Sapphire and Emerald: Combination for Focus and Concentration

You have probably heard of these two crystals separately, but did you know you can use them simultaneously in order to tackle specific issues? Sapphire and emeralds are a great crystal combination, especially when you know what areas of your life you would like to improve.

The combination represents the trinity of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. When used together, the pair will instill the attributes of these planets, as well as improve concentration and focus. The pair will also encourage calmness and bring peace.

So, let’s have a look at both of these crystals separately, and see how they work together when combined. We’ll also see how you can make the most of this combination.

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Sapphire Benefits

Sapphire carries calming energies. The gemstone is recommended as a natural remedy for an overactive mind and people struggling with insomnia. Blue sapphires are believed to soothe migraines and help treat vertigo, eye-sight problems, and fevers.

The gemstone is also involved in emotional healing. It cultivates joy and wisdom and restores balance. It will help us break free from the bondage of negative thought patterns, prevent us from feeling lost and uplift our moods.

Furthermore, it also increases self-awareness and the ability to use one’s mind as a guide. Thanks to sapphires, we can live our truth and develop inner connections. 

The blue sapphire is associated with the third eye(Ajna) and the throat(Vishuddha) chakras. The gemstone will connect to the third eye chakra, which is the chakra responsible for intuition and inner wisdom. Thanks to this gemstone, we can tap into the spiritual for intuitive knowledge, truth, and wisdom. The stones will also facilitate connection and communication with the divine realms. They will also encourage spiritual growth and aid astral travel. 

 The gem connects to the throat chakra for better communication and self-expression. An open throat chakra results in decisiveness, healthy boundaries, and the courage to speak your truth. It will also guide you on when to voice your opinion and when to remain silent.

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Emeralds Benefits

Emeralds are believed to possess positive energies resulting in creativity, imagination, and success. The gemstone is highly beneficial for people in creative ventures like writers and artists. The stone also promotes financial stability and growth. As the stone of prosperity, emeralds are believed to increase vitality and income opportunities. 

An emerald is also believed to bring intellect and wisdom. Students can wear it for intellectual abilities during studies and exam periods. Wearing the gemstone can also improve oratory skills. This gemstone is believed to bring confidence and boost expression skills. 

The gemstone connects to the heart chakra (Anahata). This is the chakra associated with love, compassion, and empathy. The gemstone encourages unconditional love towards oneself and others. It’s also associated with marital harmony. The gemstone will invite peace, understanding, and positivity to the relationship. 

 For physical health, the stone is believed to help treat illnesses associated with the respiratory and nervous systems. It may also help in correcting speech-related disorders. 

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Sapphire and Emeralds Benefits

Naturally, the combination contains a lot of power owing to their compatibility and planetary affiliations. The stones can be worn for fame, good luck, and success. However, it is recommended that you consult an astrologer to know if the combination suits you or not. The combination will improve concentration and focus, and is also believed to aid digestion.

In addition, the pair restores peace of mind and mental clarity. The pair will favor artists, political leaders, bank employees, and spiritual leaders.

For relationships (Platonic and Romantic) 

Sapphires and emeralds will have some significance in romantic and platonic relationships. Blue sapphires represent the impact of its ruling planet, Saturn. The influence of the planet results in commitment, dependability, and persistence. A malefic Saturn may cause adverse effects like trust issues and passive aggression.

Wearing the blue sapphire stone can help you get a positive impact on the planet. In life and relationships, the sapphire gem encourages love and commitment. The gemstone is also believed to encourage genuineness and confidence within the relationship. 

Yellow sapphires are believed to carry the energies of a benefic Jupiter. This is the planet of wisdom, abundance, and knowledge. Women commonly wear it to attract caring, protective, and understanding life partners. The gemstone is believed to eliminate delays in marriage and promotes longevity. 

On the other hand, Emeralds will connect to the heart chakra(Anahata) and represent the power of Mercury. This planet is known to improve wisdom and love. The heart chakra is responsible for unconditional love and empathy. Emeralds can therefore be used to invoke passion and love. Wearing this stone may also restore lost love.

When sapphires and emeralds are combined, they will help block all negativity and bring harmony into the marriage or relationship. 

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For Career and Studies

Blue sapphires and emeralds are believed to have the ability to eliminate negative thinking and bring mental clarity. They are an excellent combination to achieve the mental capacity to pursue career and study goals. 

The pair will also promote mental harmony, improving the brain’s reasoning and analytical capacity. The pair benefits students by reducing scattered thoughts and imagination, allowing them to concentrate, especially during exam periods. It will also be an excellent combination for scientists, artists, and sportspeople. 

Blue sapphires carry the attributes of Saturn, while emeralds represent Mercury. A benefic Saturn will influence your professional life by encouraging order, responsibility, and hard work. Saturn will increase the ambition and drive needed to reach career goals. The blue sapphire will help you tap into the blessings of planet Saturn for advancement in your career and studies. 

Conversely, Mercury is the planet associated with knowledge, good memory, and intelligence. The gemstone can be worn to enhance intelligence, making it ideal for students and professionals in a competitive field. It will bring you success in your studies, business, and career. Mercury is also connected to communication, which is critical for growth in any field.

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For Spiritual and Personal Growth 

Sapphires and emeralds contribute to personal and spiritual growth. The stones will relieve mental tension and release negative thoughts from the mind. The pair is also believed to bring vitality to the soul. The spiritual power of the stones will keep negative energy off its wearer. They work together to open the heart and mind to hope, spiritual flow, and abundance. This way, we can look past wealth and material possession. 

Finally, the pair will support emotional healing. Blue sapphires are associated with the throat chakra, while emeralds are associated with the heart chakra. An activated throat chakra will facilitate better communication, helping you voice your feelings. An open and activated heart chakra is responsible for compassion and self-love.

When undergoing a rough time in your marriage or relationship, these two will provide the emotional strength and courage to deal with the situation. The pair also encourages positivity.  

How to Use Sapphire and Emeralds Together?


Sapphire and emerald combined jewelry comes from earrings, rings, and pendants. It is recommended to wear the rings on the right hand. According to astrology, it is safe to combine these two because their ruling planets, Saturn and Mercury, are friendly. Wearing them results in better focus, concentration, and peace of mind.  

Feng Shui

Blue sapphires can be used in the knowledge area of the home. They are associated with communication and skillfulness. Emeralds are used in the family area to promote harmony, kindness, and domestic happiness. The pair is also effective for concentration and mental clarity in the office and study area. 

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Both can be used in meditation practices. Sapphires are big on understanding, awareness, and introspection. The gemstone brings out the truth and helps with spiritual growth. In meditation, the gemstone facilitates communication with spiritual beings and the ability to interpret and understand the information.

On the other hand, Emeralds will heal and balance the mind, spirit, and body, putting you in a meditative space. They also allow mental clarity and clear communication from the spiritual realms. 

Other Combinations 

If you’re looking for something different, have a look at the combinations below. I’ve likely written about each combination already, so make sure to use the search bar at the top of this page to find more information. 

Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli/ Rainbow Moonstone

You can combine these gemstones for psychic vision and clairvoyant abilities. The combinations will help you magnify these abilities.  

Yellow Sapphire and Sunstone/ Citrine

 This combination works well for opening and activating the solar plexus chakra (Manipura). When open, the chakra will enhance confidence and personal power. 

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Emerald and Rose Quartz

Both stones connect to the heart chakra (Anahata). The two will work together to promote love and longevity in romantic relationships. 

Emerald and Lapis Lazuli

This is an excellent combination to help you experience love. Lapis lazuli is a stone for communication, while emeralds connect to the heart and emotions. Using these two together may bring a significant improvement to your current relationship. They will bring positivity and practical communication skills through misunderstandings and differences in the relationship. 

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