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How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline (Cleanse, Charge, & Activate)

To keep your black tourmaline working well, you can use different methods to clean it. This article will talk about different ways to clean your black tourmaline gemstone effectively. By using these methods, you can keep the stone’s energy while improving its ability to help your health and spiritual journey.

How To Cleanse Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a strong stone that cleanses and shields from negativity and bad energy. Here are some methods to cleanse your black tourmaline crystal and maintain its efficacy:

Using Water

cleanse black tourmaline in water

One of the easiest ways to cleanse black tourmaline is by using water. Black tourmaline is water-safe for short periods of time. Check out our black tourmaline water guide to learn more about the types of water you can use.

Simply place your black tourmaline crystals in a bowl of distilled water and let them soak for a few hours. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterward. However, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to water may cause erosion, so it’s important not to overdo it.

You can also use salt water, however, keep a close eye on the black tourmaline. If the black tourmaline begins to lose color, degrade, or in some other way react to the salt water, there is a chance this is fake black tourmaline.

Never use tap water to cleanse black tourmaline. Tap water generally contains many added chemicals that will do more harm than good.

Using Selenite

Selenite is a high-vibration mineral that can cleanse other crystals. To cleanse black tourmaline using selenite, follow these steps:

  1. Place the black tourmaline and selenite in close proximity, ideally touching each other.
  2. Leave them together for several hours, or even overnight.
  3. The selenite will absorb the negative energy from the black tourmaline, leaving it cleansed and ready for use.

Using Incense

cleanse black tourmaline with sage and incense

Another way to cleanse black tourmaline is by using the smoke from incense or sage. This method is particularly beneficial for cleansing various objects at once. Here’s how to perform a cleansing ritual with incense:

  1. Light your preferred incense or sage bundle and let it produce smoke.
  2. Hold the black tourmaline crystal in the smoke for a few seconds or until it feels energetically cleansed.
  3. Extinguish the incense or sage bundle and allow the crystal to rest, completing the cleansing process.

Using Salt

Salt is a natural absorber of negative energy, making it effective to cleanse black tourmaline with salt. To use this method, take the following steps:

  1. Fill a bowl or container with salt (sea salt or Himalayan salt are recommended).
  2. Bury the black tourmaline crystal completely in the salt.
  3. Leave the crystal in the salt for a few hours or overnight to absorb the negative energy.
  4. Remove the crystal and brush off any remaining salt.

By using these cleaning methods, you can keep your black tourmaline free of negativity. Make sure to clean your crystal often, especially after being around negativity or when it feels weak.

How To Charge Black Tourmaline

Charge In The Sun

Charging your black tourmaline in the sun can help to cleanse and amplify its energy. To do this, simply place the stone in direct sunlight for a few hours. Be mindful that prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the stone’s color to fade, so keep an eye on it and remove it once it’s charged.

During this time, the strong sun rays will wash away negative energy and recharge the stone’s protective properties. Charging black tourmaline in sunlight is very helpful for people who want to strengthen their aura and energy field. It also helps protect against negative thoughts and psychic attacks.

Charge Under A Full Moon

Charging black tourmaline under a full moon is a powerful and effective method to cleanse and renew the crystal’s energy. The full moon’s energy makes the stone vibrate, enhancing its properties and benefits.

To begin, on the night of a full moon, find a safe and secure area outdoors where your black tourmaline will be exposed to direct moonlight. This could be a windowsill, balcony, or even a clear spot in your garden. Ensure that the area is free from obstructions and artificial light sources, as these may interfere with the charging process.

Next, gently cleanse your black tourmaline beforehand to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, or oils. You can do this by running it under cold running water for a few moments, ideally using a glass or ceramic bowl. This will help to cleanse the stone physically, preparing it for the energetic cleansing that will occur under the moonlight.

Once your black tourmaline is cleansed, place it in the chosen spot outdoors where it can receive the full moon’s energy. It’s important that the stone is left undisturbed for the entire night so that it can absorb the lunar energy uninterrupted. If you wish, you may also lay the stone on a bed of sea salt or natural earth to further enhance the cleansing process.

When the moonlight surrounds your black tourmaline, it will cleanse and recharge the crystal. This helps release any negativity and restores its healing and protective properties. In the morning, gently retrieve your black tourmaline and carry its newly charged energy with you throughout the day.

Charge With Quartz

Clear quartz is a versatile and effective tool for charging your black tourmaline. This crystal can boost the power of other stones, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

To charge your black tourmaline, put it next to clear quartz for a few hours. During this time, clear quartz will neutralize negative energy absorbed by tourmaline. It will also amplify the stone’s protection and grounding properties.

Another method for charging black tourmaline with quartz is through the use of a singing bowl. Place the tourmaline and clear quartz inside the bowl and gently strike or play the bowl. The vibrations will cleanse and charge the crystals while also aligning their energy with your own chakras.

How to Activate Black Tourmaline

activate black tourmaline

In order to fully benefit from black tourmaline’s healing properties, you must activate the crystal. Activating the stone involves tuning your energy field to sync with the crystal’s natural vibrations. In this process, focus on meditation and chakra alignment. In particular, black tourmaline is associated with the root and crown chakras.

Begin by finding a quiet place where you can comfortably sit or lie down. Hold the black tourmaline in your non-dominant hand, which is the one you don’t usually use for writing. This hand is more receptive to external energies. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, allowing your body to relax.

Visualize your energy field and the black tourmaline’s vibrations harmonizing. As you meditate, imagine your chakras (energy centers) activating one by one from the base of your spine (the root chakra) to the crown of the head (crown chakra). Focusing on these energy centers will help the crystal attune to your unique energy frequency. While doing so, set an intention for using the black tourmaline, such as protection from negative thoughts or psychic attacks.

As your energy field resonates with the crystal’s vibrations, the healing properties of black tourmaline will be amplified. By connecting to the crystal’s frequency, you can strengthen its ability to clear your aura of unwanted energies. This will help you maintain a more balanced emotional state, shielded from harmful influences.

After you become connected to the black tourmaline, keep it near you by carrying it or wearing it, or add it to your crystal collection. Using black tourmaline regularly like this will keep it active and boost your energy field, increasing its healing power. Remember to cleanse the crystal frequently, as it works diligently to protect and purify your aura.

How To Cleanse A Black Tourmaline Necklace

To get rid of negative energy, it’s important to cleanse a black tourmaline necklace. To keep your black tourmaline crystal vibrant and full of positive energy, follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare your space: Find a quiet and peaceful environment where you can focus on the cleansing ritual. Make sure the area is clean and free from distractions.

2. Soaking: One of the most effective ways to cleanse black tourmaline jewelry is by soaking it in a bowl of water mixed with a pinch of sea salt. This method allows the saltwater to absorb the negative energy from the tourmaline crystals. Soak the necklace for about 30 minutes to an hour, ensuring that the crystals are completely submerged. Afterward, rinse the necklace under running water to remove any salt residue.

3. Visualization Technique: Hold your black tourmaline necklace in both hands and close your eyes. Imagine a glowing white light surrounding the necklace, making each crystal pure and positive. Focus on your intent to cleanse and purify the necklace, allowing it to serve its purpose of protecting you from negative energy.

4. Sunlight Exposure: Another effective method for cleansing black tourmaline is through exposure to sunlight. Place your necklace in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours, allowing the sun’s energy to recharge the crystals.

5. Smudging: You can also cleanse your black tourmaline necklace by using a smudge stick made from sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs. Light the smudge stick and allow the smoke to envelop your necklace while focusing your intention on purifying the crystals. Make sure to properly extinguish the smudge stick after completing the cleansing ritual.

To keep your black tourmaline necklace powerful and protective, cleanse it regularly to deflect negativity. By following these steps, you can keep the crystal’s high vibration and benefit from its protective properties.

How Often Does Black Tourmaline Need to Be Charged?

As a powerful crystal for protection and grounding, black tourmaline is widely used in crystal healing practices to cleanse and balance your chakras. To ensure that the healing properties of your black tourmaline are maintained, it’s essential to charge it regularly.

Generally, you should aim to charge your black tourmaline once a month. This frequency can, however, be adjusted based on how often you use the crystal and your personal energy needs. If you’re experiencing higher levels of negativity or psychic attacks, consider charging your black tourmaline more frequently.

How Often Should You Clean Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline should be cleansed once a week or when you feel that its vibration has diminished.

There are various methods you can use to cleanse black tourmaline as we went through in this article, depending on your preference and the tools you have at hand. Whichever method you choose, cleansing your black tourmaline on a regular basis will ensure it remains a powerful tool in repelling negativity and fostering positive energy in your life.

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