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Smoky Quartz and Amethyst: Combination for Peace and Uplifting Energies

Understanding how crystals work separately is the first step to incorporating crystal healing into your life. However, to get the most out of them, it is vital to also understand how they work in combination with each other, too. The right combination can help amplify or strengthen the benefits, whereas the wrong one can cancel out the energies or even work negatively. For smokey quartz and amethyst, you’ll find everything you need to know about this combination in this post. In short;

The pair belong to the same quartz family, and thus it is easy to blend their benefits. The pair promotes healing to the wearer by enhancing peace, strength, and courage. It also lightens up moods due to the silent energy produced by the smoky amethyst. As a result of being the quartz family, the pair stimulates the root chakra, which works to keep you protected and grounded due to the production of high positive vibrations. The pair keeps the base chakra in balance. 

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Curious about what these stones can do for your relationships, career, and personal growth? Continue reading! I’ll also give you some other combinations for each of these stones in case this combination is not what you’re looking for.

Note: Crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing issues, always go to a doctor.

Smoky Quartz Benefits

Smoky quartz is a great crystal that registers an extensive list of healing properties that connects your body, soul, and mind. Its healing properties are classified as both physical and nonphysical. Physically, the gem is good for absorbing EMG smog.

It protects people sensitive to electromagnetic energy by absorbing or mopping it all up. The crystal also blocks stress and all filtering thoughts, which could cause you to suffer from anxiety, fear, and depression. Therefore, it affects a peaceful and calm mind.

This crystal is associated with the moon. Therefore, it uses the moon’s energy to take away feelings of toxicity and infuses bright energy and intuitive knowledge, which enhances your safety and happiness. 

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Amethyst Benefits

Amethyst is a heavy-duty stone with a very high vibrational frequency. It is mainly associated with spirituality. However, it also promotes physical healing by improving body functioning. It detoxifies the body by cleaning organ systems and removing all unwanted parasites.

It is believed to facilitate hormone-productive organs and rebuild the endocrine system. The gem is also thought to be great at boosting libido, and concentration, removing fear, anxiety, and stress. Spiritually, this crystal will assist you in connecting to the highest spiritual energies and automatically connect them to your body. This enables you to heal from all unwanted relations that you could be so attached to. 

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Smoky Quartz and Amethyst Benefits

The pair is highly recommended due to their powerful healing powers when their abilities blend. It is great for people suffering from negativity, depression, anxiety, and fear.

Smoky quartz has grounding abilities that affect calmness and serenity, while amethyst is a tranquil gem, making it a natural tranquilizer that takes away fear, toxic thoughts, and stress.

The combination works together to ensure that you have peace of mind and that you positively take life as it removes all the negative energy. The pair is also amazing for sleep. If it is placed under the pillow or anywhere in your room, it takes away scary nightmares, enhancing sound sleep. It will also protect you against all the evils of darkness. 

For Relationships

 The combination improves any relationship; family, friendships, or professional relations. The pair is known to have great grounding effects as they prevent you from getting carried away in your relationship.

Their energies combine to ensure that you remain focused and don’t overthink your partner ruining the day’s productivity. Amethyst has energies that amplify when a couple uses it and enhances a deeper connection between you and your soulmate.

The pair enhances emotional balance and ensures you enjoy life with the people around you. It also ensures that your self-love is improved to make you more confident about yourself and those around you. Self-love emphasizes good relations with those around you and makes you develop positive vibes.

For Career and Studies

 Amethyst is a lucky gemstone, while smoky quartz is a positivity stone. The two properties blend in, resulting in success.

The pair takes away factors that reduce your concentration span or shift your focus, such as depression, anxiety, fear, and tension. It also gives you a way to eliminate toxic friendships that could lead to failure. The pair is great in an exam setting as it removes confusion and exam phobia.

It also helps you sleep well the night before test-taking, which facilitates a calm mind and good grades. The stones are good for concentration and focus because they keep you centered on the task. This combination is good for competitive careers like management, marketing, and medicine.

For Spiritual and Personal Growth

The pair is a good combination for spiritual growth because it has grounding effects that take away negative energies that do not serve you anymore. Moreover, it influences inspiration and motivation.

The pair has high vibrations that awaken consciousness and assertiveness, which are great tools in sound decision-making. The pair produces vibration, which enables you to remain enlightened, clear, and centered in the direction of spiritual awareness.

Amethyst has vibrations that stimulate the third eye chakra, accelerating cognitive perception and psychic abilities. The pair facilitates wisdom and understanding. It also helps you in your grieving moments after losing a loved one. 

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How to Use Smoky Quartz and Amethyst Together


Amethyst is a great gem for jewelry as it carries vibrations for creativity, love, fire, and spirituality. Smoky quartz, on the other hand, enhances security and stability, especially during difficult times.

It has an earthy look which makes its jewelry appear very attractive. To benefit fully from this pair’s vibrations, it is advisable to put on their jewelry consistently. This is because they get into contact with your skin, making them easy to transmute their vibrations.

The pair is mainly used in producing pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces. 

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The two crystals combine their energies during meditation to facilitate stability and promote security. The pair helps you to remain relaxed as the pair relieves stress, lightens up your mood, and thus facilitates a calm mind. The pair is also incredibly protective and enhances purification. It removes all the negative thoughts in your mind that might scare you or interfere with your meditation time. 

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Feng Shui 

The combination can be used in the wealth corner of the home for financial abundance and wealth. Smoky quartz and amethyst can be used in the bedroom for peaceful sleep and relaxation. They will also have a shielding effect against nightmares and negative energies.

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Other Combinations

If you’re looking for something different, have a look at the combinations below. I’ve likely written about each combination already, so make sure to use the search bar at the top of this page to find more information.

Citrine and Smoky Quartz

The pair plays a significant role in getting rid of negative energy and blockages which hinder spiritual growth. With combined energies, the gems do not have to undergo cleansing.

The pair helps keep vows and promises. The combination enables you to get rid of old thoughts and beliefs; hence, you can try out new things without fear of judgment.

The pair gives you the courage to move on even though the situations feel difficult. The pair gives you a mind full of prosperity and success. It urges you to make use of every day productively. 

Moldavite and Smoky Quartz 

Moldavite is one of the coolest, most powerful, and rare gems. Its energies combine with smoky quartz to help you fight against all energetic pollution around you, such as air pollution due to fuel combustion and diverse water pollution, mostly caused by oil spillage.

The pair also works great to improve health conditions. It also works to help people who suffer intense homesickness, as it shifts your mind from what you are missing and helps you to focus on your current goals. This is made possible because both gems are on high intensity and thus produces very high vibrations, which wash away feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety, homesickness, and loneliness.

The pair helps you work on your deeper insights, making you focus on only what brightens up your moods.

Amethyst and Labradorite

The pair is believed to have psychic abilities that are difficult to explain by using natural law. They include talking to the dead, predicting the future, or knowing what other people have in mind. This makes them a perfect pair, especially during meditation.

This pair is known to be of transformation. This is because they combine to produce powerful vibrations which help you during change. It also gives you the courage to face difficult moments and removes the fear of trying new things or moving on after a difficult encounter.

The pair also connects to different chakras, which results in spiritual awareness. The amethyst connects to the crown chakra, while the labradorite connects to the third eye chakra, which facilitates the connection to our intuition.

Amethyst and Rose Quartz

The pair is great in promoting love for oneself and that for others. Therefore, it helps you maintain good relationships with those you associate with. It also enhances couples’ mutual understanding through good communication.

The pair also strengthens physical and spiritual energy by stimulating different chakras, crown chakra, and heart chakra. It is also used as a scanner of chakra energy, which works to correct any imbalances or blockages found. The pair boosts self-love, confidence, and dependence.

The combination helps to discover deficiencies very early and facilitate their treatment before it’s too late. These deficiencies include protein-energy malnutrition, rickets, hypocalcemia, and iron deficiency. This pair is great as it makes life more bearable as it focuses on matters concerning health, physical energy, and spiritual energy.

The pair also helps you to manage the change in weather conditions, especially when you travel to different places. 

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