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The Complete Guide To Lapis Lazuli And The Zodiac Signs

If we want to work with lapis lazuli effectively, we need to know its qualities and associations. By knowing this stone’s associated zodiac signs, we can help determine if it is beneficial to us and how we could benefit from working with it. As a result we can be more intentional when wearing or meditating with lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is an alternative birthstone for May, August and September and therefore the zodiac signs of Leo, Libra, Virgo, Taurus and Gemini born in those months. This stone is mainly associated with Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius. Its abilities are also beneficial to Capricorns.

NOTE: A crystal can be beneficial to many different people, regardless of their zodiac signs. If you’re attracted to it, there’s probably a reason for it. Don’t let this article stop you from working with a crystal that you’re interested in.

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Lapis lazuli For The Zodiac Signs (Explained)

We can determine a crystals association to zodiac signs in several different ways; planet association, birthstones and the crystal’s ability. Below I’ll briefly explain each.

Planet Association Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is mainly associated with Jupiter, the planet of growth, healing and abundance. Sagittarius is also ruled by this planet.

We can determine which zodiac sign matches with a crystal by looking at the ruling planet. Every crystal is associated with a planet or celestial body, and so are the zodiac signs. When we say a sign is ruled by a planet, we simply mean that this planet has more power over a sign compared to other planets.

Birthstone Lapis Lazuli

Officially, Sapphire is the modern and traditional birthstone for September, the mystical birthstone of May, and the ayurvedic birthstone of August. However, as sapphire is relatively expensive and rare, lapis lazuli is considered an alternative. Therefore,  this stone is associated with August Leos, September Libras, all Virgos, and May Taurus’ and Geminis.

Birthstones were created by allotting a different crystal or gemstone to a specific month. We can use this to determine which crystal is beneficial to each zodiac sign.

In the west, when talking about birthstones, we mostly mean either modern or traditional birthstones.
Traditional birthstones are rooted in The Book of Exodus describing Aaron, the priest of the Israelites, wearing a breastplate with 12 stones. Each stone on that breastplate related to one of the Israeli tribes and were later linked to the 12 zodiac signs.
Matching a specific stone to a zodiac sign using the traditional list is difficult, as the gemstones were described by color, not a specific stone.

On the other hand, there is the list of modern birthstones, defined by the National Association of Jewelers based partly on the history of Aaron, but also on what is widely available to American jewelers.

There are also the mystical birthstones, which have a Tibetan origin and the Ayurvedic birthstone, which originated in India.

Birthstones are thought to bring luck to the wearer and provide it with a comfortable and familiar energy – perfect for when you are feeling a little out of place. This of course, does not mean that you cannot wear another sign’s birthstone.

Properties Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli’s properties are particularly useful to Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Libra.

We can look at the specific properties of each stone to determine which zodiac signs would benefit most from working with it. For example, a stone like fluorite is particularly beneficial to Scorpio as this is a sign that has trouble making up their mind, and fluorite helps with decision making.

Known as the stone of wisdom, Lapis lazuli helps you tap into your intuitive abilities and allow you to make choices based on your inner guidance. It’s blue color means we associate it with the throat chakra, but also the third eye chakra. By opening up your throat chakra lapis lazuli helps you with self-expression and honesty. You’ll feel more comfortable speaking your mind and standing up for yourself. It’s association with the third eye chakra is what causes you to work with your intuition more effectively, but will also bring more peace and harmony into your life.

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Benefits Lapis Lazuli Libra

We associate Libra with lapis lazuli, because it is an alternative birthstone from this sign. Although Sapphire is the official birthstone, it can get quite expensive. As a result, lapis lazuli is also accepted.

Libras would also benefit from keeping a lapis lazuli on their person, or working with it regularly, as this stone is prone to indecisiveness. By opening up their third eye and throat chakra, honest and fair libra will feel more comfortable making decisions based on these inherent qualities.

The fact that Libra is a cardinal sign, that like to take action, and an air sign, the thinkers and communicators of the zodiac, means that they are remarkably good at making friends. This can however, result in Libras only focusing on their and other people’s appearance and presentation. Working with lapis lazuli can help them to get to know people better, resulting in better relationships.

Benefits Lapis Lazuli Virgo

Lapis lazuli is an alternative birthstone for August Virgos, according to the ayurvedic list and for September Virgos according to the traditional and modern list of birthstones. Though Sapphire is the official stone, it is relatively pricey. As a result, lapis lazuli is also accepted.

This crystal is known for its abilities to strengthen the third eye and throat chakra. With Virgo being an earth sign they are known for being reliable and responsible. However, this may also result in being stubborn and overly independent. A Virgo with these traits might feel like they don’t need anyone and as a result, won’t let anyone in. Let alone ask them for help.

Lapis lazuli can help Virgos open up a bit and communicate their needs to the people around them. This will strengthen their relationships, but also take some of the weight of their shoulders.  They’ll be able to use their creativity, patience and reliability to benefit their work and personal life, without having to feel lonely.

Benefits Lapis Lazuli Taurus

Taurus is associated with lapis lazuli, as this stone is considered a mystical birthstone for May. Although Sapphire is the official stone, its price and availability can make this stone difficult to acquire for many. As a result, lapis lazuli is accepted as an alternative.

Lapis lazuli can help Taurus by letting go of some of the tension often associated with this sign. It allows them to be a little more flexible and comfortable in their own skin, which will help them to build stable relationships.

Although Lapis lazuli is mainly associated with Jupiter, the fact that this stone stimulates the senses means it also has a connection to Venus. This is the planet, of love, beauty and harmony and is the planet that Taurus is ruled by. It will allow this sign to drop into their physical body and experience the current moment. Instead of chasing perfection, they’ll feel more comfortable appreciating things as they are.

As a result this kind and determined sign can use their strengths to benefit them, instead of them becoming an obstacle.

Benefits Lapis Lazuli Gemini

Lapis lazuli is associated with Gemini, as this stone is considered a mystical birthstone for May. Although Sapphire is the official stone, its price and availability can make this stone difficult to acquire. As a result, lapis lazuli is accepted as an alternative.

Air signs are generally known to attract people with their intellect and charm. A great quality, that makes it easy for this social butterfly to meet and connect with people. However, a problem arises if this quality starts working against them and attracts those who do not have their best interest at heart. Lapis lazuli is a powerful protective stone, which will help Geminis to avoid connections with those who do not have their best interest at heart.  

Geminis are also known to be rather fickle; always changing their minds, love interests and professions. Lapis lazuli can help activate their third eye chakra, helping them to make decisions based on their intuition. As a result, they’ll be able to make better choices and feel motivated to stick with them.   

Benefits Lapis Lazuli Sagittarius

Lapis lazuli is not a birthstone of Sagittarius, however they are both ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter is associated with growth and expansion. On top of this, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, who enjoy change, and a fire sign, known for their bold and daring disposition. As a result, Sagittarius energy can be very chaotic at times.

This isn’t inherently a bad thing – it makes this sign optimistic, funny and honest and great people to be around.  However, the chaotic energy can also make them disorganized and unfocused. This is why lapis lazuli can benefit them. It brings them calmness and patience, allowing them to embody their positive traits without falling into the trap of complete chaos.

Benefits Lapis Lazuli Capricorn

Capricorn is not associated with lapis lazuli as a birthstone, or even Jupiter. In fact, it is associated with the exact opposite planet; Saturn, the planet of the structure and restriction. Conversely, Jupiter represents growth and expansion. Think of these planets like the sun and moon. Neither is better, and we need both, but a good balance between the two is desirable.

By working with lapis lazuli, Capricorn will be able to balance out their determined and practical disposition by also allowing the universe the help them out with a little luck and having faith. It will help them to be a little less sceptic, and instead be open to optimism and allowing things to fall into place.

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