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Moss Agate Meaning & Properties

Moss Agate is a popular semi-translucent green and white Chalcedony sometimes having creamy-yellow or black inclusions in the Quartz group. The crystal received its name from the appearance of the greenish inclusions that look like moss creeping over it with other vegetation growing within. Moss Agate is a stone that is used for stability, perseverance, and achievement helping to stabilize finances, working to allow a garden to thrive, or helping to work through other circumstances that come up.

In this Moss Agate profile, we go through:

  • Moss Agate Properties
  • Moss Agate Meaning
  • Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Moss Agate Properties

polished moss agate crystal meaning

Moss Agate is a mostly green and white semi-translucent quartz stone, sometimes with small creamy-yellow or black inclusions, that appears as though moss or other vegetation are growing inside and on top of the crystal.

The unique inclusions in Moss Agate are formed by oxides of Manganese and/or Iron with the colors dependent on other trace minerals.

Even though the name suggests the crystal is an agate, it is only included in this group due to the chemical composition being similar to most other agates. Moss Agate does not have bands and has a unique visual structure compared to other agates.

Moss Agate is also known as the Mocha Stone due to the Arabian city of Mocha in Yemen being a well-known ancient deposit where the crystals were mined. However, it is often argued that this name is reserved for a specific type of Moss Agate that includes brown and red inclusions.

Today, Moss Agate can be found in Brazil, across central Europe, India, Uraguay, and in the western parts of the United States.

Moss Agate Chemical Formula: SiO2

Moss Agate Hardness: 6.5 – 7 (Mohs scale)

Moss Agate Meaning

Moss agate is a gorgeous crystal with striations of green running through it, mimicking the plant kingdom with which its energy is closely associated.

Used throughout history in all cultures as an aid for gardening, farming, and agriculture, moss agate is a stone of abundance, bringing fertile growth and health, both physically and metaphorically.

Place it in the garden to help your plants thrive, or at your desk to help your work thrive, or carry one with you to attract abundance into everything you do.

Bringing tranquility and calm, moss agate is a stone with a slower vibration that helps you settle down, rest, and recuperate. Its energy is grounding and nurturing, easing stress and worry, and helping you feel more stable and balanced.

It’s also an empowering stone used by warriors to draw the Earth’s energy up into the body and increase endurance, strength, and centeredness. Its energy is slow and steady, helping you remain calm, assured, and connected to your heart, no matter what life throws at you.

moss agate healing properties

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties


With its gorgeous green inclusions, moss agate is connected to the heart chakra, the center of balance and harmony within you.

Whether you’re a people pleaser or feeling jaded and full of rage, moss agate can help bring balance to any emotional issues that lie within the heart space. It helps you release the toxic and unhelpful energy that may be held in the heart chakra, down through the feet, and back into the Earth to be composted.

This crystal can be very beneficial for relationships, opening you to acceptance and understanding and bringing in mutual respect and tolerance. With an energy of patience, nurturing, and steady strength, moss agate is incredibly supportive to bring balance to the heart, which in turn spreads that energy throughout the entire body. 

As an agate, it’s also stabilizing for the whole aura, cleansing and removing negative energies from your field to bring more overall health and wellbeing.

Healing Properties


A stone for new beginnings, moss agate is a great crystal to help you release the burdens and negativity from the past, and start off on a new foot. It can help you expand into new projects, new relationships, and new avenues. It will also help you embrace the unplanned changes that come your way, releasing stress and helping you stay optimistic about your growth.

This is a wonderful stone to reach for if you feel shy, anxious, or uncomfortable in a new environment or situation, to help you plant down your roots, breathe, calm down and connect with your center.


green moss agate stone statue owl

Moss agate is especially helpful in calming and breaking the cycles of thoughts to do with scarcity, or not having enough. Its energy helps pull you out of the past, out of mental patterns and habits, into the present with eyes wide open to see that there are opportunities for abundance all around you.

As a perspective shifter, moss agate helps your mind feel clear and balanced, instilling confidence for you to go after your dreams and manifest them into something real, consistent, and steady.


Known as a stone for midwives, moss agate is said to facilitate smooth and easy birthing, reducing pain and stress and bringing in grounded, nurturing energy. 

It’s also helpful for the circulatory system and heart health is anti-inflammatory and can boost immune system functioning. It’s truly a regenerative stone to bring nurturing and whole-body health and can aid in recovery from illness, injury, or any physical imbalances.


Connected to the plant realm, the devas, and the Earth, moss agate is a wonderful stone to help you harness the power, vitality, and regeneration that mother nature holds. It does this by connecting you back to your body, to your heart, and to the Earth beneath your feet, reminding you of how supported and abundant you are.

It also opens up communication between you and the plant realm, helping you better take care of your own plants, garden, and the nature around you, while also gaining insight into the wisdom and messages they all hold.

What is Moss Agate Good For?

raw moss agate metaphysical properties
  • Attracting stable abundance and wealth
  • Helping things go smoothly
  • Helping your garden thrive
  • Returning to the pace of nature
  • Connecting with nature and plants
  • Increasing peace and patience
  • Recovering and rebalancing
  • Releasing stress and anxiety 
  • Strengthening confidence and self-esteem
  • Bringing acceptance and contentment
  • Finding presence and gratitude
  • Increasing strength and resilience
  • Bringing whole-body healing  
  • Encouraging personal growth

Cleanse & Recharge

Moss agate is best cleansed in the arms of the Earth, so return it to nature, either by setting it upon the soil, or buried beneath it.

You can also place it on a mossy rock or crook of a tree for the ultimate resonance, but anywhere there is dirt and plant life, moss agate will be able to release the energy it’s holding, and recharge itself with ample earth frequencies.

You can also let your moss agate live in the soil of a houseplant, or in your garden, when it’s not in use, to receive a constant cleansing and be ready to help you with healing whenever you need it.

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