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Blue Opal Meaning & Properties

Blue Opal is a blue or blue-green stone found mostly in North and South America that is one of a few stones with adularescence, which is an internal iridescent glow more commonly found in Moonstones. Blue Opal meaning is focused on releasing blocks, stress, and tension to improve awareness, communication, and creativity.

In this Blue Opal profile, we go through:

  • Blue Opal Properties
  • Blue Opal Meaning
  • Blue Opal Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning

Blue Opal Properties

natural blue opal stone meaning

Blue Opal is a blue or blue-green opal stone that is an amorphous mineraloid made of microcrystalline silica spheres. The spheres in Blue Opal are smaller than other opals and they are layered perfectly to reflect light in a way to give the blue colors.

Blue Opal will commonly emit an iridescence known as adularescence, which is an iridescent glow from inside the stone, which is most well known to be found with Moonstone and sometimes in Rose Quartz. This is unlike other stones that have an iridescent glow on the surface of the stone.

Peruvian Blue Opal is the most common opal associated with this stone. Blue Opal is the national stone of Peru, where it is the most common stone in the country. Both Peru and neighboring Brazil also have a rare Paraiba opal that is a blue-green opal that looks like sea glass.

Other types of Blue Opal can also be found in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon in the United States. Oregon recently had the Owyhee opal which is a pastel-colored Blue Opal discovered.

Blue Opal Chemical Formula: SiO2

Blue Opal Hardness: 6.5 – 7 (Mohs scale)

Blue Opal Meaning

Blue Opal harnesses the energy of the blue skies and blue oceans, helping you feel free, floaty, and flowing in the right direction. It’s a stone that resonates with truth, freedom, and expression, with incredibly cleansing energy that carries away all that is not aligned with those values. 

Its gentle but constant energy has powerful effects. A great reliever for stress, Blue Opal brings calm, clarity, and gentleness into your perception, allowing you to flow with more ease around any apparent obstacles along your life’s path.

This crystal’s powerful divine resonance clears away dark and negative energy and helps you become more aware and perceptive of other people’s energy so you know instantly which situations and people to avoid when to say no, what street not to walk down, etc.

In this way it is highly protective, like a filter that only allows in things that resonate with your truth and values, helping you diminish infiltration of your natural resonance from the outside world.

An emotionally attuned stone, Blue Opal awakens your psychic senses and heightens your perception, making it easier to connect with a sense of peace and perfection in your life, no matter your circumstances, and helping you make better and more aligned decisions that will propel your spirit into more freedom and joy!

blue opal stone healing metaphysical properties

Blue Opal Metaphysical Properties


In its gorgeous range of blue shades, Blue Opal is a throat chakra opener that encourages a flow of honest communication.

If you need help speaking up, saying your peace, and sharing your story or opinion about something, Blue Opal can help your throat chakra open wide to speak gently and clearly and share your authentic truth. It emboldens you to move beyond fear and doubt, to share your words, and to believe in yourself.

A stone aligned with a harmonious flow of energy, allows two parties to communicate better with one another, opening to more acceptance and understanding of each other. It’s a great stone for collaboration and for any relationships where you’re seeking more harmony.

Also aligned with the divine energies of the cosmos, Blue Opal can stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, fostering your psychic senses and expanding your awareness into a higher perspective of peace and trust in the bigger picture.

Healing Properties


Blue Opal’s incredibly soothing and gentle energy is great for adults, children, and pets alike, to soothe nervous tension and stress, and allow in a calm sense of peace.

It helps release past pain and emotional wounds, bringing new possibilities into view for a brighter future, without repeating any more of the same patterns. When you’re feeling off or imbalanced emotionally, Blue Opal helps bring harmony again.


blue opal necklace

A beautiful crystal to enhance clear communication, Blue Opal encourages you to speak honestly, clearly, and compassionately, and also to listen with an open mind and heart to what others have to say. 

It encourages ideas to flow, freeing up blocks of doubt that have held you back in the past, allowing your opinions, beliefs, and ideas to be shared without fear so you can come into an even better understanding of who you are.


A balancing stone, Blue Opal is a wonderful healer for the body, relieving stress and fatigue, purifying the blood and kidneys, supporting your immune system, and helping energetic and emotional toxins release from your body before they turn into a physical ailment.

It’s also great for the eyes and head, to soothe eye pain or ailments in the form of an elixir, or to help ease dizziness or a foggy mind and strengthen your memory, simply by rubbing on your head or wearing it as a necklace or earrings throughout the day.


Blue Opal is a beautiful stone to work with to clear conflict in your life by heightening your perception of other people’s energy and motivations. It helps you know what to avoid in life to not allow your energy to be sucked dry by others, steering you gently away from problems, issues, and situations that are not aligned with your highest good.

This is a stone of truth, that wants you to live your authentic purpose and align with your highest calling so that you can feel the immense joy and peace that comes with the freedom of being your true self.

What is Blue Opal Good For?

blue opal earrings
  • Communicating clearly and honestly
  • Releasing mental and emotional blocks
  • Soothing stress and nervous tension
  • Freeing yourself from everyday problems
  • Tuning into a higher awareness
  • Stimulating originality and creativity
  • Standing in your authentic truth
  • Finding and expressing yourself
  • Aligning with your higher purpose
  • Listening to and cooperating with others
  • Increasing your psychic awareness
  • Bringing harmony into every area of your life

Cleanse & Recharge

Opal has high water content and is thus delicate to heat, so be sure not to leave your stone out in the sunlight for too long or near a heat source, as it can dry and crack your beautiful crystal. 

The best way to cleanse Blue Opal is to return it to its natural element of water, letting it cleanse under some running water, or set in a safe spot in a river or stream for a few hours, or even near a running body of water. This will help cleanse your opal of the negative energy it has taken on, and recharge it with the soothing, flowing energy of water that it contains.

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