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Shattuckite Meaning & Properties

Shattuckite is a rare blue, white, and violate mineral crystal that was first discovered by W.T. Schaller in 1915 and named after the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona it was first reported. Shattuckite meaning has releasing properties allowing it to help relieve blockages, bring balance, heighten intuition, and increase connection to truth and purpose.

In this Shattuckite profile, we go through:

  • Shattuckite Properties
  • Shattuckite Meaning
  • Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Shattuckite Properties

shattuckite stone meaning

Shattuckite is a blue, maroon, turquoise, white, and violate crystal that is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral of acicular crystals, fibers, and masses.

Shattuckite is a soft crystal that can feel waxy to the touch, especially when polished.

Shattuckite Chemical Formula: Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2

Shattuckite Hardness: 3.5 (Mohs scale)

Shattuckite can sometimes be confused with other crystals, including chrysocolla.

Shattuckite Meaning

Shattuckite is a gorgeous and magical blue crystal that resonates with the energy of truth and insight. It aligns you with your conscience, with your inner knowing, and helps you speak and act from that place deep within you, rather than be swayed by external influences.

A crystal for intuitive awareness and development, shattuckite helps you connect with your inner guidance system to gain a deep sense of clarity and purpose to guide you in life. It enhances your psychic vision and sharpens your mind’s ability to discern what information is helpful or harmful for you to listen to or follow.

This is a great crystal for psychics, mediums, energy healers and anyone in the spiritual fields to use during their work, to maintain a free flow of communication with the spirit realm and also make sure they’re channeling only the highest and most loving vibrations of energy.

A stone of expression and gentle power, you can use it to help you speak your truth without fear and move forward towards your heart’s desires. When you want to live with deep authenticity and integrity in your life, shattuckite will be one of your best allies.

shattuckite crystal properties

Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties


In its gorgeous indigo to aqua blue hues, shattuckite resonates with the throat chakra and the third eye. 

For the third eye chakra, shattuckite opens up your ability to receive messages and insights from your spirit guides and higher self, amplifying your intuitive connection and relationship with spirit. It has a protective quality that allows it to only bring in the highest and loving vibrational energies into your field as you engage with the spirit realm.

Shattuckite then brings all the wisdom you receive from your intuition and the spiritual realms down into your throat chakra, where you can express it, embody it, and act on it. It helps you speak your truth, empowers your inner voice, and also helps you better hear the whispers and messages being delivered to you by spirit.

It’s a great healer for the past, to release ancestral and past life pain and emotional weight that could be making you feel overwhelmed and heavy in your present life.

Healing Properties


Shattuckite can be great for anyone who feels guilty, who’s made mistakes, who is struggling to find themselves and create a good life for themselves, as it helps people acknowledge the truth within themselves, come to terms with what they’ve done wrong, and move forward from a higher, more loving place.

A great stone to work within healing your past, shattuckite can help you address and move on from the situations and memories that haunt you or hold you back. It can help you see the bigger picture and let go of your attachment to the pain, so you can leave the masks behind and embody your whole self, fully and truly, with acceptance and love towards yourself.

shattuckite healing properties


Shattuckite helps calm your mind and clear mental chaos, so you can see the forest for the trees and discern your situation and struggles more clearly. It helps you be more decisive and to make decisions from that inner knowing, from your intuitive insight. 

A great crystal for self-critical people, shattuckite can clear out the mind gremlins and help you get a clearer view of who you really are and what you want for your life.


Shattuckite works well to heal headaches, especially when they stem from your critical thoughts or overthinking. Place a piece of shattuckite right on your forehead and move it around, pausing for a bit on the areas where you feel the most pain, and do this until you start to experience some relief.

It can also be a great healer for throat and thyroid issues, bringing harmonic balance back in. It’s soothing and comforting for many aches and pains and brings an overall sense of wellbeing.


Shattuckite is a beautiful stone to increase your intuition and help you connect with your spiritual support team of guides, angels, ancestors, cosmic helpers, and who knows what else! That’s for you to find out, and this stone is one that can help you do just that. 

Try using it with an automatic writing practice. Take a few minutes to ground yourself and settle your mind, and then grab something to write with in one hand, and hold your crystal in the other. Ask yourself some questions that you need advice around, and then start freewriting the answers down. Let the pen flow and go, go, go until you can’t write anymore. 

Then read it back and see what insights came through. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom you can attain this way, especially the more you practice it.

What is Shattuckite Good For?

shattuckite ring
  • Clearing energetic blockages
  • Bringing balance into relationships
  • Letting go of unwanted energies and past pain
  • Bringing in new higher energy of love
  • Creating an authentic life
  • Speaking your truth with love
  • Connecting to your guides and higher self
  • Developing your intuition
  • Aligning with your conscience
  • Releasing critical thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Widening your perspective
  • Opening and clearing your mind

Cleanse & Recharge

Leave your shattuckite outside on a breezy day, or run it through some incense or smudge smoke for a quick cleanse.

It resonates with the energy of air, so leaving it outside in the fresh air to bask under the big blue sky in the arms of the green earth is another great way for it to cleanse and restore its energy.

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