Can Fluorite Be In The Sun? (Blue, Green, Purple and More)

Fluorite is considered one of the best stones to remove negative energies and vibrations. However, to make sure it will continue to do that for a long time, we need to give it some TLC every once in a while. Cleansing and recharging your fluorite will leave it happy, healthy, and ready for you to use.

Today we will have a look at whether it is safe to charge your fluorite in the sun, as well as other safe methods to charge & cleanse.   

Fluorite cannot be in the sun. The sunlight causes discoloration and fading, sometimes instantly. Better ways to charge fluorite are by burying it in the ground, brown rice, sound, moonlight, or using selenite.

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Can Fluorite Be In The Sun? (Explained)

Many crystals can be left in the sun, at least for a little bit. However, avoid charging fluorite in the sun. Fluorite is known for being prone to fading and discoloration.
Even a few minutes in the sun can change the color from deep green/purple to a very slight pink. If you leave it for long enough it will even turn colorless. Fluorite that has a blue color is even more sensitive to sunlight.  Considering there are many other ways to charge the stone this is such a shame!

Though you can normally protect your stones from UV light by placing it behind glass, this won’t work for fluorite. It is so sensitive, even a little sunlight will affect it. As a result, fluorite isn’t the type of stone to display, or even wear. I would recommend storing it in a dark place and only bringing it out when you want to meditate with it (whilst staying inside!).

Luckily, there is also some good news: discoloration or fading will not change the vibrations of the stone. If you don’t care much about the color and instead want to keep it with you for its grounding properties, you can just expose it to sunlight.

If you want to keep fluorite out of the sun, like I do, there are plenty of other methods you can use to charge the crystal without losing the beautiful color. I’ll describe some of them below. 

How Long Should I Leave Fluorite In The Sun?

Zero minutes. Seriously, avoid sunlight if you care about the color.
If you don’t, you can leave it in the sun for up to 3 hours. You could also choose to charge your fluorite in the morning sun, rather than midday. This is a lot gentler, which makes your stone fade less quickly.

Again, there are many other ways to charge your fluorite that protect its color.

Other Ways To Charge Fluorite

So you’ve chosen to protect your fluorite’s color? I’ve got some other options for you!

You can safely charge your fluorite using the following methods:

  • Selenite
  • Bury it
  • Moonlight
  • Brown rice
  • Sound

Before you charge it, make sure your stones are already cleansed. This will remove any negative vibrations, so your stone has plenty of room to absorb all the positive ones from charging!


Some stones have so much light and positive energy they don’t know what to do with it. As a result, they are happy to share some of that with other stones, like your fluorite.

Selenite (Moon)

To charge your stone this way, leave it on a selenite slab/plate or place it on a selenite stone that is at least the same size as your fluorite, preferably bigger. You can leave it for 24hours, after which your fluorite will be ready to use!

Bury it

This is a good method for stones with an energy that feels heavier than you would expect. Perhaps because you haven’t used them in a while, or if they were previously owned by someone else.

Just bury it in your garden and leave it there for a few hours, days or months. The length of time differs per stone, so it is best to just check in and feel the energies.

Again, fluorite will dissolve in water so only do this in a place where you know the ground won’t get wet or when you are sure it won’t rain (and hasn’t rained for a while).


I use this method all the time, as it is so simple. An app on my phone gives me a notification when there’s a full moon, so I never forget to charge my stones.

Cleanse your stones and leave it outside on the ground or a natural surface (like wood) on the day before, during or after the full moon for about 7 hours. On these days the moon’s energies are the strongest.

Please not that fluorite is not water safe. Therefore, only charge your stone outside when you are 100% sure it is not going to rain or leave it covered. You could also place it inside, on a windowsill. The moon’s energies won’t be a strong, but at least it will be safe.

Brown rice

This may sound a bit odd, but rice is actually really great at drawing out negative energies. I like this method as the grains are soft and won’t scratch or otherwise damage your stone.

Simply place it in a bowl of (uncooked) brown rice for as long as you think is needed. I like to leave it for at least 7 hours, but you might want to leave it for longer. Just check on how the stone feels.

After charging, make sure you throw the rice away. It has absorbed all the negative energy and you don’t want to put all of that in your body by eating it.


If I haven’t cleansed my crystal before charging it with sound, I like setting two different intentions and using two different sounds & intentions. However, always do what works for you – you might find one sound and intention works just fine!

Tibetan singing bowls can get quite expensive, so you might just want to buy a tuning fork if you’re just trying this out. The cheapest option is to just use YouTube videos meant to cleanse and charge crystals. I’ll link my favorite down below!

Just let the sound fill the room and make sure your energy light. When you’re in a comfortable position you can set your intention for the crystal by saying it out loud. Meditate with the stone until you feel it is ready. If you want to go a step further, light some candles and incense.

How To Cleanse Fluorite

Whereas I personally charge my crystals once a month during a full moon, I cleanse the stones I regularly use every week.

Apart from the weekly cleanse, it is also a good idea to cleanse your fluorite after you first get it. This is to remove the energies of all the other people that have handled the crystal before it found you. After all, you don’t want their energy to get mixed with yours.

Avoid any method of cleansing that involves water – fluorite is super sensitive to water and will most likely dissolve.


Not only can you charge your stone with sound, it can also cleanse it. I like this method because it not only cleanses your stone, but also the room you’re in and yourself.

If you want to know more about how to use sound to cleanse your fluorite, you can scroll back up and read all about it under “How to charge your fluorite”.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is generally used to cleanse a person’s energy field, rooms or objects (like crystals!). It effectively removes negative energy and leaves you with a nice clean space or crystal.

Just like with any other type of cleansing and recharging setting an intention is essential. Ensure your energy is light by thinking positively and making sure your desires are clear.

For smoke cleansing you need herbs of your choice. Simply light them and blow out the fire. Then, take a deep breath and state your intention out loud. Now you can waft the smoke over the crystals you want to cleanse, or lift the crystals over the smoke for however long you feel like.

I always recommend opening a window so the smoke can leave the room and take all the negative energies with it.

NOTE: Beware that using the term ‘smudging’ and the practice of burning white sage/palo santo is commonly used in the spiritual community. This is a specific type of smoke cleansing used by Native Americans, and which was illegal up until about 40 years ago. We recommend using a form of smoke cleansing that is appropriate for you and your culture.

Fluorite Overview

Chakra: Heart (more green stones) | Crown (more purple stones)
Element: Earth | Air (white fluorite)
Zodiac: Virgo | Pisces | Taurus
Benefits: Intellect | Protection | Cleansing

Each fluorite stone has different benefits, depending on the color. Overall, fluorite is incredibly grounding and helps you when you feel you’ve been absorbing other people’s energies. As a result, this is a great stone for HSP’s or empaths. Fluorite will also help you when you need a little extra brainpower, especially when making difficult decisions or when you need to concentrate.

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