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Rhodolite Meaning & Properties

Rhodolite from the Greek word “rhodon” meaning “rose-like” is the common name for Pyrope, a garnet that ranges from rose pink to a rich red color. Often being free from inclusions, the garnet is often cut and used as a gemstone in jewelry. Rhodolite meaning has an invigorating power to help with love, enhancing new to old relationships by increasing commitment and compassion.

In this Rhodolite profile, we go through:

  • Rhodolite Properties
  • Rhodolite Meaning
  • Rhodolite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Rhodolite Properties

rhodolite garnet meaning

Rhodolite garnet crystals range in color from light pink to deep red in color. Unlike other crystals, the color of Rhodolite does not only vary based on the amount of iron, but also the amount of chromium, manganese, and vanadium. Some may be so dark they look violet in color.

The most common colors are:

  • Lavender Pink Rhodolite
  • Raspberry Rose Rhodolite
  • Red Raspberry Rhodolite
  • Purple-Red Rhodolite
  • Grape Violet Rhodolite

Rhodolite Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe)3Al2(SiO4)3

Rhodolite Hardness: 7 – 7.5 (Mohs scale)

Rhodolite Meaning

Rhodolite is a gorgeous rose-colored member of the garnet family that sparks up your creativity, passion, and zest for life! Its brilliant sparkle brings inspiration and energy, enhancing your feelings of love, abundance, and self-worth.

Rhodolite is a stone that encourages growth and healing on all levels, aiding you in harnessing your innate power and gifts to share them with the world. It’s an empowering and grounding crystal that can help clear out past trauma and pain from your energy field, spurring you forward to move past fear and doubt and go after what you want in life.

When you’re feeling challenged in life, Rhodolite is a great tool to have by your side to arm you with the strength and tenacity of your own heart, and connect you with the warmth and vibrancy of the love you contain within.

Encouraging you to move confidently forward, no matter what obstacles you encounter along your path, Rhodolite is a stone that will invigorate your compassion, trust, and kindness towards yourself and others as you create a life filled with love.

rhodolite stone garnet properties

Rhodolite Metaphysical Properties


A very well-balanced stone of empowerment on all levels, Rhodolite connects with the root, heart, and crown chakras.

As a root chakra healer, Rhodolite brings strength, physical energy, vitality, and courage to move forward toward your heart’s desires. It connects you back to your innate power and helps you break the bonds of past patterns and pain that may have held you back. Known to stimulate kundalini energy, this stone releases fear and shame from your root so you can move forward feeling secure, supported, and powerful.

As a heart stimulator, this crystal brings sparkly and warm energy that invites compassion, kindness, trust, and love. It helps you find internal balance and harmony, releasing toxic emotions and inviting in feelings of inspiration, confidence, and passion.

Its bright sparkle is attuned to the energies of your spirit guides and guardian angels, your helpers in spirit who want to see you accomplish your heart’s desires. You can use it to connect with your intuitive guidance to help you make decisions aligned with your highest path.

Healing Properties


Rhodolite is incredibly helpful in the recovery from abuse or trauma, to help release fear, guilt and shame. It’s an empowering stone for reigniting your personal power and passion after it’s been snuffed out. 

When you’re facing challenges or crises, Rhodolite offers healing and support to help you see around the obstacles, keep moving forward, and connect with an inner lightness and compassion no matter what you’re experiencing.

Its energy is grounding and uplifting at once, helping you find a sense of harmony and peace from the inside out.

rhodolite crystal meaning


Encouraging contemplation and a calm mental state, Rhodolite empowers the body, soul, and spirit and lets the mind take a back seat. It can help you release mental patterns and negative thinking that has held you back, increasing courage, clarity, and inspiration to walk your unique path.

A great stone to meditate with, the crystal can break through the spell of your self-limiting beliefs, opening your mind to new possibilities and strengthening your connection with your intuitive wisdom. It brings the spark of ideas and creative brainstorms to help you envision and go after what you’re most passionate about.


A very physically empowering stone, Rhodolite increases strength and vigor on all levels and can be especially helpful in bringing sexual health and vibrancy. It’s a blood mover, it gets things flowing, it increases stamina and endurance, and ignites the sparks of passion to help you move forward towards your desires.

It also increases circulation in the heart and lungs, stimulates metabolism, and boosts the immune system. As a stone that brings the higher consciousness of love and healing into the body, it’s also said to be a very supportive stone during pregnancy and childbirth.


Rhodolite is a beautiful crystal to help you see your self-worth and connect with your creativity, passion, and reason for being. When you feel blocked or unworthy of receiving love, it reminds you just how worthy you are, and connects you back to the love within you and all around you.

Stimulating and strengthing, it ignites the fire of your inner power, spurring you forward towards creating all that your heart desires in life, moving you ever closer to finding harmony, balance, and passion around every turn.

What is Rhodolite Good For?

rhodolite garnet spiritual meaning
  • Reflecting the light of love into your life
  • Connecting with your personal power
  • Opening your heart to compassion
  • Increasing sexual energy and vigor
  • Stimulating passion in all areas of life
  • Letting go of the old and welcoming the new
  • Finding courage and strength through struggles 
  • Encouraging self-confidence
  • Heightening energy and vitality
  • Increasing commitment in relationships
  • Releasing inhibitions and blocks
  • Manifesting your heart’s desires

Cleanse & Recharge

Rhodolite is a stone of fire, and you can use heat or fire to cleanse it. Run it back and forth quickly (and safely) through the flame of a candle a few times for a quick cleanse, or you can leave it out by an open fire near the flames to soak up all the warmth and light and restore its natural vibrant energy.

You can also run it through the smoke of some burning incense or herbs, or leave it for a few hours on a sunny windowsill to be cleansed and charged up by the heat of the sun.

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