Ruby and Pearl: Combination for Integrity

Understanding how crystals work separately is the first step to incorporating crystal healing into your life. However, to get the most out of them, it is vital to also understand how they work in combination with each other, too. The right combination can help amplify or strengthen the benefits, whereas the wrong one can cancel out the energies or even work negatively. For ruby and pearl, you’ll find everything you need to know about this combination in this post. In short;

Rubies are associated with happiness, integrity, courage, and vitality. The gemstone is also believed to bring success and power. While pearls represent innocence, purity, and personal integrity. Rubies and pearls can therefore make an excellent combination for enhancing integrity.

However, as rubies are associated with the sun and pearls with the moon, some would argue that these energies would work against each other. I always recommend trying a combination to see if it works for you.

NOTE:  Crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing issues, always go to a doctor.

Curious about what these stones can do for your relationships, career, and personal growth? Continue reading! I’ll also give you some other combinations for each of these stones in case this combination is not what you’re looking for.

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Ruby Benefits

Ruby is associated with the Sun as its ruler; therefore, a powerful gemstone, as it holds the qualities of its ruling planet. It was often used to symbolize nobility across ancient cultures. People best wear it with a favorable Sun positioning on their horoscope. Wearing ruby gemstones will naturally bring them authority, status, and luxury and elevate their financial situation.

 The gemstone connects to the root(Manipura) chakra, which is responsible for security, grounding, and stability. The gem also keeps off negative and low vibrational entities. It can be placed under the pillow to prevent nightmares and evil spirits as you sleep.

The gemstone is also associated with several physical healing properties. It is believed to improve blood circulation and treat cardiac problems. The gem is also perceived to help with hemorrhages, indigestion, and backbone problems. 

Finally, ruby increases harmony in marriage. The gemstone is believed to enhance compassion, passion, and understanding between partners, which sustains it despite the ups and downs. This is why it is the gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary.

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Pearl Benefits

Pearl gemstones are used to symbolize innocence and faith. The stone is believed to enhance focus and personal integrity. It also brings out the truth and is valued as a stone of sincerity and purity. For the physical body, pearls are believed to be beneficial in treating illnesses associated with the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and urinary system.

These gemstones also enhance positivity and calmness and soothe one’s emotions. It will also silence the negative inner voices encouraging you to be happier and less anxious. It is also effective for people with suppressed emotions. Under the rulership of the Moon, pearls will help sort and understand feelings. The stones also encourage truthfulness and loyalty.

These gemstones are also associated with light, therefore their ability to eliminate negative thought patterns and keep psychic attacks off your aura. The stone is also associated with money and success. Meditation with pearls will encourage better spending habits and attract money into your life.

In the past, pearls were considered a symbol of love and devotion. It was given as an acknowledgment of a partner’s intelligence. It is also the 30th wedding anniversary gemstone.

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Ruby and Pearl Benefits

The stones will effectively ward off evil spirits. Rubies will enhance the power of the Sun, while pearls will harness the power of the Moon. These two combine perfectly in preventing harm and negative energy.

They are also good omen gemstones for marriage. Either of the rocks or both has a considerable significance in marriage. Rubies will enhance love, passion, and friendship, while pearls encourage honesty and loyalty.

For Relationships (Platonic and Romantic)

These two gemstones are primarily involved in strengthening relationships. Rubies bring fire energies, which encourage passion and love in romantic relationships. Ruby is also an excellent gemstone to improve affection, leading to a long-lasting relationship.

Since old times, rubies have been believed to open the heart of their wearer to love and romance. The gemstone will be responsible for the sexual vitality and intimacy in the relationship. The stone can also spark intimate affairs between a couple, especially during turbulent times.

Pearls under the rulership of the Moon will be responsible for the feelings and emotions. The gemstone will encourage loyalty and honesty, which are two valuable values in the success of any relationship, both romantic and platonic. The stone also enables us to practice positivity, which will eliminate suspicious behavior. It’s also believed to build empathy and fondness between lovers.

For Career and Studies

 Rubies and pearls have significant contributions to success in various aspects of life. Under the Sun’s rulership, Ruby carries a load of leadership qualities. The stone will guarantee success in competitive and dominating careers like politicians, actors, government administrators, and engineers. The gemstone is also believed to bring fame, power, wealth, and prosperity.

For students, rubies are believed to enhance passion and motivation for their studies. The gemstone will help the learner remain focused, alert, and aware of their goals. The gems also bring uplifting energies that encourage positivity and personal balance.

On the other hand, Pearls under the influence of the Moon will instill confidence and mental stability. Good placement of the Moon on a native’s horoscope guarantees success in career, business, and studies. As a charismatic stone, pearls will bring emotional stability and peace of mind, which are vital to the success of a career and studies. For professionals, pearls are thought to improve their wearer’s reputation and social status. This means that the gemstone will help business networking and establish high contacts. The gem is also helpful in soothing and controlling temper. Ruby and pearl gemstones are effective for people pursuing artistic careers like writing, interior design, and photography. Lawyers and financial professionals may also benefit from this combination.

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For Spiritual and Personal Growth

Both gemstones influence personal and spiritual growth. Rubies will encourage self–awareness, leadership concentration, and vigor. The gem enables you to follow your dreams and retain your passion. The energies of the Sun will encourage positivity, creativity, and the zest to live life in its fullness.

For people struggling with depression, the stone is an excellent remedy to restore the balance between logic and emotions. The fire energies within the gemstone it’s used to dispel negative entities and encourage spiritual growth.

On the other hand, Pearls are believed to promote inner wisdom, which is a significant part of spiritual development. The gemstone also encourages us to pick lessons from the struggles we face in life. The stone is believed to offer guidance towards knowledge and ultimate enlightenment. The stone is also a tool for transformation.

Both ruby and pearls are used for spiritual protection. Rubies are worn as talismans for psychic protection. In the past, rubies were believed to bring peace and protect the wearer from harm. On the other hand, Pearls were gifted to children for guidance and safety by the universe. The gemstone’s association with luck also means the wearer is shielded from negative experiences.

 Finally, these two are excellent grounding stones. Rubies are associated with the root chakra (Manipura), while pearls connect with the crown chakra(Sahasrara) and have a particular affiliation to the earth’s star chakra. The root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine and is responsible for stability, safety, and grounding. It’s also the foundation for the entire chakra system, connecting the mind, soul, and body with the earth’s energies.

On the other hand, the earth’s star chakra is not among the seven major energy points of the body. It is located outside the body 12 inches below the base chakra. It also offers safety, security, grounding, and a greater sense of stability by connecting to the overall energies of the universe.

How to Use Ruby and Pearl Together?


 Ruby and pearl can be combined to make jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Wearing gemstone jewelry is one of the most effective methods to benefit from its properties. However, in astrology, each gemstone represents the power of a particular planet.

Combining gems according to their planetary position on one’s birth chart is recommended for maximum benefits. This implies that gemstones whose planetary associations are not friendly will cause bad luck. Ruby is associated with the Sun, while the Moon rules pearls. Combining the energies of these ruling planets may have adverse effects on the wearer.

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Feng Shui

These gemstones are most effective in the relationship corner. They both actively attract joy, happiness, and sexual energies. The pair can be used to cultivate self-love or attract romantic partners into your life. The receptive energies released by the pair will nurture and strengthen existing relationships.


Rubies and pearls are also used together in meditation. Rubies are associated with concentration, while pearls facilitate inner wisdom. In meditation, this pair will prevent psychic attacks and encourage spiritual wisdom. 

Other Combinations

If you’re looking for something different, have a look at the combinations below. I’ve likely written about each combination already, so make sure to use the search bar at the top of this page to find more information. 

Emerald and Ruby

This is a good combination for activating and stimulating the heart chakra (Anahata). The pair will result in fulfillment and more loving energies in one’s life. These gemstones will also enhance harmony and a deeper connection with the divine.

Ruby and Black Obsidian

These two will connect and stimulate the base chakra (Manipura). The powerful energies released by this pair results in grounding, safety, and security.

Pearl and Malachite

The pair will offer overall protection from psychic attacks and negative entities. These two will also help restore balance and positivity in life.

Pearl and Peridot 

Combining these two gemstones increases love and passion in your life. These two will also encourage open-heartedness, cheerfulness, and joy.

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