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What Element Is Smoky Quartz?

Elements have been used all over the world, to explain (human) nature for centuries. In the west, the idea was coined by the Greeks, with well-known philosophers Aristotle and Plato refining the concept. They ended up settling on four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. In the east, they have 5 elements in total. The additional element is Akasha, representing the foundation of the other four.  

Smoky quartz is associated with earth and air. Its grounding properties make this stone perfect for working with the earth element. The fact that it helps to let go of anxious and negative thoughts, makes this a stone for air as well.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the elements as well as how we associate them with crystals.

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What Element Is Smoky Quartz? (Explained)

We can determine which crystal to work with depending on many different factors; the properties, intuition, corresponding zodiac signs, planets, or elements for example. If you feel drawn to learning more about the elements of crystals, this might be the method for you.

As explained, there are 4-5 elements, depending on the region we’re looking at. In the image below you’ll find the elements as well as the parts of our lives that they rule. Smoky quartz is associated with both air and earth.

Having knowledge about these elements can help you to determine where your current issues are coming from, and balance out where need be. For example, if you find yourself a little spacey or frazzled, this means you might have too much air energy in you. You can balance this out by working with the opposite element. In this case, grounding stones of the earth element.

Besides, if you are a little familiar with the zodiac signs, you might know that each zodiac corresponds with an element because they have similar energies. For example, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are earth elements, making them people who enjoy structure and are generally down-to-earth.

We can do the same with crystals.

Though all crystals come from the earth, they generally represent one of the four elements. As a general rule of thumb:

The earth element corresponds with very grounding energy and represents stability, security, and the material world. Generally, if you lack earth energy you might feel anxious and struggle to manifest. Too much earth energy might result in stubbornness.

Air represents the mind, knowledge, and communication. If you have too much air energy, you might feel spacey or find yourself overthinking. A lack of air energy might result in not being able to communicate effectively or to put your thoughts in order.

Fire equals passion, action, and creativity. Too much of this and you might find yourself overconfident or reckless. Too little of it, and you’re likely to feel demotivated and insecure.

Lastly, is the water element. This represents our emotions, healing, and intuition. Too much of this energy might leave you struggling to control your emotions. Too little of it, and you might find yourself overly detached.

Beware that we can categorize crystals based on many different criteria, meaning a stone might be associated with several different elements. For example, rose quartz is generally seen as a water element stone but is also associated with the heart chakra. As a result, we could also relate it to the element of air. If you are interested in the elements, use this as a guideline, but make your own choices based on what feels right to you. Crystals are meant to be used intuitively, after all.

Smoky quartz is a protective stone that can help you settle into a sense of security and stability in the physical world. It can help solve the issue of not feeling ‘enough’ and consequently, achieve a comfortable life in finances, relationships, career, and more. As a result, you’ll be able to make decisions based on what you need and want, not out of fear or lack.
Smoky quartz is also a great stone for those who have trouble concentrating and find their mind wandering off as soon as they try to focus. It will help you to let go of negative experiences and instead invite you to learn from the past.

Smoky Quartz Overview

Chakra: Root
Element: Earth | Air
Zodiac: Scorpio | Capricorn | Sagittarius
Benefits: Helps lift anxiety, stress & depression | Brings calmness | Stability

Smoky quartz is a type of quartz that gets its unique brown/greyish color from natural radiation. Apart from its unique color, smoky quartz is loved because it’s an excellent grounding stone. It helps you let go of negative thoughts and aids in purifying your energy field. It’s a great stone for those who are prone to overthinking and anxiety.

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