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Phosphosiderite Meaning & Properties

Phosphosiderite is a rare stone made of phosphate and iron. The stone can range in colors from a brown-yellow to pink, rose red, violet, and even moss green. Phosphosiderite is sought after for the stone’s ability to calm, open up, and connect the heart while putting fears aside.

In this Phosphosiderite profile, we go through:

  • Phosphosiderite Properties
  • Phosphosiderite Meaning
  • Phosphosiderite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Phosphosiderite Properties


The purest form of Phosphosiderite is a cream-white color, however many of these stones have red, pink, or purple tones. More rare are Phosphosiderite crystals that can come in green that may be threaded with yellow.

The crystal system of Phosphosiderite has a similar structure to Apatite, Barite, Hematite, and Zircon.

Phosphosiderite is found around other crystals such as Kunzite, Lithium Quartz, Morganite, Petalite, Pink Danburite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Tugtupite, and Variscite.

Phosphosiderite Chemical Formula: FePO4•2H2O (Hydrated Iron Phosphate)

Phosphosiderite Hardness: 3.5 – 4 (Mohs scale)

Where is Phosphosiderite Found?

Phosphosiderite is mined in Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Liberia, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA.

In the United States, Phosphosiderite can be found in South Dakota in the Black Hills and in California at the Stewart Mine.

Phosphosiderite Meaning

Phosphosiderite is a soothing crystal with a warm, comforting energy that encompasses your whole being. For pain, shock, suffering, and all the challenges in life, this crystal brings a calming energy to the heart, mind, and body.

In its lilac, pinkish hue, Phosphosiderite has a soft energy that encourages self-confidence and boosts your inner light, filling you up with a sense of love and belonging. Its power speaks through grace and awareness, offering quiet strength and support from the realms of spirit.

This beautiful crystal’s gentle, comforting energy works very well to support children and animals who are going through pain and suffering. It helps alleviate anxiety and stress, night terrors, subconscious fears and worries, and inherited emotions, even from past lives.

Heightening your perceptions and perspective, opening you up to more love and possibilities around every corner, Phosphosiderite is a stone that brings healing on all levels of your being and connects you with a deeper sense of your purpose and place in this world.

phosphosiderite meaning

Phosphosiderite Metaphysical Properties


Phosphosiderite is a high-vibration crystal that mostly affects the upper chakras, including the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, as well as the soul star chakra above the head. It’s a very spiritually connected stone, bringing the support of etheric energy into your body and being.

As a crystal with very loving energy, Phosphosiderite affects the “high heart”, which is like the highest consciousness of your heart’s energy. The high heart is where unconditional love lives, it’s where a sense of connection to all conscious beings comes from, it’s where joy is felt! And this is a beautiful crystal to work with to activate that high heart energy and your sense of oneness with and love for all.

As an upper chakra healer, Phosphosiderite sharpens your intuitive vision and psychic senses, connects you with your guides and support system in the cosmic realms, opens your imagination and awareness, and helps you gain a better understanding of your life’s path here on Earth.

It also has a beautiful balancing effect on the solar plexus chakra, which is very linked to the energy of the mind. When there are subconscious fears in the mind that you feel in your gut, in your stomach, making you feel queasy and uneasy, Phosphosiderite is the perfect balm to soothe your fears and raise your natural confidence and inner light.

Healing Properties


A very emotionally comforting stone, Phosphosiderite elevates your mood and helps you relax, soothing stress and anxiety. It’s especially helpful to work with through any fear you’re feeling, from the unconscious fears you’re not aware of to the fears you know are holding you back, it can clear them from your heart, body, psyche, and spirit.  

As a heart healer, Phosphosiderite opens your heart up to receiving love, loving others unconditionally, and finding a higher perspective of true love for your own self. It increases your confidence by increasing your sense of self-worth and knowing the kind of love you deserve for your life.

phosphosiderite healing properties


A powerful aid for meditation and quieting the mind, Phosphosiderite brings calm reflection into view helping you find perspective around all the thoughts and troubles that ail you.

When your mind is spinning, you feel lost and confused or have tapes full of doubtful, self-critical thoughts playing in your head, use Phosphosiderite right on your third eye or temples, close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes and let it work to clear the fog and bring in the light of clarity and love.


Phosphosiderite clears the stomach and gastrointestinal issues that may be related to stress, anxiety, and subconscious fears. 

Its soothing energy settles you down to sleep better and encourages better dreams where you get to experience joyful, beautiful things and receive messages from the spirit realm, alleviating nightmares and subconscious fears to help you sleep more peacefully and nourish your whole body.


Phosphosiderite helps you develop your connection with your spirit guides and the ability to communicate with them and receive their messages clearly. It can help you access past life memories and healing, help you browse your Akashic records for answers, and help you expand your awareness to see all the love and support that is available from spirit, at all times.

It’s also a beautiful stone to help you sense the presence of spirit in a more palpable way, expanding your psychic senses and ability to perceive subtle energy more clearly. A psychically protective crystal, Phosphosiderite connects with the violet flame energy which destroys negativity and can clear your entire field of blocks, attachments, and other harmful energies.

What is Phosphosiderite Good For?

  • Calming stress and anxiety
  • Breaking through subconscious fears
  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Connecting with your guides
  • Healing and learning from past lives
  • Opening the heart to unconditional love
  • Experiencing joy, bliss, and unity
  • Bringing in serenity and peace
  • Deepening meditation and dreams
  • Clearing attachments and old wounds
  • Healing for animals and children
  • Developing your psychic senses
  • Helping you find your path in life

Cleanse & Recharge

Cleanse your Phosphosiderite under the light of the moon, whether it’s full or just a sliver in the sky. Set your crystal on the Earth to rest under the stars in the night air and soak up all that cosmic energy and release any energy it has absorbed.

You can also cleanse it on a moonlit windowsill, or set your crystal in the soil of a plant overnight if you don’t have a good outdoor area to leave it in.

You can also use other high-vibration crystals to cleanse it, such as selenite, or a clear quartz cluster, which you can set your Phosphosiderite on top of overnight to rest and it’ll be recharged and full of light the next day.

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