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Full Guide To Selenite vs. Clear Quartz (This Is The Difference)

Both selenite and clear quartz are loved for their ability to open the crown chakra and help us with meditation. Though they are often confused, they can be relatively easy to distinguish.

Clear quartz is a transparent, relatively hard stone, whereas selenite is often translucent or even opaque and shatters easily. Selenite can come in different orangy hues as well as white, whereas clear quartz is only ever clear. There are also metaphysical differences, such as the associated element, planet, and zodiac signs.

Below you’ll find more information on the (meta)physical differences between these stones, as well as how you can determine which stone you have!

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Selenite vs. Clear Quartz – How To Tell The Difference?


Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, composed of calcium sulfate. Contrary to what you might expect, selenite only sometimes contains trace elements of selenium. This is a good thing- selenium is toxic and not something you want to touch.

On the other hand, clear quartz is a silicon dioxide containing oxygen and silicon atoms. Quartz is a common crystal and comes in different forms: citrine, amethyst, and tiger’s eye, for example, are all a variety of quartz.


Selenite comes in a variety of colors. The most common selenite variety is white, but it can also be found in peach, gold, and rose-colored hues.  

Clear quartz is crystal clear like water with a slight glittery effect. Clear quartz crystals may also have a cloudy or icy type of look. 

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Pattern and Clarity 

Selenite has a glassy or icy appearance and may have inclusions from its natural environment within the stone. Selenite is a colorless translucent stone. 

Clear quartz is colorless, transparent, and has a vitreous luster. At times, the stone may have tiny cracks and line inclusions beneath the surface that gives the stone a dirty look. Superior quality clear quartz has no imperfections. Clear quartz stones have no air bubbles inside the rock, so if you find a stone that’s being sold as clear quartz with air bubbles, you’re looking at a fake!

Selenite is also often sold as wands, much more than clear quartz.


Selenite is a soft stone, especially compared to its counterpart, clear quartz. Selenites measure two on the Mohs scale while clear quartz rates 7. As a result, selenite is delicate and susceptible to damage and scratch. The difference in hardness means care and cleaning procedures for these two stones will also differ. A selenite will be soluble in salty water especially, while clear quartz is safe to soak in water but not for too long.

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The most prominent selenite mine is the Naica Mine in Mexico. Selenites can also be found in Greece, Australia, Morocco, and Russia. 

Clear quartz is not a rare crystal. The stone can be found in different parts of the world. Mines can be found in areas like Madagascar, Russia, and Brazil.


Both stones have the power to regulate and balance their energies. This ability means that they can be used to cleanse other stones and do not have to be cleansed energetically.

If you want to clean your stones physically, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust. If needed, give it a quick rinse, but try to avoid contact with water for your selenite as much as possible.

Recharging and Activation

Selenites and clear quartz can be recharged by leaving them out on the moon overnight or by using charging plates. Before use, the stone needs to be activated. Hold the selenite in your hand. Inhale and exhale deeply, then repeat a mantra to set your intention, and the stone is ready to use.

(Metaphysical) Properties 

Beware that crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you have any issues, see a doctor first.

Both selenite and clear quartz stones possess powerful protection and healing abilities. Selenite is said to be helpful with skeletal system ailments and epilepsy.

Clear quartz is called the master healer because it’s a very versatile stone. For the physical body, clear quartz can help your immune system, clear toxins in the body, and aid in metabolism and weight loss.

For selenite, some of the metaphysical healing properties include elevating the spirit, clearing blocked energies, and improving intuition and the manifestation of dreams.

Clear quartz crystals can help to amplify psychic abilities, improve clarity and emotional stability, and clear and activate all chakras.

Feng Shui 

The two stones are also used in feng shui practices, which work with elements that represent different energies. There are five total: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Inviting these energies into your home allows what you want to enter your life also.

Selenite and clear quartz are both used to invite the metal element energy in. This element represents healing, determination, and intelligence. It is placed in the western part of the home to invite these influences in.

Clear quartz is also excellent at amplifying energies from other stones.

Ancient Lore 

Both selenite and clear quartz have been used for centuries in different societies for different purposes.

Selenite was believed to carry an imprint of the past in Greek mythology and was used by crushing and pasting it on a sick person’s door to keep evil spirits away.

On the other hand, clear quartz crystal balls were used by European clairvoyants in the Middle Ages to predict the future. Additionally, native South American cultures believed that clear quartz skulls held their ancestors’ spirits. In Japanese mythology, the stone was associated with generosity and goodwill.

Ruling Planets

Selenite is named after Selene, the goddess of the moon, and is thus ruled by this celestial body. The moon represents safety and security, as well as feminine energies, our feelings, and our emotions.
The moon is also the planetary ruler of Cancer. As a result, Cancers would benefit from keeping a selenite close for its familiar and comforting energies.

On the other hand, Clear quartz is governed by the sun, which is also the planetary ruler of Leo. The sun is associated with ego, joy, and masculine energies.

Zodiac Signs and Birthstones

Selenite is not a birthstone for any zodiac sign. The stone is, however, very beneficial to Geminis and Cancer. Geminis are curious and straightforward people but may also be short-tempered and anxious. Selenite brings calm and peace to a Gemini in times like these.

Cancer zodiac people are kind and caring people. On the flip side, they can be moody and overwhelmed and unable to communicate their emotions. Selenite helps them communicate better and find peace within themselves.

Clear quartz is not a birthstone but is associated with the same planet as Leo; the sun. As a result, Leo is an enthusiastic sign. The clear quartz will help a Leo to let go of things they cannot control. 

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Chakra Association

There is a chakra, or energy center, associated with specific areas of the body and our lives. By working with these chakras, we can help align our lives.

  • The crown chakra (Sahasrara)- acts as the connection to the divine and defines mental clarity. 
  • The third eye chakra (Ajna) – represents our intuition and spirituality. 
  •  The throat chakra (Vishuddha) – governs expression.
  • The heart chakra (Anahata) – represents the self and universal love.
  • The solar plexus (Manipura) – associated with our self-esteem and confidence.
  • The sacral chakra (Svadihsthana) – associated with our creativity and sexuality 
  • The root chakra (Muladhara) – defines our safety and grounds our energies.

Selenite is associated with the crown and the third eye. A selenite enhances the abilities of the third eye chakra. Imbalances in the third eye chakra may lead to the inability to reach goals or may cause someone to live in a fantasy world.

Selenites also activate the crown chakra, the connection to the universe, and our spiritual source. The stone will balance the crown and all other energy points in the body.

Clear quartz is associated with all chakras, but most especially the crown. The stone will activate and clear the crown chakra for better communication with angelic realms and manifest dreams.

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All crystals are linked to an aspect of nature from which they draw their energies.

  • Fire element for increased energy.
  • Water element for love and friendships 
  • Air element represents mind power  
  • Earth element signifies grounding and security 
  • Akasha element means the origin of all things

Selenite resonates with the air element of nature. Air represents intuition and the power of the mind. Air crystals will help attain knowledge and clarity of thought. Clear quartz, however, is associated with all elements. As a result, you may benefit from using this stone to realign your energies.

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Energies emitted by a selenite vibrate at a frequency of 8. Crystals that vibrate at 8 are good stones to use if you are trying to manifest wealth, protection, and abundance. Clear quartz vibrates at 4. Crystals that resonate with number 4 help bring balance and growth to your life.

Best Combinations 

Selenite can be paired with lapis lazuli to activate the third eye chakra. Activating this chakra will allow access to the messages sent from the divine. Selenite can also be paired with blue kyanite for chakra alignment or with black obsidian to clear negative energies and improve mental clarity.

Clear quartz is combined with amethyst to bring out our psychic abilities, and black tourmaline to ground and dispel negative energies.

Both stones can also be combined with each other, to open and activate the crown chakra.

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