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Angelite Meaning & Properties

Angelite, also called angel stone, is a type of anhydrate discovered in Peru in 1987. The Angelite stone has a glacier blue to lilac purple color, depending on the clarity, with white flakes and often brown, rust-colored inclusions.

In this Angelite crystal profile, we go through:

  • Angelite Properties
  • How Angelite Is Formed
  • Where to Find Angelite
  • Angelite Meaning
  • Angelite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Angelite Properties

Angelite is made of calcium sulfate that has a hardness of around 3-3.5 (Mohs).

Most of these anhydrite stones come in a light, pale blue color. However, they can also have a lilac to violate color or an almost pure white color depending on the clarity, inclusions, and other minerals.

Inclusions can range from white flakes to rust-colored brown streaks or bands.

How is Angelite Formed?

The word anhydrite means “without water,” which references Angelite stone as a type of gypsum, or a metallic salt of calcium, that has been completely dehydrated turning into a stone “without water.”

Angelite is formed when other gypsum stones were once submerged in water that eventually evaporated, resulting in the Angelite anhydrate crystals. These anhydrate crystals remained compressed for millions of years to form.

Where to Find Angelite

Although anhydrite gypsum such as Angelite was originally found in Peru, they have since been found in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Libya, Mexico, and Poland.

Angelite Meaning

Angelite is a calming crystal in cerulean blue that hearkens to the energy of clear skies and peaceful waters. 

It’s a stone that awakens one’s connection and ability to communicate with the angelic realms, such as guardian angels, and hear the whispers of guidance from the spirit world or spirit guides.

Angelite is a soothing stone that helps you listen to others and truly hear what they’re saying, allowing you to remain calm and collected even when you come up against harsh energies or people taking their angst out on you.

If you’ve been feeling frazzled or lost, are having issues communicating your needs or feeling heard, or want to smooth out the rough edges in your life, Angelite can bring ease, comfort, and relief to your heart, mind, and spirit.

Angelite Metaphysical Properties


Angelite is a throat chakra activator and balancer that not only enhances your expression, helping you speak clearly, calmly, and with compassion, it also enhances your listening power.

The throat chakra rules our ears too, and our ability to receive and take in what is being communicated by others. A healthy, balanced throat chakra not only expresses with ease and consideration, but it can also sit back, be quiet and listen. 

Wearing Angelite as a necklace or a pair of earrings can be helpful to keep that energy of open reception and balanced listening flowing through your throat chakra all day long.

Angelite also works with the third eye chakra, stimulating your inner vision and increasing your ability to communicate psychically through your mind’s eye. It’s been known to increase telepathy and your ability to send and receive clear messages through your mind.

Also a crown chakra opener, Angelite fosters your connection with the higher realms, such as angels and guides, and your ability to receive and understand the guidance that’s coming from them.

Healing Properties


Angelite helps you connect more deeply to other people’s perspectives and really hear where they’re coming from. It eases tension and strife in your communication with others, bringing calm confidence and the ability to stay centered during interactions with others.

As a stress-reliever and emotional balancer, Angelite quells intensity and moves you into a higher awareness of everything being in harmony and tranquility. Its energy feels like a sigh of deep relief that connects you back with the peace that lives within the center of yourself.


If you’re the type of person who is already thinking about your response while someone else is talking, or if you tend to interrupt or talk over others, Angelite can calm your racing thoughts and that urgency you feel to say everything that’s on your mind.

Angelite helps you know when to zip the lip and just take in what is being said. It can help soothe your initial reactions and triggers, allowing you to wait until you’re in a calmer state to respond.

Use Angelite to help you read between the lines and hear unspoken thoughts, so you can make decisions more proactively and anticipate outcomes more easily, calming mental anxiety and overwhelm.

Placing Angelite under your pillow can help aid in lucid dreaming.


Angelite is a great stone to work within healing your physical body, especially the ears! If you have an earache or infection, or problems with your hearing, you can lay with Angelite on your ear for a little while to soak in its beneficial healing effects.

It also aids in healing the throat area, relieving a sore throat, and helping to balance the thyroid gland.

Angelite also opens up your lung space to connect you with your breath, and has a healing effect on the skeletal system, helping heal joint aches, pain, and sprains.


Angelite is a very high-frequency crystal that opens your soul to a sense of lightness and peace. It lifts your perspective and awareness of your connection with the divine realms, and all the beings of light who are here to support you.

If you want to communicate with your higher consciousness to receive guidance and clarity, working with Angelite is a great choice. It’s a gentle and subtle opener of your psychic senses, to help you receive intuitive insights more easily, to know when you’re hearing them, and trust the wisdom that’s being spoken.

What is Angelite Good For?

  • Keeping your cool in frustrating situations
  • Communicating with angels and beings of light
  • Listening to and understanding others better
  • Clearing up miscommunications
  • Helping your speak softly from the heart
  • Supporting through grief and loss
  • Relieving anger and tension
  • Opening up your psychic communication
  • Unblocking meridians in your body
  • Lifting your perspective
  • Finding more compassion with difficult people

Cleanse & Recharge

You may want to avoid water or salt when cleansing Angelite, as it is a softer stone that can break down through harsh cleaning methods. 

You can use smoke from a smudge or incense to cleanse Angelite or leave it under the moonlight for a night to cleanse and recharge. 

It also does well being cleansed and recharged by other crystals in your collection, such as a selenite slab or quartz cluster, which you can set the Angelite on for a day to help it release the energy it has collected, and refill it with healing light.

How to Clean Angelite

Angelite has a hardness of 3-3.5 (Mohs hardness scale).

Angelite should NOT be cleaned with water, as it will turn into gypsum.

With the stone being very soft and not being able to use water, the best way to clean Angelite is to use a soft, cotton cloth to gently rub it or use compressed air to blow the dust off.


The cost of Angelite ranges from small crystals that range from $2 for small tumbled stones to larger stones going for $18 to $60 dollars.

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