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Iceland Spar Meaning & Properties

The Iceland Spar crystal is a completely transparent calcium carbonate crystal, or a form of Calcite, with a rich history of being used in science to study light and sun rays. This crystal is believed to be the Icelandic medieval Viking Sunstone used by the Vikings to locate the sun on cloudy days. Iceland Spar meaning has properties helping to find clarity and insight, clear confusion, and helping to find the path forward when feeling lost.

In this Iceland Spar profile, we go through:

  • Iceland Spar Properties
  • Iceland Spar Meaning
  • Iceland Spar Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Iceland Spar Properties

iceland spar crystal calcite

The Iceland Spar crystal is a form of Calcite or a crystallized form of calcium carbonate that is completely transparent. Originally brought from Iceland and with the ability to be used for light-polarizing, which separates out light, it is believed to be used by the Vikings in ancient times to find the sun when the sky was overcast with clouds. For this reason, Iceland Spar is sometimes also called Viking Sunstone.

The largest, clearest pure pieces of Iceland Spar have been mined from the Helgustadir mine located in Iceland where the crystal was first discovered. Other places where the crystal is found include Chihuahua, Mexico in the Sonoran desert region of Santa Eulalia, in parts of New Mexico in the United States, and in some mines across China.

Iceland Spar Chemical Formula: CaCO3

Iceland Spar Hardness: 3 (Mohs scale)

Iceland Spar Meaning

Iceland spar is a stunningly clear calcite crystal that brings clarity into every area of your life. It helps you see yourself and your life more clearly so you can make wiser decisions, and guides you to your soul’s true north to find clear purpose and conviction.

Like the Vikings who are said to have used Iceland spar to locate the sun on a cloudy day and use that to navigate their direction, it’s an excellent stone to help you navigate your way through life and help you find the light through the clouds and darkness of your own psyche.

As a type of calcite, it has a wonderfully cooling and calming energy that can soothe worries, anxiety, anger, and emotional pain, clear doubt and fear from the mind, and bring overall healing and wellbeing to your whole body spirit.

Whenever you feel lost or confused in life like you don’t know which direction to go, Iceland spar can help you release the patterns and stuckness that have held you captive, and help you move forward with motivation and clarity towards the brightest future you can envision for yourself!

iceland spar calcite double refraction

Iceland Spar Metaphysical Properties


Iceland spar clears stagnant energy from your aura, all your chakras, and the entire meridian system. Simply holding it can help shift your vibration and help clear stagnant energies so that your own vital energy can flow freely throughout your whole being.

Try holding one at the top of your head, at your crown chakra, and imagine pure, white light emanating from the Iceland spar and cascading down your entire body like a waterfall, through you and all around you, cleansing and dissolving everything impure or negative in your aura, your chakras, and your meridians.

See the light filling up your entire aura, clarifying every cell, bringing peace to your whole body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Then carry the Iceland spar with you throughout the day to maintain this sense of calm and clarity.

Healing Properties


This is an excellent crystal to clear heavy and stagnant emotional energy, especially anger, frustration, irritability, rage, resentment, hatred, envy, and any other “hot” or “burning” type of emotion. Its cooling, soothing vibration helps clear and calm any overwhelming, triggered emotional energy.

Using it often can help you feel clear, calm, uplifted, and balanced, bringing emotional stability and peace. Hold the stone in your hands or on your body, up to your heart, head, or gut, and make a clear intention for it to help you clear out the heavy emotions, and breathe, be with it for a few minutes, and see how you feel.

iceland spar metaphysical properties


Iceland spar is a great mentally clarifying stone to help you see more clearly and perceive the ways around your apparent blocks and struggles in life. It can bring light to your subconscious belief systems and help you see how you may be self-sabotaging yourself or allowing negative thoughts to block your way.

This is a crystal to bring self-awareness and clarity to your mind, to help you clear the clouds of doubt, disbelief, and negativity so you can right your way forward into a bright future and expand what you thought you were capable of. It expands your mind into the realms of insight and wisdom, where you can gain a higher perspective of the lessons your life has taught you.


As a crystal of clarity, Iceland spar is thought to clear toxins and stagnancy from the organs and blood and dissolve calcification, benefitting the entire body. It can relieve tension in the body, including headaches or joint pain, and is beneficial for the eyes and vision.

It can also clear fatigue and lethargy from the body helping you feel motivated and inspired to move into action. Iceland spar increases the flow of chi throughout the body, bringing well-being into every cell.


This gorgeous clear crystal brings clarity to the patterns you’ve been cycling through in life and gives you the courage to break through them and move forward on your soul’s journey.

Once you gain consciousness around the subconscious cycles and karma you may be moving through and the lessons you’ve gained from them, you can dissolve them and move forward towards a future of your own creation.

This is a beautiful stone that opens you to higher levels of acceptance for yourself and more patience for others. It helps you see the bigger picture, read between the lines, and find the deeper meaning behind all things, inspiring a deep sense of connection and peace from within.

What is Iceland Spar Good For?

viking sunstone iceland spar meaning
  • Finding your direction when you feel lost
  • Clearing your mind of confusion
  • Dispelling negative and low energies
  • Finding inspiration and insight
  • Increasing motivation and drive
  • Heightening perception and awareness
  • Relieving stress and tension
  • Detoxing the mind and body
  • Cooling tempers and triggered emotions
  • Dissolving impurities and blocks
  • Developing tolerance and patience
  • Improving the flow of energy
  • Bringing clear vision, physically and psychically
  • Manifesting a beautiful future

Cleanse & Recharge

Iceland spar is a softer stone that can get damaged easily, so cleanse it using the gentlest methods.

A quick rinse under some cool water, or wafting it through the smoke of some incense, are great and fast ways to cleanse it when needed.

You can also keep your crystal on a bed of rice or on top of some selenite for it to receive a constant clearing so it’ll always be ready for use.

You can also leave it outside in a safe place under the moonlight, or on a windowsill, to get recharged by the moon’s cool, healing light.

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