness and psychic perceptions and bringing clarity to the mind.

Healing Properties


As an emotionally healing stone, cavansite relieves stress, anxiety, and tension. It’s great for clearing out ruts and moodiness brought on by heavy, confusing, or overwhelming thoughts, and is very comforting through big changes and transitions in your life. 

It brings lightness and acceptance helping you process grief and old pain, and release them from your energy body like the wind. Cavansite energy feels gentle and encouraging, emboldening you to live freely and express your truth clearly.


blue cavansite healing properties

Cleansing for the mind, cavansite brings clarity to cluttered thinking and heightens your perception of intuitive information. It can help break negative thought patterns and critical thinking and brings awareness to the things you’ve been ignoring, denying, or delaying. It does this so you can come clean, bring things into alignment and live in full integrity. 

Cavansite’s calming vibration helps you slow down, reflect and make sure you’re heading down the right path, helping you figure out how you can best be of service to humanity and express your authentic gifts in the world.


Associated with the head, ears, eyes, and throat, cavansite eases headaches and migraines, (especially when they’re stress-induced), can relieve ringing in the ears, and aid in healing a sore throat or issues with the teeth.

Its calming energy is also cleansing and soothing to the kidneys and bladder and helps balance the endocrine system via the pineal and pituitary glands.


If you’re feeling lost or purposeless in life, cavansite can help redirect you onto a path of truth, a path of learning to love and accept yourself wholly and completely and extending that grace to others as well.

It helps you better communicate with your guides and spirit team, to be able to perceive their messages more clearly and feel the strength of their wisdom and support to guide you through life.

It’s also a beautiful stone to keep near your bedside to help you decipher and decode your dreams and find more spiritual meaning in them, and can foster lucid dreaming and astral traveling.

What is Cavansite Good For?

cavansite jewelry ring necklace
  • Going through big life changes
  • Healing from grief or feeling lost
  • Increasing your intuition
  • Calming stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Breaking through limitations
  • Accepting yourself and others
  • Fostering communication
  • Living as your authentic self
  • Finding freedom and joy
  • Expressing your truth
  • Understanding your dreams
  • Enhancing psychic communication
  • Receiving messages from your guides
  • Recognizing your life purpose

Cleanse & Recharge

Cavansite’s energy is linked to the element of air, so using the wind, smoke or sound is a great way to clear and recharge its energy. 

You can leave your crystal to rest outside on a breezy day and let the wind wash away the energy it has absorbed, and bring fresh new energy in.

You can also run it through the smoke from some incense or an herb bundle until it feels lighter and clear.

Or try using a singing bowl, tuning fork, or binaural frequencies to cleanse your cavansite with sound, clearing out the lower vibrations and restoring its high-frequency energy.

It’s important to cleanse and recharge it after any big upheaval or transition you’re experiencing in your life so that it can better connect with you for healing.

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