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Tree Agate Meaning & Properties

The tree agate crystal is a form of dendritic agate made up of microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony. Tree agate crystal is typically identified by the inclusions of other minerals that are in a tree-like pattern. Tree agate is known for its connection with nature and has been long used as a talisman dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman Empire times.

Tree Agate Properties

tree agate crystal

Tree agate is a type of microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony, a form of natural silicon dioxide of silica. The unique tree agate properties include an opaque white color with green dendrite, or branch-like, inclusions of manganese, iron oxides, and other minerals.

This green branch-like pattern makes tree agate unique from most other agates in that it doesn’t have the typical banding commonly found in other types of chalcedonies. These inclusions are often fern-like or tree-like looking greenery embedded in the stone due to the iron and manganese inclusions.

Radial crystals, sand, ash, and mud can also be found as inclusions within or on tree agate stones.

Tree agate is commonly mixed up with moss agate, but there are key differences to tell them apart. The main difference is that tree agate has a vibrant white quartz base layer with many stones having inclusions in clear quartz.

Tree Agate Origin

Since Ancient Greek and Roman times, the tree agate crystal has been seen as having magical powers particularly connected to nature. It was often connected to hamadryads or a nature spirit that lives in trees, and as such was used to promote connection and growth in nature.

Tree agate was used in ancient times as a stone one would bury in the ground near crops to help with improving potential harvests.

They were also used to make jewelry – not as a decorative piece of jewelry, but as a talisman one would wear with purpose.

How is Tree Agate Formed?

Tree agate typically began forming over 2,500 million years in cavities created by gases trapped within the volcanic rock. These cavities are then slowly filled by the silica base and other minerals that come together to form agate crystals.

tree agate crystals

Where to Find Tree Agate

Tree agate is known to come from Australia, Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay, and the United States.

Tree Agate Meaning

Tree agate brings abundance, good luck, prosperity, and personal power. It’s a grounding stone that is very connected to the energy of nature, bringing rejuvenation and healing.

Its swirls and striations in deep forest green hearken back to a hearty pine forest, where you can get lost in the calming scents and sounds of nature and settle into your body.

That’s the energy that tree agate brings- a calm appreciation for the present moment, a sense of awe and possibility, and a rooted knowing that you are always supported by the ground beneath your feet.

When you’re feeling anxious and restless, tired of city life, or being stuck inside four walls, tree agate can connect you back with the feeling of being surrounded by wise old trees and breathing in the endless abundance of the natural world.

Tree Agate Metaphysical Properties

Tree Agate Chakra

Tree agate is truly an energetically balanced crystal that activates the root, heart, and crown chakras. 

As a root chakra healer, it helps you feel grounded and connected to the Earth, supported by your body and the world around you. It increases a sense of stability, calming the adrenals and helping you feel relief from stress. 

The root chakra is also associated with financial stability, and tree agate is known to help bring prosperity and good luck with money or anything you’re wanting to grow in your life- even a garden!

As a heart chakra healer, tree agate activates and opens the heart field, helping clear out old wounds and negative emotions, bringing your heart back into a state of harmony and balance. It can help you open up to forgiveness, more compassion, and appreciation for all you have in your life.

And with its base of white, tree agate also activates the crown chakra, bringing peace and tranquility. Its uplifting energy can help ease you into a state of objectivity and reflection without judgment.

Tree Agate Healing Properties


Tree agate calms nerves and grounds big feelings. It can be very helpful for reducing stress and emotional overwhelm. If you’re going through turbulent times in your life, it can help you come back to a sense of centeredness so you can make better decisions.

With its energy of growth, tree agate expands what it touches, widening your heart, increasing your self-esteem and confidence. This can help you feel more secure and capable of going after what you want to create in your life, without letting the heavy emotions weigh you down.


Bringing clarity and stability to the mind, tree agate can help you see the forest for the trees, widening your perspective and discernment around whatever you may be struggling with.

When your thoughts feel chaotic and overactive, it can help you quiet your monkey mind and come to a place of composed contemplation. It acts like a gentle breeze to blow away the fog in your mind so you can get a clearer view. 


With its association with the heart, tree agate enhances the circulatory system, helping move oxygen through the bloodstream, and bringing balance to the thymus gland, which plays a crucial role in your immune system health.

It’s also thought to be a great pain reliever and helps your body feel strong and resilient, increasing your energy and endurance. It can clear negative energy and move stagnant energy out, both from your body and your physical space.


Tree agate brings the energy of patience and persistence, with a high-minded perspective. It’s a great crystal to help you unlock your personal power and dig into your quiet strength. 

Connected to the realms of the devas, fairies, and nature spirits, tree agate can enhance your sense of magic and wonder, and help you connect with the nature of your own self, to bring centering and peace.

Tree Agate Properties

What is Tree Agate Good For?

  • Calming nerves and reducing stress
  • Manifestation and abundance
  • Meditation and presence
  • Grounding and security
  • Growing your garden
  • Stabilizing emotions
  • Clearing a cluttered mind
  • Relieving conflict in relationships
  • Releasing negativity
  • Bringing calm to your space
  • Increasing confidence and persistence
  • Recovering from illness or pain
  • Finding gratitude and forgiveness
  • Gaining a higher perspective

Tree Agate Forms and Uses

Tumbled tree agate is the most common form that can be found in crystal and rock stores. Tree agate pillars, cubes, pyramids, and spheres are also common forms of tree agate.

Jewelry has been made for thousands of years with tree agate beads, as a center-stone within necklace charms, or as a pendant. This stone, in particular, is also used as

Raw tree agate will commonly be larger in size for less money, however, it might not look as beautiful as clean-cut or tumbled tree agate.

Finally, a unique use for this stone is crafting into bowls for home decor or other ceremonial uses.

Cleanse & Recharge

Cleanse Tree Agate

To cleanse tree agate, you can rinse it under cool water or even wash it with a mild natural soap, and dry it off immediately after.

This will clear off any energy it has absorbed. You’ll want to do this when you first get your specimen, after anytime you do some healing work with it, or if you notice it feels heavy or like it’s no longer helping the way it used to.

Recharge Tree Agate

To recharge and revitalize your tree agate’s healing power, you can leave it at the base of your favorite tree, buried in the garden, or even in the dirt of a house plant overnight. 

Returning it to the Earth, to the soil, or near a tree’s roots, will cleanse and recharge it in one swoop, resetting its energy and filling it back up with the harmonious, grounding vibration of nature.

How to Clean Tree Agate

Tree agate has a hardness of 7-7.5, which is around the hardness of household dust that has a hardness of 7.

To cleanse tree agate, you will want to rinse your stone using your fingers to break away any dust buildup or dirt. Using a natural soap is typically ok, such as Castille soap.

A soft brush can be used, but be careful that the brush is not very rough to cause scratches on the surface. Typically, brushes are best used for heavily worn or rough tree agate stones.

Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it dry.

If manually cleaning without water, wipe it gently clean with a lint-free cloth ensuring not to scrub too hard to scuff the surface.

How Much Does Tree Agate Cost?

Common tree agate stones can cost anywhere from $1 to $100 depending on the color, pattern, and size. Very large raw tree agates are rare and can cost several hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars for a single piece.

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