Can Hematite Go In Water? (Full Guide)

Hematite was one of the first crystals I ever bought. It’s grounding properties were exactly what I, as an avid daydreamer, needed. However, to make sure the stone continues to do so we need to make sure we cleanse it regularly. This ensures that it isn’t holding on to negative vibrations. Though water is a popular method to cleanse crystals, it isn’t ideal for hematite.

Hematite cannot go in water for several reasons. It is an iron oxide compound that rusts when left in water, and it can cause the stone to turn brittle and dull. Safe ways to cleanse hematite are by using selenite, sound or smoke cleansing.

Continue reading if you want to know more about why you need to keep hematite away from water, as well as safe methods to cleanse and recharge your stone. At the bottom of this page I’ll also give you a quick overview of hematite’s properties.

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Can Hematite Go In Water? (Explained)

The general rule is that a mineral needs a score of at least 5 (preferably 6) on the Mohs scale of hardness in order to withstand water. For those unfamiliar, this scale gives each mineral a number from 1-10. The higher the number, the stronger and more damage-resistant it is.

The reason that this minimum score is necessary is that each stone, no matter how polished it looks, has tiny cracks in the surface. You won’t be able to see them, but that does not mean they are not there. These cracks itself aren’t necessarily a problem but the become one when it is soaked in water. Water will go into the cracks and cause them to expand. If your mineral is a 6 or higher, they are less likely to move. However any stone below that, will. The larger the cracks, the more brittle the stone becomes. If you leave the stone to soak regularly, it will most likely break.

With Hematite only being a 5.5, you run the risk of breaking your stone.  Beware that raw hematite has more cracks than a polished stone and will therefore be even more likely to break.

The second thing to keep in mind is that hematite is an iron ore. If you leave iron, or any other metal to soak for extended periods of time, it will react. This will turn your beautiful hematite into an orange ball of rust. This reaction won’t happen immediately, so feel free to quickly rinse your stone to get the dust of. Just don’t leave it in a bowl of water. For this reason it is also not recommended to make elixirs with this stone. The water will have rust in it and that is just not something you want to ingest.

Rusty hematite

The last thing to keep in mind is that, just like any other stone, hematite will turn dull if you regularly use water. This won’t affect it’s vibrations, and you’ll be able to use it just the same, but it just won’t be as pretty. So if you care about the looks of your crystal it might be better to avoid water altogether. This includes hematite in jewelry – don’t swim or shower with it!

Can Hematite Go In Tap Water?

Hematite cannot go in water, including that from the tap. Hematite will most likely break and rust if left to soak. Whether you leave it in filtered, bottled or tap water won’t make a difference. It will be damaged either way.

Can Hematite Go In Salt Water?

Hematite cannot go in salt water. Fresh water is already detrimental to hematite’s integrity and adding salt to this is only going to make it worse.

As you now know, water will cause your hematite to rust and the cracks in the stone to expand. When salt is added to this, the process is sped up. This is because whereas water will eventually evaporate, the salt will be left behind. Thus, water will only do damage when your stone is soaking, but salt will continue to wedge your stone apart even after you have taken it out of the water. Again, raw hematite has more cracks than polished, so beware that they are more likely to be damaged by salt water.

Besides, water will cause your stone to turn dull over time and salt will only speed up this process also. If you care about the looks of your crystal you’d be better off using a different method to cleanse the stone.

Lastly, beware that silver will get tarnished in salt water. So if you have any jewelry with hematite in it and you don’t want the chain to turn black, avoid salt water.

How To Cleanse Hematite (Without Water)

Hematite is a wonderful stone for absorbing negative energies around you, so you don’t have to. Though this is an amazing quality, it also means that the stone needs to regularly be cleansed to avoid carrying around negative vibrations with you. I always recommend cleansing your stone once a week, if you use it regularly.

Though water is a popular method used to cleanse many different stones, hematite should not be one of them. Instead, try getting rid of the negative energies by smoke cleansing, or by using sound or selenite.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is probably one of the most popular ways to energetically cleanse your stones. It is super safe and does not damage your stone.

To smoke cleanse, light a herb blow out the flame. When it starts producing smoke you can gently waft it over your crystals. You could also lift the crystals over the smoke, if preferred. Be careful your hematite does not get too close to the herbs, or else you’ll be left with a mark on your stone.

It is ready when its energy feels lighter. The best way to figure this out is by picking it up and checking in with the energy that way. After, make sure to charge your hematite. Cleansing removes negative energy, charging fills it with positive.

NOTE: Beware that using the term ‘smudging’ and the practice of burning white sage/palo santo is commonly used in the spiritual community. This is a specific type of smoke cleansing used by Native Americans, and which was illegal up until about 40 years ago. We recommend using a form of smoke cleansing that is appropriate for you and your culture.


Another safe way to cleanse your stone is by using sound.

For this, you can use sound bowls, tuning forks or a simple YouTube video. I’ll leave my favorite below.

The sound will not only remove negative energy, but also replace it with positive. As a result, there is not need to charge your hematite after cleansing it this way. It will have already been done!


Selenite is probably my favorite crystal in my collection. It has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive. As a result, selenite not only cleanses your hematite, but also charges it.

Cleansing and charging this way is super easy. All you need to do is leave your hematite on a piece of selenite that is at least the same size, preferably bigger. Selenite slabs are ideal for this, but a regular stone works just fine also. Leave it for about 24 hours, after which your hematite is ready to use again.

Be careful with placing raw hematite on selenite. This is because the latter is a rather soft stone and your hematite is likely to scratch it or cause indents.

How To Charge Hematite

After you’ve cleansed your hematite, it is time to fill the stone with positive vibrations. The way to do this is by charging. Some cleansing methods, like selenite or sound, cleanse and charge your stone at the same time. However if you’ve chosen to smoke cleanse, you’re going to want to recharge it still.

Apart from selenite and sound you can leave your hematite outside on the night before, during or after a full moon. Leave it outside for about 7-8 hours and the light from the moon will leave your stone happy & recharged.

Be sure to check the weather forecast though – if it is going to rain you’re probably better off keeping it inside. In this case you can leave it in the windowsill, in a place where you know the light from the moon is still going to reach it. This isn’t ideal, but it will still work.  

Hematite Overview

Chakra: Root
Element: Earth | Fire
Zodiac: Aries
Benefits: Grounding | Promotes balance | Helps to feel safe

Hematite is perfect for those who feel they are absentminded, space-y or are generally prone to excessive of daydreaming. Its grounding energy will bring you back to the earth and help you feel safe doing so.  Hematite is also a great stone for those who feel like they let other people walk all over them, as it helps you to set and maintain boundaries.

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