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Dumortierite Meaning & Properties

Dumortierite, also called the blue denim stone, is named after Eugène Dumortier, a paleontologist from France that discovered it in the Rhône-Alps region in 1881. The stone brings a calm, focused, and clear mind which allows it to be a cost-savings alternative to lapis lazuli, the more popular stone that dumortierite is often confused with along with sodalite.

In this Dumortierite crystal profile, we go through:

  • Dumortierite Properties
  • How Dumortierite Is Formed
  • Where to Find Dumortierite
  • Dumortierite Meaning
  • Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
  • Cost

Dumortierite Properties

Dumortierite is a relatively hard crystal with a hardness of around 7 (Mohs) made of aluminum borate silicate.

This stone has a rich mix of deep navy blue to light blue patterns that look like branches, bands, or speckles with white to rust-colored brown inclusions.

More rare dumortierite colors include violet and pink.

Dumortierite can also be an inclusion to clear quartz, resulting in a Dumortierite Quartz crystal.

Dumortierite Chemical Composition: Al7(O3(BO3)(SiO4)3)

How is Dumortierite Formed?

Dumortierite formed under high heat that impacted metamorphic rocks that were rich in aluminum. This high heat changed their composition, color, and other appearance characteristics resulting in this rich blue stone.

Where to Find Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a fairly common stone that can be found in several different locations around the world including Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Madagascar, Peru, Sri Lanka, across North America, and in various places in Russia. Nevada is home

Dumortierite Meaning

Dumortierite is a stone for an organized mind. It calms and focuses mental energy, bringing clarity and direction, and dissipating overwhelming and cyclical thoughts.

If you need help in focusing your attention and getting clear on your priorities so you can take action in your life, dumortierite is a wonderful companion to have by your side.

A very high vibratory stone, dumortierite lifts your perspective, helps you stay focused on what’s right in front of you, and hones your vision towards what will bring the most freedom and ease in your life. 

In its deep indigo blue, dumortierite also carries strong spiritual energy and connection to the unseen realms of ideas, imagination, and intuition. It amplifies and directs your mental energies and psychic knowing to guide you to your true purpose in life and help you take focused, direct action towards all you want to achieve. 

If you have self-esteem issues or are feeling a lack of direction or purpose, dumortierite can help you clear out the mental and physical clutter that’s standing in the way of you seeing your true worth and potential.

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties


Dumortierite is a high vibration stone that works with all the upper chakras- the throat, third eye, and crown. 

As a throat chakra healer, dumortierite helps overcome shyness and stage fright, inviting you to speak clearly and confidently from a place of wisdom and honesty. It can help you prioritize your life and redirect yourself towards what is true for you.

As a third eye chakra balancer, dumortierite can focus and calm an overactive mind. When you feel overwhelmed with information, options, and ideas, dumortierite can help you clear out and sort through your thoughts and hone in on the most important information.

Dumortierite also resonates with the crown chakra, opening and fostering your connection to the cosmos and your highest knowing. It can help you better hear and understand intuitive information that’s coming from the etheric realms, to foster your sense of confidence in yourself and faith that you are supported by Spirit.

Healing Properties


Dumortierite is the crystal you want to reach for during emotional crisis and trauma, emergencies and disasters, to help keep you focused and clear on what needs to be done and not get so rocked by the intensity of the situation.

It’s also a great self-esteem booster, helping you express your truth and feel confident in showing who you are. Dumortierite stabilizes emotional ups and downs, empowering your sense of inner strength and ability to stand up for yourself and go after your true purpose in life.


A great stone to clear and focus the mind, use dumortierite for studying, researching working on a project, or learning new things. Anytime you need focused attention towards something, dumortierite can help you intake and retain new information and discern meaning more clearly.

Dumortierite moves stuck, stagnant, and unhelpful mental energy, like a cool breeze clearing the way, to help you move forward in creating a life even better than you imagined for yourself!

It’s the stone to reach for to clear mental distractions and find patience for the long haul in achieving your goals.


Dumortierite helps you tick off your to-do list and get things done. It’s a great aid when you’re trying to get organized, clean your space, or clear clutter. It helps you prioritize your energy and attention to focus on the next best action to take, without getting overwhelmed with options and ideas.

It also helps provide healing and stamina for your body during chronic illness or exhaustion and helps relieve headaches and nerve pain.


Dumortierite aligns you to your soul’s purpose and intuitive gifts, helping you use your innate wisdom to propel you in real-world life.

It’s a high-energy crystal that does a lot of work in the spiritual world, but it helps direct all that mental and etheric energy into action and expression in the physical world.

It can help you connect more easily to your intuition, and better decipher the information coming from it. Dumortierite opens the channels of communication to your spirit guides, angels, and higher self, so you can get clear and direct advice from your unseen support system.

What is Dumortierite Good For?

  • Studying, concentrating, focusing the mind
  • Getting more organized and prioritizing
  • Clearing mental clutter and distractions
  • Amplifying intuitive information coming in
  • Connecting with spirit guides and your higher self
  • Communicating your truth
  • Increasing endurance and patience
  • Releasing cyclical thoughts & beliefs
  • Speaking in public or singing
  • Learning new languages
  • Finding your true purpose in life

Cleanse & Recharge

Dumortierite energy corresponds to the element of air, so wind, sound, and smoke are wonderful ways to cleanse and recharge its energy.

You can leave it outside for a while on a blustery day to get cleansed and refreshed with the natural breeze.

You can also simply hold your dumortierite and wave it through the air, perhaps doing figure eights with your hand, and envisioning or intending for the crystal’s energy to be cleansed and recharged through this action.

Sound is a great way to use frequency and airwaves to cleanse your dumortierite. You can place it in or near a singing bowl, use tuning forks, play some harmonic instrumental music near it, or even hum or chant into the stone. 

For a quickie cleanse, wave your dumortierite through the smoke of some incense or an herbal smudge, and let the smoke clear away the unwanted energy it has absorbed.

You can also cleanse and recharge it by leaving it on a piece of selenite overnight.

How to Clean Dumortierite

Dumortierite has a hardness of 7 (Mohs hardness scale) and can be exposed to water without any issues.

The best way to clean dumortierite crystals is with warm water and Castille soap, rubbing the soapy water on the stone with your fingers to break away any build-up of dust or dirt. Rinse thoroughly to get all of the soap off, then place it on a towel to air dry.

Cleaning dumortierite jewelry can be done with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine, or done by hand with water and Castille soap.


The cost of dumortierite is much more affordable than more popular similar stones such as lapis lazuli, costing half or even a third of the cost of this more popular stone. The similarities of dumortierite to lapis lazuli has brought the concern of many online sellers trying to sell dumortierite as lapis lazuli to make more money, so be careful!

The cost of dumortierite ranges from small tumbled stones that cost $6 to larger dumortierite stones costing over $100.

Dumortierite quartz, which is often clear quartz with dumortierite inclusions, can cost between $20 – 200+, depending on the quality of the crystal.

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