The Complete Guide To Wearing Citrine

Working with crystals can take some getting used to, especially as each stone has different requirements. If you’re looking for more information on how to wear your citrine jewelry, you’ll find all the information here!

In short, this is how we recommend you wear citrine:

Wearing citrine is beneficial for the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, as well as Aries, Libra, Gemini and Leo. Wear citrine daily on your receiving hand and keep it out of the sun and water.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how to wear citrine. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find a quick overview of its associated elements, zodiac signs, benefits and chakra.

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Why Wear Citrine Jewelry?

Crystals work together with your energy field to help with healing. This can be emotional, physical or spiritual.  

There are different ways in which we can interact with these stones. Some like to make elixirs to consume throughout the day, whereas others like to mediate to really hone into its energy. Wearing your crystal is just another way of working with the stones energy – quite a popular one as well! Not only because it allows you to work with its energy all day, but also because they simply look very pretty.

Citrine specifically, is worn for many different reasons. Its golden-yellow color interacts positively with your solar plexus, which is the energy center that deals with confidence, vitality and joy. It is also the stone of success and motivation, which means it’s perfect for wearing when you are studying or trying to manifest your ideal future.

Who Should Wear Citrine?

Citrine can generally be worn by anyone and won’t have any negative effects. However, your sun sign, birth month, profession and mental and physical health may affect whether your want to wear citrine or if another crystal might be more beneficial for you.

Overall, citrine is great for when you need to recharge yourself. It harbors the power of the sun and is therefore perfect for when you feel low on energy or the cold weather is getting you down. Solar energy is masculine energy, which means citrine will help support your masculine side; you’re likely to feel more confident and fearless, ready to take some necessary risk. This is also the crystal of wealth and success, as well as joy and intellect.

If we look at birthstones, citrine is the crystal for those who were born in November. As wearing your birthstone is said to be good luck, this stone suitable for Scorpio’s or Sagittarius’ that were born in that month. However, citrine is also considered beneficial for those with the sun sign of Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra.

Aries’ will love citrine as it helps manifestation and this sign is all about new beginnings. The stone will also help them to accept criticism and grow as a result.

Gemini’s would want to wear this stone as it helps them be more determined and confident. As Gemini’s have a tendency to want to do everything and change their mind often, citrine is a great stone for them to wear.

Leo is ruled by the sun, so it is no surprise that citrine works well with them. It helps bring out the positive sides of their sun sign, warmth and generosity, whilst setting boundaries where necessary.

Lastly, citrine helps an unbalanced libra to realign their chakras and help them to feel more relaxed. It also helps them to find their joy.

In terms of physical health, citrine is a stone related to the solar plexus. If this chakra is blocked you are likely to experience stomach pains, heartburn digestion issues and/or nausea. The solar plexus is located right underneath the ribcages and will help the organs in that area as well. So, if you’re experiencing any issues with the liver, stomach or kidneys, citrine might be able to help you.

Of course, crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing serious issues, always go to a doctor. You can then use your citrine to support you.  

Also, citrine helps relieve anxiety and helps boost self-confidence. If you are feeling tense, citrine helps you to realign and helps the best version of yourself to come out.

In terms of profession, any person working in the field of law or education, or currently in school or college would benefit from citrine. The stone helps boost intellect and helps you to remember information.

Who Should Not Wear Citrine?

Most people will benefit from wearing citrine.
One of the main reasons you shouldn’t is because you are not currently trying to work with its energy that is geared towards the solar plexus. Those who experience dizziness or headaches might also be better off avoiding citrine, as it is a very high energy stone.

Some would argue that because of this fiery energy, those who find they are short-tempered or otherwise deal with aggression would not benefit from this stone. It is said to amplify these qualities. However, others say that citrine is great at aligning chakra and balancing energy, meaning that those dealing with anger issues might actually benefit from wearing it.
As always, I recommend trying it out. If you are drawn to this stone it is probably for a reason, so it is only fair to give it a chance. Wear it for a week or 2 and see how your feel. Again, crystals are meant to be used intuitively so you are the best person to decided if it works for you.

When Should You Wear Citrine?

Citrine, just like any other crystal, works best if it gets to work with your energy as much as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it daily. This stone is also particularly useful to wear when you are meditating, specifically with the intention of creating more abundance and prosperity. If this is your goal, I’ll leave a 15 minute guided meditation video for you to use below.

There are some times when you should take your citrine jewelry off however, which you’ll find below.

Firstly, I recommend taking your citrine off when you’re coming into contact with water; showering, swimming or cleaning. Though citrine is strong enough to not immediately be damaged by water (7 on the Mohs scale), it will turn dull after being exposed to it regularly. When you’re swimming in the ocean it is even more important that you take it off, as salt is naturally abrasive and will cause your stone to be damaged even quicker.
If you’re wanting to know more about citrine and water, please scroll down to “Can you shower with citrine?” and “Can you swim with citrine?”

Additionally, sunbathing with your citrine on is also not ideal. Not only will you be sure to get strange tan lines, but you might end up with a transparent stone. This is because although citrine harbors the power of the sun, it is also prone to fading.

This is caused by the fact that citrine is a type of quartz, and all quartz is sensitive to the UV light from the sun. How quickly your citrine fades, differs per crystal. Some will be fine when left in the sun for a little bit, whereas others can start changing color after a significantly longer time.  Unfortunately, you will only know when it is already too late. Therefore, I personally keep my stone out of the sun altogether.
Luckily, the fading of the stone will not change the vibrations. If you (accidentally) leave your stone in the sun and the color changes it will still be just as useful as it was before.
If you want to know more about citrine and (charging it in) the sun, make sure to read this post I wrote earlier: “Can Citrine Be In The Sun?

Lastly, some might want to take their citrine off when sleeping. As citrine is a very high energy stone, you might find that it stops you from falling asleep. However, other find that its high vibrations fight off nightmares and help you to feel more confident in your dreams.  If you want to wear your citrine whilst sleeping is thus completely up to you.

One Which Hand Should I Wear A Citrine Bracelet Or Ring?

There are generally two opinions on this topic.

Firstly, some say the left hand is your receiving hand, whereas your right is your giving hand. Depending on what you are looking for from your crystal, you can place it on either of those sides. With citrine, you’re looking to receive something (wealth or positive energy for example), so place it in your left. On the other hand, black tourmaline is a stone that draws out negative energies that you then want to release through your right hand. Some believe that this left-in and right-out is just the flow of energy through the body and it never changes.

Carnelian (left) and citrine (right) – a great combination

Others however, believe that this flow of energy changes depending on if you’re left or right-handed. Your dominant hand (the hand that you write with) is your giving hand and releases energy. Your non-dominant hand is the receiving hand. As you always want to put citrine in you receiving hand, place it in the right if you’re left-handed, and in the left if you’re right-handed.

As you can see, there are some different views. If you are right-handed though, you’re in luck. Whichever method you follow, you are good as long as you place citrine in your left hand. For lefties, I would recommend trying out both sides and see how you feel. Crystals are meant to be used intuitively, so use this to check which side works for you.

Can You Wear Citrine Every Day?

When it comes to citrine’s energy, you can absolutely wear it every day. In fact, it is recommended to so as it allows the stones energy to be fully incorporated into your life.

However, if you have a piece jewelry that you are particularly fond of you might not want to wear it every day. As citrine is a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness it is durable enough for regular use and isn’t likely to be damaged. However, just like anything when you use it regularly, it most likely won’t look as pretty after a while. Heat, water and just general wear will cause your stone to become less shiny or potentially even chip off. If you shower or clean with citrine jewelry on the damage will occur much quicker.

More information about citrine and water you’ll find further down this post under the header “Can you swim with citrine?” or “Can you shower with citrine?”

If you do choose to wear citrine every day and you want to splurge a little, it is best to buy a ring in a more protective setting such as a bezel or halo.

Can You Sleep With Citrine On?

You can sleep with citrine under your pillow or on your body. In fact, many swear by it. Sleeping with your citrine jewelry on helps you reap the benefits of the stone whilst sleeping. Attracting wealth and abundance whilst you sleep, so to speak.

If you experience nightmares, sleeping with your citrine close to you can help fend them off. The stone will continue to give off its positive, joyous vibrations as well as give you more confidence in your dreams.

However, in my personal experience I found that I was too energized to sleep if I left my citrine on. For me, it stopped me from getting in a relaxed state, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep. Crystals work slightly differently for everyone.  Therefore, just like always, I recommend just giving it a try. Worst case scenario, you have less than average night’s sleep.

Can You Shower With Citrine On?

The fact that citrine scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness means it has a high enough score to prevent surface damage. For those unfamiliar, the Mohs scale provides every mineral with a number from 1-10. The higher the number, the more it can handle. For reference, talc is a 1, whereas diamonds are a 10.
As a general rule, a mineral needs to be at the very least a 5, preferably 6, to be able to withstand water. With citrines being a 7, it is unlikely that contact with water will immediately cause damage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any stone that comes into contact regularly or for extended periods of time will eventually turn dull. This is especially true for polished stones, as they often have a finish over them to make them more shiny. When you soak your stone the water eats away at this layer first. This is a good thing, as it protects your stone for a little while longer. The bad news however, is that it will also remove the shine. Luckily, it won’t affect its vibrations and you’ll be able to use it just the same. It just won’t be as pretty.

So if you care about the looks of your crystal it might be better to avoid water altogether.

Can You Swim With Citrine?

As written above, citrine is hard enough to withstand water. However beware that submerging your stone for longer periods of time is often a different story.

This is because every stone has miniscule cracks on its surface. Don’t be deceived by your polished jewelry, even the most polished stones have them. Water will go into these cracks and cause them to expand. The larger these cracks, the more likely your citrine is to break. Raw citrine and geodes are even more likely to split, simply because they have more cracks. As a result, I would not recommend swimming with your citrine.

It is even worse if you choose to swim in the ocean or sea with your citrine, as the salt in it is detrimental to most crystals. Salt will also cause silver to tarnish so if your citrine is in a piece of silver jewelry this would be even worse. If you want to know more about citrine and (cleansing it with) salt, make sure to read this post I wrote: “Can Citrine Go In Salt?

Lastly, as stated above, every stone that comes into contact with water regularly will eventually turn dull. So, if you are trying to keep your citrine beautiful, it might be better to avoid water.

Citrine Overview

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Fire | Air
Zodiac: Libra | Gemini | Aries | Leo
Benefits: Positive energy | Confidence | Success | Joy | Intellect | Motivation

Citrine is great for when you need to recharge yourself. Filled with the power of the sun, this stone gives you positive energy that makes you confident and fearless. This is also the crystal of wealth and success, as well as joy and intellect.

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