Can Amazonite Go In Salt? (Dry Salt, Saltwater, Himalayan Salt)

This “hope” stone is perfect for those who feel they need a bit of help manifesting and communicating their needs. However, in order to make sure it will continue to do this it is vital that you energetically cleanse your amazonite about once a week.
In this post, I will tell you all about whether amazonite can be cleansed in salt, as well as other methods to cleanse your stone.

Amazonite can go in any dry salt. However, it is not recommended to place it in saltwater, as this can cause the stone to become brittle and break. Other ways to cleanse a stone are by using sound, selenite or smoke cleansing.

Continue reading if you want to know more about why this method works & how to use it. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a quick overview of amazonite’s properties.

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Can Amazonite Go In Salt? (Explained)

The short answer is yes, amazonite can go in salt. In fact, this is a good way to cleanse your stone. The salt is great at drawing out negative energies, leaving your amazonite stone happy and ready to be charged.

Salt is safe to use on amazonite, as this stone has a 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This scale gives each mineral a number between 1-10 and indicates a minerals ability to scratch another mineral. The higher the number, the stronger and more scratch resistant it is. As said, amazonite has a 6.5 meaning it can scratch any mineral with a number lower than that and will not be affected by them. Salt is approximately a 2.5. As a result, salt will not scratch the surface of your amazonite.

I would still be careful though. Salt can be quite abrasive, so you want to take some precautions when using this method to cleanse. I will explain how to do this a little further down this post. Besides, I personally avoid salt when cleansing (amazonite) crystals, as there are some other, safer, options.

Can Amazonite Go In Himalayan Salt?

Yes, amazonite can go in dry Himalayan salt.
As mentioned in “Can amazonite be in salt?”, amazonite is higher up on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it won’t scratch your stone.

Can Amazonite Go In Saltwater?

Amazonite cannot go in salt water. As said, amazonite is fine if you just place it on salt. If you mix it with water, however, it becomes a lot more powerful and will leave your stone brittle, dull and unhappy.

Generally, any stone ending in -ite should generally not be placed in water. Amazonite will not be affected as much as, for example, selenite. Therefore, it will not immediately dissolve, but it can cause it to become brittle overtime.

Additionally, any stone that is left in water will become dull eventually, and this includes amazonite. This doesn’t mean you can never expose your stone to water. It is okay to briefly rinse it after a salt bed to clean it, but I would recommend drying it immediately.

If you have any raw crystals, amazonite or otherwise, these should never be cleansed in salt water. Salt that is dissolved in water can get into miniscule cracks in the stone easier, and cause damage overtime.

Also, please keep in mind that the reason amazonite has its beautiful color is because of the (small amounts of) lead. The combination of water and lead is toxic, so please do not drink the water you’ve used to cleanse your stone. It’s only small amounts, so probably won’t have any actual scary effects, but I would avoid it anyway.

How To Cleanse Amazonite Using Salt

To cleanse your amazonite using salt, fill a class or ceramic bowl with a layer of (any) salt. About 0.5-2 (2-5cm) inches is plenty. Then, place your amazonite stone or jewelry on top of the salt. There’s no need to bury it.

Leave it for about 2-7 hours. The length of time depends on what you feel your stone needs. Never leave it for more than 8 hours however – salt can be quite abrasive and make your stone dull. It’s also just plain unnecessary.

If you cleanse more stones at once, make sure that each crystal has its own space, and you don’t pile them on top of each other. Every stone needs to make full contact with the salt.

When cleansing amazonite that is made into jewelry, make sure to close the clasp or put a soft cloth underneath it to prevent salt from getting in and damaging it.

amazonite jewelry

After cleansing, briefly rinse the stone and dry it using a soft cloth. Do not leave it in water for too long as this will make the stone dull and more likely to break. Just a few seconds to get rid of the salt is perfect.

Lastly, always throw away the salt. It has absorbed all negative energies and you don’t want to sprinkle that over your food.

Be sure to charge your amazonite after cleansing them. Whereas cleansing removes any low vibrations, charging them brings back all the positive ones.
If you want to know more about charging your amazonite, I recommend reading another post I wrote: “Can Amazonite Be In The Sun?
On the bottom of that post, you’ll find all the options to charge this crystal.

How To Cleanse Amazonite Without Salt

I personally avoid using salt, simply because there are some other ways to cleanse my (amazonite) crystals without running any risks. These are:

  • Smoke cleansing
  • Selenite
  • Sound

Smoke Cleansing

This is the method I always use for all my stones, as it is super easy and safe.

For smoke cleansing you need herbs of your choice. Simply light them and blow out the fire. Then, take a deep breath and state your intention out loud. Now you can waft the smoke over the crystals you want to cleanse, or lift the crystals over the smoke for however long you feel like.

I always recommend opening a window so the smoke can leave the room and take all the negative energies with it. Smoke cleansing will not only cleanse your stones, but also the room and yourself. It’s a win-win-win!

NOTE: Beware that using the term ‘smudging’ and the practice of burning white sage/palo santo is commonly used in the spiritual community. This is a specific type of smoke cleansing used by Native Americans, and which was illegal up until about 40 years ago. We recommend using a form of smoke cleansing that is appropriate for you and your culture.

Selenite Stone or Plate

Selenite is an incredible crystal that can extract negative energies and transmute them into positive ones. For this reason, selenite is a wonderful crystal to mediate with to help open your crown chakra.

Besides this, it can also cleanse and charge your crystals for you. I love this method as you do not need to charge your crystals after, selenite will have already done it for you.

All you need is a selenite crystal that is at least the same size, preferably bigger than your amazonite. Place it on top and leave it there for 24hours. When you take it off, your amazonite will be ready to use!

There are actually selenite plates that are meant to charge your stones. These are a great place to store your jewelry or are perfect if you want to charge multiple stones at once.


Singing bowls, tuning forks or YouTube videos meant for crystals are also a great way to cleanse and charge your stones!

As singing bowls can get quite expensive, I personally prefer just using YouTube videos. I love using them as it not only cleanse and charges my stones, but it is also the perfect chance for me to meditate.

I’ll link my favorite YouTube video to cleanse my crystals down below.

If I want to cleanse and charge my stones, I like setting two different intentions and using two different sounds. However, always do what works for you – you might find one sound and intention works just fine!

Just let the sound fill the room and make sure your energy light. When you’re in a comfortable position you can set your intention for the crystal by saying it out loud. Meditate with the stone until you feel it is ready. If you want to go a step further, light some candles and incense.

Amazonite Overview

Chakra: Throat | Heart
Element: Water
Zodiac: Virgo
Benefits: Communication | Confidence | Peace | Creativity | Manifestation

Amazonite is a beautiful emerald colored stone that is filled with serenity.  Apart from its color, amazonite is loved because it’s an excellent stone for when you feel stressed or are looking for a stone to help you manifest your dreams. It helps you let go of doubts and communicate your needs.  It is also a great crystal for those looking for a little confidence boost, as well as a sense of calm.

Neat Crystal

I am a Crystal & Gem Specialist with 20 years experience collecting and analyzing crystals and gems. My main focus is on crystal and gem abilities to influence our human experience through energy caused by visual and physical properties of each. I also love to dive into the formation, chemical makeup, and rare impurities found within crystals - a Geologist in training. I started Neat Crystal as a place to jot down my thoughts, notes, and share my knowledge to help others.

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