Full Guide To Agate vs. Jasper (This is the Difference)

In order to work with our crystals effectively, we need to understand their properties. With crystals that look similar or have similar uses, such as agate and jasper it can be difficult to determine which one to work with. The answer should always be; the one that you are drawn to the most. However, if you are looking to find the difference in physical appearance as well as metaphysical properties, you’ll find your answer here.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the (physical) qualities of these stones, as well as how you can use them in your spiritual practice.

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Agate vs Jasper – How To Tell The Difference?

In order to understand the difference between these two stones, we can look at the color, shape, pattern, clarity, and more. Below we’ll describe all these aspects in detail.

Chemical Composition 

Agate is categorized as the crypto- crystalline variety of quartz. It is a fibrous and distinctly banded chalcedony, mainly consisting of silicon dioxide. Jasper is also a variety of chalcedony and a crypto crystalline form of silica. 


Agate offers a wide array of colors. It is most frequently available in pink, gray, white, black, yellow, orange, salmon, red, blue, and brown. The color of the agate is determined by the mineral components embedded within its composition. Iron oxides and hydroxides are responsible for the red, yellow, and brown colors. In its pure state, agate is a gray, bluish–gray, or white. Agates are naturally porous, allowing numerous treatments to enhance their appearance and color. For example, Brazilian agates lack vivid banding and color because they are dye treated to yield bright blue, deep green, and bright pink blooms.

Jasper is also found in a variety of colors. The most common colors are brown, yellow, red, and green. The brownish-red color results from hematite trace elements, while gray, white, yellow, and multicolor varieties result from the presence of clay in the mixture. Jasper is often multicolored with a consistent and unique pattern. Blue Jasper are a rare find. 

Pattern and Clarity 

In terms of clarity, the stones will differ. Agates are translucent, while jaspers are entirely opaque. Agate is a fibrous chalcedony. It can have horizontal or wall lining banding formations. When polished, the stone has a vitreous luster but is waxy when raw. It shows no cleavage and breaks at a conchoidal fracture with sharp edges. It also leaves a white streak.

Jasper, on the other hand, has a hexagonal crystal system. Its luster is vitreous and has a speckled pattern underneath. Its cleavage is not discernible. The stone is rich in inclusions, characterized by streaks and spots on the surface of the stone. White jaspers are not heavily flawed, hence the most sought after by jewelers. 

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Both stones rate 6.5- 7 on the Mohs scale. The score suggests that the rocks are relatively durable and resistant to damage and scratches. The stones will require care and maintenance to preserve their longevity.  


Agates and jasper stones can be cleaned at home using warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth and given ample time to dry out. Rough and raw agate geodes are lightly sanded to improve their sheen. Agates can also be cleansed and charged up using sunlight and moonlight. The most effortless cleansing and recharge method for jasper is burying it in the soil for a few hours. 

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Morocco, Brazil, Botswana, and Chile are some of the most noticeable producers of agate. Jasper is also found worldwide but is common in Egypt, Russia, India, and Madagascar.


Home/ office

Agate is excellent for the Feng Shui of the space. Blue agates will bring soothing energies, while brown agates will comfort you during trying times. Fire agate is a perfect talisman for free-flowing creative energies.

Yellow jaspers are best placed in the western area. The western area is responsible for children. The stone invokes the metal element and offers physical and spiritual protection to your children. Red jasper can also be placed in the southern part of your home to invite the fire element. The southern area is associated with luck, fame, and recognition. Red Jasper works in healing tarnished reputations.


Agate jewelry is worn to attune energies to your natural vibrations. When placed against the skin, the jewelry brings balance to mind, body, and soul. Black agate brings grounding and protection to its wearer. Jasper jewelry is believed to relieve stress, protect, and absorb all negative energies. The stone comes in hardy when going through a tough time.   

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Agates are powerful grounding stones. The energies of this stone will bring physical, emotional, and logical balance. It is a reliable stone for stabilizing physical energies. It teaches us to appreciate the fullness of life and encourages introspection to determine what is interfering with our well-being. Physically, the stone is believed to strengthen blood vessels, cleanse the pancreas and lymphatic system and treat skin disorders. With the help of the agate, one can overcome bitterness and negativity, fostering inner healing and love. It can also help create security and safety, especially for people undergoing any trauma.  

Jasper is believed to strengthen the immune system and stimulate blood circulation. Its healing energies also create resistance to radiation, pollution, and environmental toxins. The stone is also perceived to treat intestinal, digestive, and sexual organs related problems. It’s also believed to re-energize the body after a long illness and prolong sexual pleasure. Jasper instills willpower and courage, especially when faced with a difficult situation. It also encourages persistence and protection of yourself and others. 

Chakra Association

Both stones come in a wide array of colors, therefore associated with different energy points depending on their color. The chakra system comprises inner energy centers aligned vertically along the spine. These chakras are located from the top of the head to the end of the spine. They are all portrayed in different colors and produce a distinct energy pattern. All chakras interact for balance and healthy distribution of the body’s internal energies. The seven main chakras are: 

  1. Root/ base chakra(Muladhara)- the chakra is located at the base of the spine. It represents security, grounding, and stability. It is characterized by red/black. 
  2.  Sacral chakra(Svadihsthana)- the chakra is located just below the navel. It represents our reproductive organs and sexuality. It is portrayed as a vibrant orange. 
  3. The solar plexus chakra(Manipura) is the chakra located slightly above the belly button. It is associated with confidence and personal power. It is displayed as yellow. 
  4. The heart chakra(Anahata) is located in the heart area at the chest’s level. It is associated with our feelings, love, and emotions.
  5. The throat chakra (Vishuddha) – is located at the base of the throat. It is associated with self-expression and communication and is portrayed as blue.
  6. The third eye chakra (Ajna) –is located at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. It is the chakra associated with intuition, intelligence, and higher knowledge. It’s portrayed as indigo/ purple.
  7. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) is the chakra located at the tip of the head. It represents the divine and serves as the gateway to spirit realms and a channel for communication with our guardian angels. It is described as white/ violet.

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Zodiac Association

Agates are not particular to any zodiac sign. However, its qualities favor people born under the Gemini zodiac banner. Gemini is naturally social and upbeat in its personality. The zodiac sign is also characterized by its two-faced nature, seen in its somewhat impulsive side. Agates will help them build confidence and make better life decisions. It’s also an excellent talisman for lateral thinking and gears them towards finding their voice. Agates also help Virgo in limiting overthinking patterns and self-criticism.

Red jasper is a natural birthstone for Virgo. Jasper encourages self-care, grounding, focus, and organization in a Virgo. The stone also encourages a Cancer’s loyalty, memory, and emotional stamina.

Element Association

Agate is an earth element crystal. The earth element represents fertility, potential, grounding, and stability. The element is also, at times, symbolic of endings, death, new beginnings, and rebirth. The aspect is a feminine energy that imbues planet Saturn’s energies. It is also associated with the Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo zodiac signs. Agates can be used to manifest the earth’s energies. 

Jasper, on the other hand, is associated with the fire element. The element represents strength, passion, destruction, and transformation. The element is believed to possess potent abilities to consume evil, purify and bring protection against negative entities. It’s a masculine element associated with the planet Mars and the Sun. Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius Zodiac signs are also associated with the fire element. Jaspers can be used to connect with one’s fire element. 

Ruling Planets

The moon rules agates. In astrology, the moon represents our survival instincts, maternal influences, and deepest emotions. The moon is also associated with childbirth and fertility. The feminine energies of the moon as a ruling planet are nurturing, reflective and responsive. The positioning of the moon in our birth chart is symbolic of how we deal with aggression, protect ourselves, and our ability to make others feel safe and comfortable. Agate stones can be used to harness the power of the moon and the ability to understand our emotions and the reason behind our actions.

Mars governs jasper, the planet associated with action, sexuality, ambition, and drive. Its placement on our birth chart determines how we express ourselves, energy, and sexuality. Mars is a vital and powerful planet in how we govern our lives. It’s also the planet associated with sex and drive. Jasper can be used to pinpoint the areas in life where one needs to focus their energies.

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Numerical Vibration

Agates vibrate at the frequency of 7. The number was believed to possess magical powers in ancient culture. In religion, it’s a number of completion and perfection, alluding to the seven days of creation. It is associated with the moon in astrology and represents the Cancer zodiac sign. People who resonate with the number are independent and blessed with unique insight and intellectual ability. They can also be very introverted and impulsive. Stones like agate help these people hit a balance with their need for independence without isolating themselves from society.

Jaspers vibrate at the frequency of 6. This is the most desirable feminine number. It symbolizes perfect union, harmony, and domestic happiness. People of this number are nurturing and selfless, with knowledge and material possession. The number also indicates a smooth life. Stones like jasper are used to manifest the energies of this number.  

Best Combination

Blue lace agate is combined with rose quartz or amethyst for better sleep. Moss agate can also be used with blue lace agate to boost the body’s immunity to the throat chakra. Moss agate ca n be paired with carnelian for Vitality.

Brown jasper paired with tiger’s eye is perfect for inner vision and protection from negativities. The pair will help you resolve internal battles and dilemmas, which gradually restore positivity and stability to one’s life. 

Red jaspers are great allies during difficult times. The combination with garnets will instill courage and strength to push forward. The two also effectively awaken the kundalini energies, activating spiritual and emotional awareness. 

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